Storing Potatoes

Potatoes are a mainstay for meals because they’re so versatile, to not mention delicious when prepared correctly. Americans always believed potatoes were a billboard crop until the influx of Irish Immigrants came and turned the Americans on to the art of potato growing and eating!


For new potatoes, the gardener must pay close attention to the potato vines. Once flowers begin to develop, obtain the potatoes carefully. New potatoes should be used within one week of harvesting for the simplest flavor.

It is of the utmost importance to thoroughly soak down the potato mounds that also retain crops. don’t flood them out but give them an honest soaking because the soil must firm itself round the remaining potatoes for later harvesting.

When the vines begin to point out signs of dying but before your area has its first frost, harvest the remaining potatoes from their mounds.


Potatoes are rather finicky about how they need to be stored in their wild. it’s important to shake or brush any soil off the potato after storage. Use your hands during a handwashing type technique to urge most of the dirt off. Never wash the potatoes before storage as which will promote mold and deterioration.

Old fashioned burlap bags are absolutely the best thanks to storing your harvest. Honestly, the old way remains the simplest. I do know it sounds silly but burlap allows airflow which prevents the potatoes from rotting. Some people use paper bags with holes poked into them and a few use plastic bags with holes. Burlap sacks are effectively used for hundreds of years to stay potatoes fresh and free from mold.

Whether you select burlap, paper or plastic, your freshly harvested crop must be stored during a cool, dark place. Basements and root cellars are the simplest storage spaces for potatoes. nobody features a cellar or basement. you’ll get to find the good, darkest spot available to you for your crop storage.

Airflow is important to proper potato storage. many of us have tried storing their crop in plastic bins only to seek out rotten potatoes. don’t waste your efforts by stuffing them during a plastic container. you’ll be disappointed. Breathable burlap or other such bags are the right for storing your potatoes. Thinking simple will make your potatoes last the six months they ought to in storage.


For people who have an absolute bounty of potatoes, you’ll create potato dishes and freeze them for about six months. This cuts down on future preparation time as all you’ll get to do is thaw and warm.

Mashed potatoes are often made and frozen in either storage bags or containers. it’s advisable to go away them a touch thicker than you’d serve them because the tiny amount of fresh milk and butter makes them taste such as you just made them. make certain to allow them to come to temperature before storing within the freezer.

Home fries are a family favorite. At harvest, peel a batch of potatoes and parboil them. Once cooled, dice them and contribute a diced onion also. Put them into plastic bags and store them within the freezer until needed. Peppers also can be added to the bag if your family enjoys them.

Potatoes are a staple in our diets for several years. they’re tasty and really versatile. There aren’t many meals that don’t work well with potatoes. Using these methods will allow you to enjoy your harvest for several months.

Storing Potatoes

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