How to Grow Meyer Lemons and Other Citrus Trees in Containers

Did you recognize you’ll grow citrus indoors regardless of where you live? the simplest citrus to grow indoors is that the Meyer lemon. Meyer lemons are prized for his or her sweet flavor, a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon. the simplest part is that the Meyer lemons available today are called improved because they don’t carry any citrus virus. Here are some tips to assist your citrus to thrive and produce fruit indoors.

Growing a Meyer lemon indoors

What to understand before you start 

Lighting your lemon 

Citrus trees need 8-12 hours of sunshine per day with southern or southwestern exposure to supply fruit

Supplement natural light with full-spectrum fluorescent lighting or knowledgeable grow light

Place your new tree in your required location for two weeks before potting to make certain the tree is happy

When you have an area it’s happy, pot it

Watering your lemon 

Citrus trees like deep and infrequent watering

Citrus trees wish to be moist but not soggy

Use a moisture meter to inform when your tree needs watering, water when the highest two inches of soil are dry

Add Thrive Alive B-1 to the water to encourage root growth

Pollinating your lemon 

If your tree is flowering inside, take a cotton swab and transfer pollen from one blossom to a different 

Fertilizing your lemon 

Citrus trees are heavy feeders that ought to be fertilized with citrus fertilizer

Follow the instructions carefully for any fertilizer you select 

Here are three that Tricia recommends:

E.B. Stone Citrus & angiospermous tree Food

Down to Earth Citrus Mix Fertilizer

Phyto-Grow Leafy Green Special Fertilizer

How long does it deem a Meyer lemon in touch fruit?

Meyer lemon trees typically flower and fruit twice a year starting at 3-5 years aged 

How to pot a Meyer lemon for indoor growth

For a 2-3-year-old tree, use a 5-gallon plastic pot about 12-15” tall with good drainage

Create a potting mixture of 1/3 sphagnum, 1/3 potting soil, and 1/3 perlite which will fill the pot

Slide the tree from its container, cut away dry roots, fluff if matted/encircled

Add a tree to the center of the pot and add your potting mixture with the crown of the roots just above the soil line

Slowly add water while pulling the tree up slightly to get rid of any air pockets

Best thanks to growing your Meyer lemon indoors

Place your tree within the brightest a part of your house, near a south-facing window

If the tree doesn’t get 8-12 hours of sunshine each day, add some low-energy LED grow lights

Fill a pot tray with rocks

Add water to the tray, filling it slightly below the highest of the rocks to permit your tree to take a seat on the rocks but not IN the water

Place the pot with a tree on top of the rocks

The maintenance schedule for a lemon 

Water as noted above

Weekly: Turn your tree 1 / 4 address make sure the tree is return light

Every 2 weeks: Spray down your foliage

Every 2 years: Repot your tree after pruning the roots to avoid the tree getting root bound

Anytime: Prune your citrus to regulate its shape and size

Moving your citrus indoors to outdoor & the other way around 

Best time to maneuver your citrus or lemon is when the temperatures are on the brink of an equivalent indoors and outdoors

When switching, keep the tree within the shade for two weeks

Your citrus will grow and wish larger containers over the years, so make certain to urge help from a lover or use a moving dolly to maneuver the pot around

Best alternatives to Meyer lemon trees

These citrus trees also are easy to grow indoors:

Lisbon lemons

Washington navel oranges

Bearss limes

How to Grow Meyer Lemons and Other Citrus Trees in Containers

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