Year: 2020

When are plums pruned

The pruning has many benefits in plants. In nature, the wind and the fall of other larger plants are in charge of clearing the branches of all of them. But in cultivation the branches grow and grow, without anyone controlling them, which can be harmful, since not so much light enters into them, there is less photosynthetic activity, that […]

How to recover eroded soil

Soil erosion is one of the most serious problems that anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to growing plants has to face. Although it is a natural process that occurs in many parts of the world, the impact that human beings have on the earth is causing soils that once were full of life, today they […]

The 5 main types of tomatoes

The tomato plant is one of the horticultural plants that can most easily be grown in a pot, since it does not grow much and in any case, it can always be pruned to remove lateral branches that will produce an interesting amount of delicious, healthy and nutritious fruits. But did you know that there […]

Types of bamboo

Among the grasses ( Poaceae family ) we find grass, grass, reed … and of course, bamboo. Bamboos are plants that leave no one indifferent, either because they transport you to Japan, to a tropical climate or simply because you are struck by seeing a grass that exceeds many trees in height. Something very interesting about these plants is that […]

Homemade Tomato Juice in 7 Steps

Looking to make homemade tomato juice? These easy 7 steps should help you do that. One cup of tomato juice is all you need in a day to get enough vitamin C. You will also gain minerals, protein, fiber, and other vitamins. So you should possibly reconsider throwing away those excess tomatoes on the counter. […]

Tips for planting hedges

Hedges are very important and necessary decorative elements in gardens . Thanks to them, we can have the paths delimited, the different areas or corners divided in a very natural way and, in addition, we can gain privacy, something that comes in handy whether we live alone in the middle of the field or if we have […]

Tips for preserving harvested apples

If you have fruit trees, you will be interested in knowing some tips to preserve stoneless fruits (such as apples or pears), which can be kept in good condition for months if you leave them in the appropriate conditions. First of all, you should know that apples are harvested in the dry season, when the rainy season has passed […]

5 indoor growing mistakes

Plants make our day, they keep us busy and, furthermore, as time goes by we gain experience in their cultivation. However, it is undoubtedly very interesting to have some inside the house, since they will help us to give more life to the house. However, it is common for several indoor growing mistakes to be made , especially […]

What is the best time to fertilize fruit trees?

Fruit trees are plants that need a series of care so that they can produce a large number of fruits, and one of them is the fertilizer. But not just any fertilizer, it is recommended that it be natural, of organic origin, since they are for human consumption. However, if it is the first time that […]

Keys to having a garden on the balcony

Do you have a balcony and a lot of free time? Well then, don’t hesitate: go ahead and create your urban garden . Although the space you have is small, there are several edible plants that will grow luxuriously in pots, planters and even in trays. If you can’t leave home, for whatever reason, and you would like to […]

How to grow pickles

Originally from Southeast Asia, the gherkin is a very tasty vegetable in Germany, where it is common to eat it canned and combined with vinegar and spices to achieve that typical bittersweet flavor. To know how to grow pickles, you have to know the characteristics of this crop and some of the environmental conditions that are needed for […]

How To Care for Succulents

A common dilemma for plant parent newbies is “how do I care for my new succulent”? The answer to that question is easy, you don’t need to do very much! Despite this, if you want to take care of your new plant babies in the best way possible it is best to follow these 6 […]

7 fast growing seeds for kids

Gardening is not a world for adults only; in fact, if you have children, nephews and / or grandchildren, you can get them to learn and above all, enjoy planting seeds and taking care of them so that they grow in health. But yes, we all know that patience is a virtue that at such an early […]

Yellow pear tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

The yellow pear tomato is one of the varieties available on the market, it was specifically introduced in Europe many centuries ago, coming from Central America or perhaps South America. The consumer prefers it for its particular taste and for the touch of color that it adds to meals and salads. Its yellow color is due to a […]

How to prevent indoor plants from overgrowing?

Plants grow, some faster than others, but all do. This is something that cannot be avoided, since growth is part of life and also of survival, because the ‘older’ they are, the easier it will be for them to overcome the attack made by insects that quickly become pests. , as well as infections caused by […]

How to teach gardening to children?

Gardening is a world in which we all have a place. Regardless of our age, sex, or social condition, each of us can enjoy, and a lot, the plants and all that it takes to care for them. Of course, children are no exception, rather the opposite. They are the main beneficiaries, not only because they can […]

Habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense ‘Habanero’)

El Chile Habanero is among the spices most important globally, which is due to the great culinary versatility offering being used in the kitchen, either for the purpose of spicing and / or as an accompaniment to many foods, since it has a powerful flavor. The Habanero pepper, scientifically known as Capsicum chinense “Habanero” , is a remarkable spicy spice within […]

Fig bonsai care

The fig tree is a tree or small tree with is grown a lot in gardens and orchards. During the summer it produces some fruits, figs, which have an exquisite sweet flavor. But being expired and having invasive roots, it is not always recommended to have it in the ground. Although, fortunately, it is a plant that can […]

Keys to combine several plants in one pot successfully

One way to make better use of the space you have is by combining several plants in the same pot. This is something that can help the place to look more beautiful, while allowing you to grow more species, which you may like to know if you are a collector and / or just want to […]

How to make a plant not grow

Often we buy plants that we thought would not grow too much, but that over time we have realized that we were wrong. The most typical case is to cultivate, for example, a water stick so well that there comes a time when its leaves touch the ceiling. What to do? Well, it is best to try […]

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