Is it better to water tomato plants in the morning or evening?

QUESTION: Is it better to water tomato plants within the morning or evening? I’m unsure if I’m doing it correctly. — Lisa A

ANSWER: Begin by watering your tomato plants within the morning, as they’ll need the moisture to urge through the most well-liked period of the day. That said, you don’t want to water your plants once the day has gotten too warm, or the water is often heated by the sun and truly burn the plant. Plants are also ready to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently within the early a part of the day than they’re in the late afternoon, evening, or in the dark.

As the season progresses, while temperatures spike and plants get larger, you’ll find that your tomato plants begin needing more water than you’ll give them in only one daily watering session. When this happens, you ought to plow ahead and water them a second time once temperatures have fallen a touch as the afternoon turns into evening. make certain to water your tomato plants at their base rather than splashing the leaves with water, as this will reduce the likelihood of sunscald through heated water droplets on the plants’ foliage.

Is it better to water tomato plants in the morning or evening?

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