Steam Juicing is Easy as Boiling Water

This time of year you’ll be overwhelmed with all the ripe fruit and have exhausted your preserving repertoire. don’t despair, there’s differently to preserve your fruit, or a minimum of the juice, it’s steam juicing! Tricia shows you ways she juices grapes in our video, but you’ll juice other fruit and tomatoes also .

Fruit to Juice and More!

Don’t let your fruit attend waste, juice it. It’s a quick and straightforward thanks to extract the juice from grapes, apples, peaches, strawberries, pears, or berries. Once you get the juice it’s up to you ways to use it. Put it within the refrigerator and drink it, preserve it by water bath canning the jars or make jelly from the juice. I even have read several blogs that suggest once you juice apples you’ll use the remaining pulp to form apple sauce. Also some folks have juiced tomatoes, saved the juice for creating soup stock and used the remaining pulp to form sauce. All you would like to try to to is run it through a sauce maker just like the Weston Sauce Maker, and you’ve got a thick sauce. No more long hours of cooking it right down to remove the water.

Nothing Goes to Waste

Once you’ve got extracted the juice out of your fruit, don’t throw out the leftover pulp. If you’ve got chickens, i’m sure they’re going to enjoy gobbling up the pulp (remove the seeds from the apples first). No chickens, then put the pulp in either your compost heap or worm bin. Enjoy some fresh juice this summer and grow organic for life!

Steam Juicing is Easy as Boiling Water

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