Parsley: Not Just a Garnish Anymore


So rather than using it even as a garnish, its time to leverage a number of its time-tested nutritional benefits too. Let’s take a glance at a number of the factors which make Parsley a superfood:

Abundant Source of Antioxidants

With the presence of varied antioxidants like luteolin, lycopene, apigenin, and more, Parsley is understood to stop the cell damage and boost the antioxidant capacity of the blood. Since antioxidants can efficiently hamper the aging process by fighting against radical damage and body inflammation, this will be extremely useful to stop age-related problems like heart diseases, eye disorders, and neurodegenerative illness.

Cancer-Fighting Essential Oils

Due to the presence of some unique elements like limonene, myristicin, and eugenol in its oil, Parsley lowers the danger of cancer formation and tumor growth. With the power to guard DNA from damage and inhibit cell mutation, it’s also mentioned as a “chemoprotective plant”. consistent with research by the American Association of Cancer in 2013, a beneficial Parsley compound named “Apigenin” can impede the formation of carcinoma cells and mammary tumors.

Protection against Arthritis 

Being an upscale source of minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin K, and Boron, this herb effectively prevents bone thinning thereby minimizing the probabilities of osteoporosis. Moreover, regular consumption of Parsley can stimulate the excretion of acid levels which further reduces joints stiffness and arthritis pain.

Aids Digestion and Reinforces the system 

Parsley contains high fiber content which helps within the processing of food through the alimentary canal and controlling the blood-cholesterol levels too. it’s an upscale source of useful vitamins like vitamins A, C, and K which makes this herb an important player within the battle against skin allergies and immune disorders.

There are innumerable benefits of Parsley which will convince be a boon for your health. It’s time you took advantage of all that it’s to supply.

Parsley: Not Just a Garnish Anymore

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