Spice up your life with easy to grow green chilies!


It is the right start for beginners and therefore the eternal delight of seasoned plantsmen. you’ll be surprised at the number of chilies which will be reaped from one pot.

Chilies are extremely easy to grow. You don’t even get to have a garden, try container farming! you’ll be surprised at the amount of chilies which will be reaped from one pot. To grow your own chilies, here’s an inventory of all that you simply need:

To ensure the purity of harvest, it’s advisable to sow seeds that aren’t genetically modified. Furthermore, the heritage also features a role to play within the quality and quantity of the produce. So, it’s best to travel for open-pollinated heirloom seeds.

Please note that the green chilies take a crimson color on maturity, therefore the same seeds are suitable for both green and red chilies.

Organic Potting Soil

Nourish your seeds with the proper quite soil. you’ll get organic potting soil that’s enriched with beneficial microbes and fosters the expansion of the plant. it’ll stimulate the method by providing essential nutrients, protecting the seeds, and retaining moisture during a healthy way. Mix some vermicomposting the soil for even better results.

Seed Tray

For the seeds to germinate well, a seed tray(up to three inches deep) provides the foremost conducive environment. Fill the seed tray with soil and spread the chili seeds thereon. Add only a skinny layer of soil above the seeds then sprinkle some water. Keep the seeds warm and moist and that they will start germinating during a week or two.


Choosing the proper pot is a crucial element of growing a plant to its full capacity. A 12” pot would be ideal for growing chilies, otherwise, you can even use a container of comparable dimensions. So, once the seeds have germinated within the seed tray, detect the saplings and plant them separately in pots or containers.

Light source and Water

Chilies grow best in warm and humid conditions. Place the pot in a neighborhood that receives a minimum of 5-6 hours of sunlight a day. Also, remember that you simply are the sole source of water for the potted plant, so make sure that you retain it fed.

That’s it, you’re done! In around two months’ time (60-70 days) your chilies should be able to be picked. Since you’re likely to possess quite you’ll need, you’ll even dry some chilies and store to be used throughout the year.

Spice up your life with easy to grow green chilies!

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