Extend Your Blueberry Harvest

Blueberries are an exquisite perennial plant to place in your garden or edible landscape. They produce better, fuller crops if planted with another sort of blueberry. If you select the proper varieties, you’ll have a blueberry harvest for nearly 90 days for Northern Highbush and 60 days for Southern Highbush. Tricia shows you ways to plant and look after blueberries in our video Planting and Growing Blueberries, and this text will show you ways to settle on varieties that offer you the longest harvest season.

For the Chilly Regions – Northern Highbush

The Northern Highbush or one Lowbush variety, Top Hat, are the varieties to plant if you reside in USDA zones 3-8. If you select a spread that ripens early, mid and late, then you potentially can have blueberries to eat for 3 months. inspect the handy chart for selecting your varieties. confine mind the dates for the Northern Highbush varieties are supported ripening in Western Oregon. the precise time will really depend upon your growing conditions, but the sequence of ripening shouldn’t change, early first, then mid, followed by late-ripening varieties. 

For Milder Regions – Southern Highbush

The Southern Highbush should be selected for USDA zones 5-10, but check the variability for the zones that grow best for the actual variety. The fruiting period maybe a little shorter than the Northern Highbush but will begin earlier, starting mid-May and ending in late June. Check the ripening chart to settle on the proper combination to offer you up to 5-6 weeks of blueberries. The ripening dates for the Southern Highbush have supported Fresno, California, therefore the exact time will really depend upon your growing conditions, but the sequence of ripening shouldn’t change.

When Are the Blueberries Ripe?

Blueberries are ripe once they turn blue on the whole berry and simply come off the bush. Don’t rush to select them. The longer you allow them to stay the bush the sweeter and tastier they get. But be careful, birds also love blueberries, so you would possibly want to hide your bushes with bird netting to stay your fruit safe. Plant a couple of blueberries for an extended harvest and lots of years of enjoyment!

Extend Your Blueberry Harvest

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