How To Take Care Of Your Garden In The Summer


Improve Soil Quality

The summer heat can take a toll on the soil quality of your garden. an excellent thanks to enriching the soil is by way of adding organic matter. once you plant, add compost or soil improver to reinforce your soil’s moisture and water-retaining ability. it’ll also help with the transfer of nutrients to your plants.

Compost also fosters a healthy environment for microbes and other beneficial organisms like worms. The Soil quality remains healthy and protects root systems from pests and diseases.

Best Time to Water Plants

When is that the best time to water plants in summers may be a question most often asked within the world of gardening. it’s vital to understand when is that the best time to water a garden to preserve water and confirm the plants are becoming adequate water system.

Watering plants at the proper time is important to their growth and water retention. The optimal time to water plants is within the morning, while it’s still cool. this enables the water to succeed in the roots of the plants because it runs down into the soil without an excessive amount of water lost to evaporation.

This, in turn, makes the water available to the plants throughout the day in order that they are better equipped to affect the warmth of the sun.

There is a gardening myth that watering within the morning will make the plants vulnerable to scorch. this is often not true. Most areas don’t get intense enough sun for water droplets to scorch the plants. However, if the world you reside in has intense sun exposure, the water droplets would be evaporated within the heat long before they might focus the daylight.

Pots and hanging baskets generally got to be watered more frequently than ground plants. you ought to line concrete and terracotta pots or paint them on the within to stop water loss. Keep your pot plants in cooler spots and place saucers underneath to retain water.

Efficient watering tools that solve the matter of water scarcity

Using the simplest watering techniques is important not only for healthy growth in your pants but also helps with the matter of water scarcity.

Here are a couple of garden tools and techniques that you simply can use and/or install your gardens:


They are the best wont to water the lawn and soak unplanted areas. Sprinklers cover most areas of the garden evenly and are an efficient thanks to getting coverage for all of your plants. 

Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are an efficient and ecological way of storing and using water. Rain Water is additionally distilled and rich in minerals which successively enriches the soil quality. Connect a cistern to a gutter in your home to make a ready source of water for your plants. 

Seep hoses

These allow water to seep out of holes within the hose directly into the soil. they will be buried under soil or mulch. This avoids unnecessary evaporation in summers. they will be wont to water established plants in rows, but these work best in heavy soil as water spreads sideways, covering quite it might on lighter soils. Another advantage of seep hoses is that it provides water on to the plant roots.

Automated Irrigation tools and systems

These allow water to drip or trickle into growing areas or wherever you customize them to try to so. They save on tons of your time and energy. confirm you’re taking hot and dry weather under consideration once you program your system. they will sometimes be expensive to line up, 


Recycling water is probably the simplest and most ecological thanks to using water. Water from drinking glasses, steaming, or cooking (veggies or pasta) are often reused in watering plants. 

Hoses and watering cans

They might be labor-intensive but are a particular method to aquatic plant bases beneath the leaves and leave the encompassing soil dry. This restricts weed growth and ensures all water is absorbed where it’s needed.

Invest during a Shade

Installing shade in your garden may be a good way to assist plants to get through the summer heat. albeit growth in vegetables is friendly and aware of sun exposure, an excessive amount of it is often harmful.

Shade helps them wither through the warmth and harmful exposure from the sun.

To provide shade to your pants and to effectively block excess and direct sunlight, you’ll consider:

1. A shade cloth

Shade cloth is typically made from loosely woven polyester and is out there in varying density or degrees of shade ranging between 5% to 95%.

A commonly asked question about Shade cloth is – what color shade cloth is best?

– Blue shade cloth is typically used for vegetative growth

– White shade cloth is sweet once you want more light exposure for your plants

– Black shade cloth would let in less light exposure.

– Brown shade cloth reflects tons of reds, which makes it an honest choice for flowering or fruiting plants.

A common misconception about shade cloth is using green cloth for plants. Green Cloth reflects an equivalent light as plants do. As a result, using green cloth, in most cases renders the sunshine useless for plants.

Other options could be:

2. A tarpaulin.

3. A shade sail.

Composting: Keep Your Plants Hydrated

Along with watering the plants, composting helps to stay plants hydrated and healthy. this is often true especially for fruit-bearing and flowering ones.

Organic material, like compost for plants or maybe coconut coir, sphagnum absorbs water which successively holds and retains moisture. Your plants can use this during intensely hot or dry days. you’ll easily make compost reception or purchase organic compost here.

Among the benefits of composting is a future success for your garden by way of improving the soil’s structure, increasing aeration, and overall health.

Rooftop Gardening for cooler homes

Gardening on rooftop absorbs heat and insulates buildings better than traditional tar and gravel roofs.

An ecological solution to the scorching heat in summer, rooftop gardening can help control and convey down the heat inside your homes.

How To Take Care Of Your Garden In The Summer

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