Cancer-preventive foods that you can grow!

We are all aware, yet unaware, of the deadly diseases that surround us today. Surprisingly, these diseases are caused by the foremost natural elements like raw/ uncooked fruits and vegetables, which are believed to be a healthful addition to one’s diet.

Nowadays, many sorts of fertilizers and pesticides are getting used to growing fruits and vegetables for commercially viable quantities. this is often primarily done to guard them against insects, weeds, viruses, fungi, and diseases. Not only India, but the planet also gets suffering from such harmful practices. The U.S uses1.2 pounds of pesticides per annum but only 0.1% of them actually reach the bugs. the remainder finishes up contaminating our food, air, and water. 

Not just pesticides, GMO foods also are extremely dangerous for one’s health. Many foods are full of additives to prolong shelf and storage life. Intake of such food can eventually cause fatal diseases like Cancer, Body Disabilities, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, etc. Several other pesticides commonly used as preventives can cause depression, birth defects, and damage to kidneys, liver, and therefore the systema nervosum. 

Cancer is becoming a standard widespread epidemic, especially, in regions where the groundwater becomes primarily contaminated. it’s gloomy to understand that cancer accounts for 7.4 million deaths worldwide. And shockingly the world’s highest rate of Cervical, Gall Bladder, Oral, and Pharynx cancers are in India. Yet, people are still oblivious to the health hazards that await them.

Researchers have surely noted a correlation between pesticides and differing types of cancers within the body. 6% of stomach cancers are caused by diet and poor preservation of food.

On the opposite hand, organic vegetables and fruits are barren of any chemical fertilizers. Being conscious of the detrimental effects of food preservatives on the physical body, people are now awakening to the advantages of organic food.

Organic food is typically costlier than the non-organic food, but not if you grow it at home. With the type of seed varieties available within the market and straightforward access to information over online, it’s become easy to grow food reception with standard requirements.

Many cruciferous vegetables and foods that are organic in nature help protect human bodies from serious diseases, including cancer.

The world is moving towards Cancer. From 2017 to 2030, worldwide cancers are projected to extend by 50%. Statistics also establish that 5 in 10 men and 4 in 10 women are likely to develop cancer in their lifetime.

So let’s fight Cancer by growing organically. Following may be a list of 5 easy to grow foods superfoods that help fight Cancer naturally:


A cancer-preventing superfood. it’s phytonutrients that inhibit the cancer enzyme to spread around the body. Broccoli is most protective against the cancers of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach, consistent with a review of many clinical studies conducted for the planet Cancer Research Fund and therefore the American Institute for Cancer Research.


Tomatoes contain strong antioxidant properties that prevent cancer cells from growing. Home-grown tomatoes can contain up to 4 times more concentration and nutrition, as compared to the market bought variety.


Carrots have a high quantity of carotenoids that guard against cervical and mouth cancer. They also boost immunity and releases enzymes that fight cancer cells at the very first stage. A lesser-known fact is that cooked carrots are more beneficial than a raw carrot or a glass of juice.


Brightly colored fruits are known to possess high antioxidant properties. This mostly includes citrus fruits, pumpkins, berries, and squashes. the most ingredient in these fruits is that the beta-carotene, which is an important nutrient for immune functioning, detoxification, and fights cancers of the skin and eyes.


Spinach may be a popular green known to knock out cancer and boosts brainpower. All the flavonoids present in spinach combat cancer and tumor cell growth. These carotenoids seek out potentially dangerous ‘free radicals’ from the body before they will do harm. Spinach also features a potent antioxidant that slows the effect of aging on the brain.

Cancer-preventive foods that you can grow!

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