chinese melon

Summer is the time when melon production is more abundant. Many greengrocers and supermarkets are filled with this fruit along with watermelon. But what you may not know is that there are several types of melons. One of them is the Chinese melon, a name given to two or even three types of melons. For […]

Landscaping and gardening: main characteristics and differences

When we talk about green spaces it is easy to confuse landscaping and gardening. Both have characteristics in common but also have great differences. Gardening is responsible for caring for plants whose main objective is decoration. On the other hand, the landscape is a fundamental aspect of our history and culture. The human being has […]

Tulip Princess Irene: everything you need to know about it

There are occasions when tulips receive exotic names in memory of famous personalities. In fact, it occurs with many plants such as the Julio Iglesias rose. But what about tulips? One of them is the Princess Irene Tulip. It owes its name to Princess Irene since 1949. But what do you know about this variety […]

What fruit do palm trees bear?

Palm trees are a type of plant that is used both to decorate gardens and parks, and sometimes also in orchards. And it is that although there are few that produce edible fruits, all of them have an ornamental value that, in my opinion, is very high. Regardless of the species you choose, with her […]

How to buy wooden planters

There is nothing more beautiful for a terrace or a garden than having wooden planters in which to enjoy wonderful plants. But sometimes we don’t know how to choose it. If you would like to enjoy gardening and have a wooden planter that will last you a long timeHere are the keys to getting the […]

How to buy an automatic watering for pots

If you are going on vacation and have plants, surely you are looking for an automatic watering system for pots that really works for you and keeps your “friends” moist during the time that you are not going to be there. Although there are many ways to maintain it, the truth is that depending on […]

How to buy small greenhouses

How much you love plants, you know that if you have a place to protect them from inclement weather, such as wind, heat, rain, etc. It is important. Today, small greenhouses allow you to have somewhat more delicate plants in your home without them deteriorating. But how to buy them? If you have considered have […]

Rosa François Juranville, the largest climbing rose

Rose lover? There is no doubt that they are one of the most beautiful plants, especially with their flowers. But, what if we talk about little-known but even more beautiful cultivars? This is what you can find with the rose François Juranville, what do you know about her? Below we leave you a practical guide […]

Care of the Dionaea muscípula or Venus flycatcher

Have you thought about having a carnivorous plant? When we think of them, it is normal for one to come to mind with a mouth, teeth, and one of those that, as soon as it notices something, closes and never reopens. This is the Venus flytrap, also known as Dionaea muscipula. Their care is very […]

Rosa Albéric Barbier: Characteristics and cultivation

Today there are more than 30 thousand different varieties of roses. We can find these beautiful flowers of different sizes and colors, some with thorns and others without. Many of them are hybrids, which means that they have arisen from a cross between two different types. In this way, the number of varieties is growing […]

What is a jalapeño pepper and how hot it is

Surely you have already tried on some other occasion the jalapeno pepper. This vegetable is very popular in various cuisines, especially in Mexico. It is very striking that sometimes it can sting more than others, why is that? In this post we will explain what exactly is the jalapeño pepper and how is its cultivation. […]

Characteristics of chile de árbol

If you are lovers of spicy food, surely the chile de árbol will catch your attention. It may not be the spiciest of all, but it certainly doesn’t fall short. Don’t let the name confuse you, it is not a chile that falls from the tree, yet it is very popular in Mexican cuisine. In […]

Is it possible to grow macadamia nuts in Spain?

If you like plants, and even more so if you are a collector, it may happen that you want to grow exotic species to have a different garden and/or orchard, which are not usually seen around your house. This is something that happens for example with the macadamia, a genus of evergreen trees that produce […]

Chinese eggplant: characteristics and tips for growing it

What would you like to plant in the garden? Maybe lettuce, tomatoes, aubergines? Of the latter, it is increasingly common to look for the Chinese eggplant, but do you know what it is like? And how is it different from the usual? In this case we are going to talk about her. But also of […]

What is the sea cress and where to find it

Have you heard of the maritime cress? Maybe yes, but with another name, since it has many. Perhaps you have even seen it on occasion or other. This plant with small flowers grows in Mediterranean areas and is used to decorate parks and gardens. If you want to know more about this beautiful plant, I […]

When to plant vegetables: the best tips and tricks

When you start the urban garden, you begin to learn about the sowing calendar of many crops, including vegetables. For this reason, many people wonder when to plant vegetables. Depending on the type of vegetable, it is necessary to look for a more suitable time of the year for its correct growth. For this reason, […]

Cherry bomb: characteristics and care to grow it at home

Do you like spicy food? Then surely you like chili. HoweverMaybe you don’t know that there are different types of chili, one of which is the cherry bomb. What do you know about him? With the scientific name Capsicum annuum, we are going to introduce you to this variety of pepper or chili so that, […]

Pressure reducer: all the keys to buying a suitable one

Photo Source Pressure Reducer: Amazon When it comes to watering, you may encounter a problem: the water pressure. When this is very strong, it can damage the plants, as well as the roots, when they are weak, impairing their development or even stressing them to the point of death. That’s what the pressure reducer is […]

Fancy Frills Tulip: What it is and curiosities

We already know that there are tulips of many different colors, but some varieties even have a peculiar shape that is no longer so reminiscent of the typical tulip we know. Among these types, one very curious one stands out: The Fancy Frills Tulip. Why is it so peculiar? How does it look like? What […]

Organic herbicide: what it is and how to make a homemade one

When it comes to taking care of your plants and the garden in general, having an organic herbicide on hand can make all the difference. But, when buying one, do you know what you have to pay attention to? You might even want to make your own homemade organic weed killer. How about we help […]

Why does the Christmas cactus have limp leaves?

The Christmas cactus is one of the most common plants in many homes. However, after a while it is common for it to start to lose the verve it had when you bought it. Do you have a limp-leafed Christmas cactus now? This problem, believe it or not, can be serious, to the point of […]

How to buy balcony pots

If you have a balcony, why not brighten it up with some color? Many times we think that, just because it does not get the sun, or because it gets too much, we cannot put plants but the truth is that it is not like that; there are many that adapt to these conditions. So, […]

How to buy a polycarbonate greenhouse

If you have many plants in your house, and also space in the garden, terrace or in a room, you may have considered having a polycarbonate greenhouse to maintain the humidity and temperature of certain plants. This, which seems silly, can keep them very healthy. But How to buy a greenhouse of this type? What […]

Tulip Tarda, a lovely yellow and white flower

The gender Fireof the family Liliaceae, is very extensive and includes the famous tulips, highly appreciated especially in Holland. There are around 150 different species, each with its own peculiarities. One of them is the late tulip, a lovely bulbous plant with yellow and white flowers. In this post we are going to talk precisely […]

How To Buy Shelves For Outdoor Plants

When you have many plants, it is normal that you have shelves for outdoor plants, just like inside the house. It is a way of keeping them organized and that they are always well placed to decorate and for others to see (and die of envy). But if you have just started, or want to […]

All the keys to buy lawn fertilizer

If you have grass in your garden, surely you have started adding fertilizer to it with the aim of nourishing it so that it looks healthy. However, are you always using the same brand? Perhaps you are thinking of changing brands but you don’t know which one? Next We are going to help you to […]

What is the Glamis Castle rose: Origin and cultivation

Who doesn’t like roses? Thorns aside, these gorgeous flowers are sure to brighten anyone’s eyes. In addition, they exist in different sizes and colors, even hybrids with peculiar characteristics. One of them is the Glamis Castle rose, that stands out for its cream-colored price and its great accumulation of petals. Without a doubt, it is […]

How to reproduce jasmine: Tips and tricks for cuttings

Image – Flickr / Magnus Manske One of the best options we have to decorate spaces is through plants, especially if they have beautiful flowers. One of the most popular due to its easy maintenance and sweet fragrance is jasmine. It is a climbing shrub that delights our eyes with many small flowers, mostly white, […]

Tulip queen of the night, the darkest of all

Have you heard of the queen of the night tulip? The name is sure to catch your eye. This beautiful flower turns out very striking for its distinctive dark tone, even going black. Yes yes, there are black flowers, and this variety of tulip is one of them. If you want to know more about […]

Rembrandt tulip: characteristics and care of this variety

Have you ever heard of the Rembrandt tulip? His name is related to the famous painter. In fact, you may have seen some of his tulip-related works. But why was it called that? What’s so special? Well, if you want to know what the Rembrandt tulip is like, what characteristics it has as well as […]

What To Use As Pot Drain

The most important thing we have to do when we grow plants in pots is, precisely, choose the container where we are going to have them.since if we choose one that is not the right one, we will run the risk of rotting. But what is this? Well, basically, one that has at least one […]

Bamboo tutors: what you should keep in mind to buy them

Source: Amazon when you have plants it is likely that some of them need a guide to prevent the stems from falling, either because they are fine or because, in this way, the plant grows more. And for this, many look for bamboo tutors. But, have you ever stopped to think which are the best […]

What is white onion and what are its benefits?

There is no doubt that one of the most popular onions is white. We can find it in all supermarkets and in many culinary recipes. Apart from being a good condiment to flavor the dish, it also has multiple benefits if we consume it. But what really is white onion? When we go to the […]

What is a fertilizer: What is it for and what types are there

Much is said about the importance of caring for plants and crops: irrigation, pruning, fertilization… But what exactly is a fertilizer? What is it for? If you are not completely clear, I recommend that you continue reading, as we will answer both questions. In this article we will explain what a fertilizer is and what […]

How to buy a compost aerator: all the keys

If you like to make your own compost for plants, One of the accessories that you should not miss is the compost aerator. But do you know how to choose the best? Below we will talk about the characteristics that you should take into account to buy one and some questions that you can ask […]

Where are the tulips from?

Have you ever wondered where tulips are from? These beautiful flowers They are not native to Europe. despite being so popular in the Netherlands. Without a doubt, they are very decorative plants that, for this reason, have become very famous throughout the world. To learn a little more about these beautiful bulbous plants, we are […]

When to prune lemon verbena: what you need and how to do it

One of the most important care for many plants is pruning. This helps to maintain the health of the plants, and prevents pests or diseases (not 100% but at least it is a prevention system). Therefore, today we focus on when to prune lemon verbena and how to do it. If you have this plant […]

varieties of tulips

Ever Have you ever wondered how many varieties of tulips exist in the world?? Or if a person could have a collection with each of them? If you want to know how many there are and know some of them, then you will have all that information. If you like tulips, you will surely like […]

How to plant a pomegranate tree: the best tips and tricks

The pomegranate is a fruit widely consumed by many people and is easy to grow. Many people do not know well how to plant a pomegranate. The interior of the fruit shines as if filled with edible rubies. If pomegranates are one of your favorite fruits, try growing your own pomegranate tree. Although this plant […]

How to make pots with plastic jugs?

Taking care of the environment is not as difficult as it may seem. Actually, there are little things we can do to make better use of the elements that are within our reach. For example, plastic bottles. Do you know how to make pots with plastic jugs? The plants grow over the years, and that […]

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