Meet the best plants that repel flies

Plants that repel flies

When the heat arrives, or when it is leaving, there is a “bug” that we hate to appear: flies. They are annoying, overwhelming, they do not stop buzzing and on top of that there is no way to get rid of them. During the day they are supported, but since at night they are next to your ear you end up with a very bad mood. Fortunately, Do you know that there are plants that repel flies?

If you’re already starting to have a problem with flies getting in and you’re sick of dealing with them, why not include some of these plants?


Lavender to repel mosquitoes

Lavender is one of the plants that almost, almost goes for everything. The best thing is to have a lavender plant near the windows and doors in such a way that, if they happen to enter, it will act as a barrier and they will think twice.

Regarding the care that you should give it, direct sunlight, as well as a warm space and watering when the earth is dry are the only ones. In return, it will offer you color in your home and will also keep flies away.


Citronella is one of the plants that repels flies, but also mosquitoes. In fact, it is usually marketed for this very reason, to keep mosquitoes away. Actually, it works for many insects in general.

In a pot it does not grow much, but in their natural habitat they are shrubs and all you will need is direct light for a few hours and irrigation two to three times a week.

from time to time yes we recommend you move the leaves a little so that the smell is enhancedespecially if you see that there are some insects that have entered.


Did you know that calendula is said to be the most effective natural insecticide? Well yes, and no wonder. It is one of the plants that repels flies due to its characteristic aroma, which makes it unthinkable for these insects to be in a house smelling that way.

But be careful, it is not that it is so unpleasant, at least not for the human being. Besides, visually it is very decorative with those typical orange and yellow flowers that will attract a lot of attention.


If you live in a house where many mosquitoes and flies tend to enter, chrysanthemums can be perfect to protect it and prevent them from roaming freely on your property.

You see, it is an outdoor plant that you could put in the windows, on the balcony or even next to the doors so that, if they happen to enter, the smell that the plant gives off will make them think twice.

In fact, It is not only effective against flies and mosquitoes, but also against cockroaches.

The care that you must provide is not too much: it needs light, especially for it to flourish, and always a loose and humid soil (not soaked). Of course, if you live in an area where the heat is extreme, the plant will suffer a lot because it does not tolerate it.

Carnivorous plant

The carnivorous plant catches flies

Well yes, another of the plants that repel flies that we recommend is a carnivorous one. What the plant does is secrete a substance that attracts insects. And so, Like who doesn’t want the thing, it catches them and eats it.

It is a way of getting rid of flies by providing food to a plant.

Also, carnivorous plants are very easy to care for. They need sun, lots of it, and keep the soil moist most of the time (give them 1-2 days to dry out and then you soak it again).


Rude is actually a shrub, but you can perfectly have it in a pot in the window or doors of your home. This one will hardly need water, but it will need a lot of light and regular pruning so that it does not grow too much.

The good thing about it is that with it in your house you can forget about the flies.


Another of the plants that repel flies is this. In fact, it is used in many rituals to clean houses (eliminate bad energy). Having it inside or outside can be an option since the smell it gives off does not like insects at all.

But if you see that things are not going well because there are still flies, you can try to take some of its leaves, burn them and walk around the house with them, letting the aroma permeate. That will be very effective and the flies will flee.


Pennyroyal is like mint (and we already told you that this plant also helps you to scare away flies), but it differs in some small, lilac flowers, mainly that are beautiful. That’s why, We recommend this to keep flies, mosquitoes and fleas at bay.

You can have it inside the house or outside. But make sure that it has a lot of light, even a few hours of direct sun, a nourished and loose soil, frequent watering, especially in summer; and monthly payment.

Beyond that you will have no problem taking care of it.


Perhaps you have some rosemary in your kitchen at home, which is perfect to put some in a bowl and spread around the house to keep flies away. But if you want you can also have the plant.

The aroma of this prevents flies and mosquitoes from staying long in your house, because they dislike it greatly. In fact, it will also take care of moths.

Regarding care, put it in semi-shade in summer (if it’s very hot), plenty of indirect light and water only when you notice that the earth is dry.


thyme to avoid insects and mosquitoes at home

Finally, we also recommend thyme. This plant has multiple uses, one of them being to keep insects away from where it is. You can have it both outdoors (its ideal) and indoors.

Of course, provide a lot of light (direct and indirect). As for irrigation, it is preferable that this be from time to time. Nor is it selective with the substrate to use.

As you see, There are many plants that repel flies that we can recommend. Keep in mind that flies are small and sometimes enter anywhere. But if the environment is not right, they will not hesitate to turn around.

Meet the best plants that repel flies

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