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Preserve your Harvest… in the Freezer

If your garden is producing quite you’ve got time to preserve by canning or dehydrating, freezing is another great option. Nearly everything from the garden is often frozen, with a couple of exceptions like potatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers. Freezing fruits, veggies and herbs is quick and straightforward, doesn’t require any special equipment, and preserves everything […]

How to Grow Melons

Few things say “summer” sort of a juicy slice of melon. Watermelons, cantaloupes, and other melons are an excellent addition to the garden. With a touch preparation now, you’ll be enjoying a sweet harvest by July! Watermelon on vine Selecting and Starting Your Seeds Melons fall under two different categories: watermelons (members of the genus […]

Tips on Cutting Sunflowers for Bouquets

Sunflowers are great for summertime bouquets but to urge the foremost out of your cut flowers, you ought to follow a couple of simple steps. When sunflowers are cut using the subsequent steps, blooms can last up to 10 days indoors! Step 1 – Select the simplest Flowers to chop  The best sunflowers to use […]

Ticks 101

Tick bites are painful and may cause serious diseases in your family and your pets. Prevention and early removal are the simplest steps to remain safe and healthy! Guard Your Yard Ticks wish to sleep in tall grass and brush and conceal in leaf litter and debris. Landscape your yard to scale backtick populations by […]

Urban Gardening Without a Yard

The new methods being developed for urban farming are great for gardeners looking to be more efficient with their use of space, but usually, this refers to maximizing space in small yards for raising veggies, chickens or maybe small livestock. These space-saving principles of urban farming don’t often translate to the requirements of the aspiring […]

How to Design a Raised Bed

Raised beds are useful for many gardening situations: they’re easier to succeed in, can reduce some pest problems, and are good for depleted or rocky soils (or driveways or patios) where regular garden beds can’t be established. A well-constructed raised bed can bring you years of gardening pleasure. able to plan your raised beds? It’s […]

Getting Ready for Tomato Canning

Water bath canning may be a good way to preserve all of the tomatoes your garden has been producing. Prepare yourself for canning day by selecting the simplest varieties and recipes for your year-round tomato needs. The Best Canning Tomatoes The process of canning tomatoes actually started once you selected your tomato seeds for planting […]

Protecting Your Fruit Trees from Frost Damage

During the darkest days of winter, while your orchard is dormant, there’s little risk of frost damage to your trees. the most important danger comes within the spring when the tree starts to interrupt dormancy. The young leaf buds and shoot growth are often damaged by extreme cold, and a late frost or snowstorm can […]

Grow a Pomegranate Tree!

Once considered a fruit for royalty, the pomegranate may be a delicious addition to your backyard orchard or edible landscaping. Its beautiful, showy, red-orange flowers become decorative fruit within the fall, crammed with juicy arils for you to enjoy all year long! Getting ready to plant Pomegranates are best grown from cuttings to make sure […]

Preserving Citrus with Salt and Sugar

There is nothing just like the smell and taste of fresh citrus! But what to try to if you’ve got an overabundance of lemons or oranges? Preserve sugar or salt! The preserving process concentrates the flavor and also mellows out the tartness. you’ll use any sort of citrus, but the Meyer lemon may be a […]

Worms In Your Apples?

It is such a satisfying experience to succeed in up into a fruit tree and pluck a shiny apple from a branch. But if you’re taking an enormous, juicy bite and see that the remaining apple in your hand has brown yuck and half a worm inside — and you only swallowed — it’s going […]

Landscaping with Edible Plants

Our grandparents or great grandparents didn’t need to believe what to plant in their landscape, it just made sense to plant something that you simply can eat. With the shift of populations to urban areas, people stopped using edible plants in their landscape and easily visited their local marketplace for produce. The big, perfectly landscaped […]

Growing Peppers 101

Peppers are an exquisite addition to the garden and maybe grown in containers on decks or balconies as long as they need sufficient light and nutrients. There are numerous varieties, flavors and colors to settle on from – sweet to spicy, green to purple or maybe brown (chocolate). Start Early If you reside during a […]

How to Grow Sweet Peas

In the Victorian language of flowers, sweet peas symbolized delicate and blissful pleasures. How very apt for this delicate flower with a blissfully pleasurable fragrance. Whether you plan to send someone a secret message together with your bouquet, or simply enjoy the color and scent as you travel by a trellis filled with sweet peas, […]

The 411 on Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew may be a widespread, common disease found on many sorts of plants. It can infect many sorts of vegetables, berries and decorative plants found around the home. Vegetables affected include cucumbers, beans, eggplant, lettuce, melons, peppers, pumpkins, and even tomatoes. Common berries affected are grapes, and roses come to mind for a favorite […]

Garden Irrigation Myths

Plants need water to survive, that is a fact. But sometimes watering your garden can feel more like an art than a science. There are lots of tricks that green thumbs use to make sure they are irrigating enough and at the right times. Are the tricks good information or just myths? Don’t be fooled, […]

Common Gardening Fertilizer Myths

Many gardeners have learned tons of quaint gardening tricks from their parents or grandparents. In their day, they didn’t run to the shop whenever they needed something for his or her garden. Instead, they used what was available, like eggshells, to enhance their soil. Some old-fashioned methods work, but there are some ideas that are […]

Vegetable Gardening Myths

Whether you’re planting your first garden, or are growing your own veggies for years, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the recommendations that you simply hear. This year, grow your best veggies ever by learning the reality about some common garden myths. Myth – Vegetable gardens need sun all day long Vegetables do need […]

Preserves and More Preserves

Your trees or vines are overflowing with ripe fruit and your freezer is filled with frozen fruit. What does one do with all that fruit? Make preserves! Jams, jellies, marmalade, fruit butter, compote and conserves are some great ways to use the bounty from the orchard. So what’s the difference between all those different types […]

Growing Cabbage

Cabbage, in one form or another, has been around since 4,000 B.C, with evidence of cultivation within the Shensi province of China. It is often enjoyed fresh during a slaw salad, cooked during a great dish like bully beef and cabbage or fermented into sauerkraut or kimchi. However you wish to eat it, cabbage comes […]

When is the Best Time to Plant Wildflowers?

We all love the sweetness of a field of wildflowers then do all the pollinators. But when is that the best time to plant and the way does one prepare your site for planting? the solution is, it depends on your location or climate. Spring, summer, and fall are all good times to plant wildflowers […]

Site Selection and Trellis Design for Hops

Hops are a crucial ingredient in craft beers and if you wish an honest IPA, then thank the hops for the wonderful flavor and aroma. Hops are easy to grow, fast-growing (if grown within the optimum conditions) and may get older to 12 inches each day. The growing location is extremely important to the success […]

When and How to Pick Your Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms reception may be a great family project and fall may be a blast to start out a kit indoors. Whether you select the classic white button, the tasty portabella or try a more exotic tasting mushroom just like the Blue Oyster, all are fast and straightforward to grow indoors. Watch our video where […]

All About Growing Persimmons

Persimmons are beautiful and adaptable fruit trees and therefore the fruit is often eaten fresh, dried or pickled. They grow best in warm southern regions, within the Pacific Northwest and into central and southern California. they’re standard size trees so confirm you’ve got any room for this one to grow. Oriental persimmon is native to […]

How to Grow Onions

Selecting the proper variety for your growing region is vital to the success of growing an enormous bulb. There are short-day, intermediate-day and long-day varieties and you ought to choose the one for your area. For more information on growing zones, inspect our blog the way to Select the simplest Onions and Leeks. Soil Preparation […]

Extend Your Blueberry Harvest

Blueberries are an exquisite perennial plant to place in your garden or edible landscape. They produce better, fuller crops if planted with another sort of blueberry. If you select the proper varieties, you’ll have a blueberry harvest for nearly 90 days for Northern Highbush and 60 days for Southern Highbush. Tricia shows you ways to […]

Keep the Green Out of the Potato

Green within the garden may be a good sign of healthy, happy plants unless you’re a potato. Potatoes that are exposed to the sun will start to supply the green pigment, chlorophyll, at the surface of the potato. This process is named “greening”. the matter isn’t the chlorophyll but the opposite compound that’s produced alongside […]

How to Store and Preserve Garlic

Ah, that fresh, pungent homegrown garlic flavor! It’s such a lot better when it comes to your own garden. Garlic is often stored as whole heads for a couple of months to a year, counting on the storage conditions and therefore the variety – softnecks store longer than hardnecks – but all of your garlic […]

Plant Supports for Garden Vegetables

Growing vegetables vertically not only saves space but yields healthier more productive plants. The sky is the limit on the varied materials, shapes, and sizes of garden supports. Some vegetables do better on one sort of support and proper pairing of the vegetable and vertical support is vital. Here are some basic ideas on supports […]

Growing and Enjoying Okra

Okra, sometimes called Lady Finger or Bindi, maybe a vegetable garden essential for cuisine like Cajun, Indian, African, and it’s served everywhere the Southeastern a part of us . Tricia shows you ways to grow okra within the video the way to Plant Organic Okra. This gorgeous plant will grow to about five feet tall […]

Preserving Your Tomatoes by Canning

Tomatoes are an excellent vegetable to can and it’s very easy to try to to with the water bath canning method. Now that your homegrown tomatoes are ripening, don’t allow them to attend waste – preserve them whole, halved, crushed, or juiced.  Canning Whole or Halved Tomatoes This method is extremely easy with little preparation […]

Steam Juicing is Easy as Boiling Water

This time of year you’ll be overwhelmed with all the ripe fruit and have exhausted your preserving repertoire. don’t despair, there’s differently to preserve your fruit, or a minimum of the juice, it’s steam juicing! Tricia shows you ways she juices grapes in our video, but you’ll juice other fruit and tomatoes also . Fruit […]

How to Make Hominy and Other Things to Make with It

Hominy is formed by soaking dry corn during a solution that removes the pericarp from the kernel, this releases the corn’s endocarp to fluff up and release its flavor and nutrients. The art of creating hominy is as old as pre-Columbian time and is documented within the south. Hominy is often fried in butter with […]

How to Grow Meyer Lemons and Other Citrus Trees in Containers

Did you recognize you’ll grow citrus indoors regardless of where you live? the simplest citrus to grow indoors is that the Meyer lemon. Meyer lemons are prized for his or her sweet flavor, a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon. the simplest part is that the Meyer lemons available today are called improved […]

How to Grow Sweet Corn, Popcorn or Dry Corn in Your Garden

Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into fresh corn on the cob, or the aroma of cornbread hot out of the oven? the foremost popular choice for home gardens is, of course, sweet corn. this is often the sort you’ll grow if you would like corn on the cob or fresh corn kernels. Sweet corn […]

When & How to Fertilize Your Fruit Trees

Fruit trees need good nutrition to grow and produce an abundant harvest, a bit like vegetables, flowers, and other plants. In our helpful video, Tricia explains if, when, and the way much to fertilize your fruit trees. Or keep reading here to find out the 5 Easy Steps for fertilizing your fruit trees! Step One: […]

High Density Planting and Pruning Fruit Trees for the Home Orchard

Fruit trees are an exquisite addition to any home, but it requires a commitment to pruning several times a year to stay the tree to a size that will not overwhelm the space and therefore the homeowner. The way you prune your fruit tree is basically up to you, therefore the pruning/growing method is merely […]

How to Grow Sweet Peas In the Garden

In the Victorian language of flowers, sweet peas symbolized delicate and blissful pleasures. How very apt for this delicate flower with a blissfully pleasurable fragrance. Whether you plan to send someone a secret message together with your bouquet, or simply enjoy the color and scent as you travel by a trellis filled with sweet peas, […]

What is Biochar?

Have you heard of biochar? This “new” organic may be a safe, effective soil amendment with a plethora of advantages from increasing water retention and soil microbes to reducing greenhouse emission emissions. But what’s it, and the way does it work? Biochar is brief for “biomass charcoal.” Unlike mined charcoal, it’s made by pyrolysis (decomposition […]

Choosing the Best Manure for Your Garden

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the alternatives of composted manure once you flip through our fertilizer catalog? Or perhaps you have been offered a free truckload of manure from a neighbor but aren’t sure if it is the best choice for your garden. There are definite benefits and risks from each quite manure–chicken, cow, […]

How to Grow Milkweed for a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies, and particularly the monarch, love milkweed. Yet for several decades farmers and homeowners both considered this wildflower to be a weed that needed to be killed, directly resulting in the decline of the monarch population. More awareness about how necessary milkweed is to the monarch’s life cycle has helped change this flower’s description from […]

How to Make Hominy and Grits

Have you ever tried hominy or its cousin grits? How about corn tortillas or tortilla chips? If so, you’ve got enjoyed the flavor and nutrition that comes from the cooking technique called “nixtamalization”: soaking corn in lye or pickling lime, a process that has been used for over 3500 years. The resulting corn product, called […]

No Till Gardening

Tillage makes it easier to include fertilizers and plant small seeds. It also accelerates the decomposition of any plant matter you bury within the process. Plus it’s satisfying to ascertain the weeds disappear once you turn them under. But what if you’ll have a healthy, productive garden without having to lift a shovel ever again, […]

How to Grow Popcorn (and the best way to pop it!)

I love munching on an enormous bowl of popcorn within the evening. But it’s even better when the popcorn comes from my very own garden! Growing your own popcorn allows you to experience a spread of colors: Dakota Black, Neon Pink, multi-colored Cherokee, or classic yellow Tom Thumb. As you would possibly expect, the flavor […]

How to Grow in Straw Bales

Strawbale gardens are simple: the bale is the garden. it’s the container and therefore the soil beat one! Straw bales are more convenient than building a raised bed or buying many pots for a container garden. you’ll easily expand your garden by adding more bales. Plus, straw bales are good on the budget. Choosing Your […]

Vegan Organic Gardening

We all know why organic gardening is great – eliminating synthetic chemicals and growing naturally is that the clear choice for gardeners who want to be good to Mother Earth. But if you would like to require your earth-friendly gardening to the subsequent level, you’ll want to think about going vegan. Sometimes called veganic, plant-based, […]

When Will My Tomatoes Be Ripe?

Tomatoes are fully geared within the garden, loaded with many green, unripe tomatoes. So when will they ripen and the way are you able to tell when is that the best time to select them? Summer Conditions Contribute to how briskly the Fruit Ripens The tomato is functioning hard during the summer–making fruit, new leaves, […]

Solarization for gardening 101

As an organic gardener, I attempt to keep weeds away without using chemicals. But hand weeding is tough work! That’s why I prefer a technique called solarization. When done correctly, it is often an efficient method for controlling bermudagrass, johnsongrass, vinca, nutsedge, some sorts of bindweed and lots of other garden weeds. However, it’s not […]

How to Make Your Own High-Quality Compost

Cook up your own FAST, high-quality compost and either use it immediately in your garden or use it to brew an excellent compost tea. Want to form fast compost to complement the soil in your garden? Our video shows you ways to try to that in easy steps.  What is a top-quality compost? High-quality compost […]

Pruning Raspberries and Blackberries

Cane berries are wonderful to grow in your edible landscape. they create an excellent hedge and provides you sweet tasty berries also. But to grow cane berries that produce abundant yields, they ought to be pruned per annum. the tactic of pruning will depend upon the sort of berry you’ve got and therefore the region […]

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