Storing Squash

Squash may be a favorite and straightforward vegetable for gardeners to grow in their backyard gardens. There are numerous sorts of both summer and winter squash. Both are literally grown within the summer.


Summer squash should be picked while small, never any larger than six inches long or width. they’re going to grow larger but if left to grow the skin will become thick and it’ll taste bitter. Small, summer squash are often very tasty.

It is best to reap winter squash at the very end of the season and just before the primary frost. they ought to never be picked before they need fully matured. once you thump your finger against a ripe winter squash, it should sound nearly hollow.


Most gardeners that grow squash realize that an honest harvest will bring more of this vegetable than a family could dine in a month. Even after bags are given away to friends and family, the bounty remains plentiful. Preserving your carefully grown produce is straightforward and can keep your family fed long into the winter.


Freezing squash is straightforward to try to do. Wash your fresh veggies in cool water to get rid of any dirt, debris, or chemical residue. Cut the stems off and slice it into pieces of equivalent size. Uniform pieces will cook more evenly than those of varying shapes and sizes. Bring an enormous pot of water to a rolling boil. Once boiling, put the hack squash into the pot. Leave them within the pot for five minutes.

Using a colander, strain the vegetables dry. Immediately put the colander and squash into a clean, sink filled with drinking water. The ice bath will stop them from cooking further and help to preserve the color and flavor for freezing. Once they’re completely cooled, store the squash in zipper bags or freezer containers. Put them into the freezer to be used throughout the year. it’s safe to store squash using this method for up to nine months.

Some people prefer to not blanch the squash before freezing. this is often acceptable but the flavor and color won’t be as appealing. Simply wash the squash, cut the ends off, dry it, and freeze it in an airtight bag.

Another way to preserve your bounty is to double your recipe when cooking a squash dish. Allow the second batch to chill thoroughly as any steam in an airtight container will make the food soggy and unappetizing. Once cool, put the squash into a freezer container and store. Your pre-made dish will save time once you use it for dinner.

5 recommendations on the way to STORE SQUASH

Here are some recommendations on the way to store squash:

1. Storage Time

Winter squash is in a position to be stored for 3 to 6 months. The summer squash will last about three days. The skin of the winter varieties makes it the selection for storage.

2. Harvesting

When harvesting, make certain to go away about three inches of vine attached to your squash. This prevents the vegetable from decaying quickly and promotes lengthier storage.

3. Cleaning

Do not wash any squash that’s meant for storage. Any dampness will cause early decomposition. Leave it as you picked it until you propose to use it.

4. Curing

It is highly recommended that you simply cure the squash before storing it. Curing should be done at about 85 degrees. It should occupy this temperature for 2 days.

5. Storage Location

A shelf during a cool, dark basement is the best place to store your squash. A thick base of the newspaper is right to guard the shelf within the event one among the vegetables begins to rot away. Cover the paper with a 1-inch layer of straw and place the squash on the straw. don’t stack your squash as which will promote decay.

Storing Squash

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