Get A Head Start in Your Summer Garden

Dreaming of summer melons, cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes? Many folks are becoming impatient and need to start out working within the garden and getting our hands dirty! Well excellent news, there are tons of the way to urge your seedlings going for the upcoming summer garden. Hot House Germination Kit

Get Seeds Started Indoors

Most summer vegetable seeds should be started before time indoors. Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant can, and will be started within the winter, especially in areas with short growing seasons. albeit you don’t have a greenhouse, seeds are often started in trays using systems just like the Heated Germination Station or the recent House. Each system features a 72-cell tray, a heat mat and a dome. If you don’t have a bright sunny location, add some grow lights.

Moving Seedlings Outside

Now that your seeds have grown to healthy strong seedlings, it’s time to maneuver them outside except for most locations, it’s just still too cold. There are a few solutions to those cold temps or unpredictable late freezes. Cold frameCold Frames or Hot Beds Keep your seedlings warm using the warmth of the sun or create a hotbed using heating cables or use natural heat, manure. See our blog on using manure to show a chilly frame into a hotbed or watch our video on cold frames and hotbeds. Low tunnels Created easily with wire hoops or PVC pipe, and either greenhouse plastic, floating row cover (Agribon) or a breathable material Dio-Betalon (see blog). Watch our video on the way to build a coffee tunnel. Floating Row Covers Lay the fabric directly on the plants to guard against frost. The row cover or Agribon comes in several levels of frost protection, AG-70 is one among the heaviest weights, giving 8+ degrees of protection. Low Tunnel for frost protectionWall-O-Water to guard individual plants, the wall-o-water insulates using tubes of water. These mini-greenhouses allow transplanting of more tender plants up to six to eight weeks earlier. Solar Bells Place these over individual plants to make a mini-greenhouse effect. the highest features a vent to open up during the day for ventilation. These resemble the cloches (French for bell) utilized in France for shielding tender plants. Great to use not just for your tender vegetables but can also be used on any tender perennials in your yard. Solar bellsFrost Shield A liquid made from a micro-thin protein polymer, which will be sprayed on to a good sort of vegetables, trees, berries, or fruits which will help prevent damage from freezing temperatures.

Don’t Forget to Water

Now that you simply have your seedlings tucked away in their protective shelter, confirm they’re getting sufficient water. Also, the seedlings will enjoy weekly feeding of a mix like liquid fish and kelp. Summer is around the corner then is your beautiful garden, start now and luxuriate in the fruits of your labor!

Get A Head Start in Your Summer Garden

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