Storing Onions

Storing onions isn’t that difficult and that they will last for about six months if done properly. Nobody ever wants to require the time to grow fresh produce only to possess it to rot away before it is often eaten. It’s a waste of your time and money when our homegrown vegetables attend to waste. Harvesting at the proper time and proper storage will reduce your wasted produce tremendously.


Most onions take about twelve weeks to mature to the purpose that they’re ready for consumption. The onion tops will shrink down and appear to die out. this is often the telltale sign of when it’s time to reap your onions. If flowers start appearing on the stalks, the onions are ready and needed to be harvested several days ago. Get the onions out of the bottom immediately or they will begin to rot.

Some gardeners believe letting the freshly harvested onions sit within the sunlight for a few days helps to stay them preserved. This process will discolor any white onions so take care if you select to undertake this practice.


Onions are relatively easy to store but once you have just harvested plenty of them, it takes planning. If you’ve got a shed area, place the onions on an old screen for a couple of days inside the shed. Because of the onions dry, the soil that was on the veggies also will dry up and fall off. The less dirt on the onion and therefore the drier it’s, the longer it’ll keep.

Once most of the debris is off, you want to find a cool, dark place to store your produce. Never keep onions in plastic as plastic will enable mold growth. Mold will cause your onions to become inedible hence waste all of your efforts bringing the growing to fruition.

One of the strangest but best ways to store onions is by using pantyhose. It sounds crazy but they’re going to keep for about six months with this method. The key to the present storage method is to put one onion at a time into the legs of the hose. Yes, make certain they’re clean first! Put onion into the stockings and tie it off. Add another onion and tie it off again. Continue this process until all of your onions are wearing pantyhose! you would like to hold the pantyhose during a cool, dark space like a basement or shed. this may keep your onions fresh for about six months.


Another option for preserving onions through winter is freezing. Onions are often cut or diced and stored in freezer bags to be used at a later date. they’re going to never be like fresh onions as raw onions do get soggy within the freezer. If you’re storing onions for soups, stews, or sauces, freezing will work just fine.

For people who love caramelized onions, they will cook fresh onions and freeze them for once they need them. Cook your onions as was common and make certain to allow them to come to temperature. Separate them into plastic bags which will allow you to use one bag for every recipe. Caramelized onions will taste fresh if sauteed quickly while frozen. Never thaw precooked onions or they’re going to get soggier.


If onions aren’t stored properly, they will not only get soft and go bad but grow mold also. Eating moldy food can create health issues. Proper storage will reduce this risk and make your freshly grown produce as healthy and natural as you anticipated it might be for serving to your loved ones.

Storing Onions

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