Vermicompost – A Boon For Your Yield!


As the compost passes through the body of the worms, it gets enriched with bacteria and microbes, which successively makes it rich in humus and nutrients. It also helps plants to become more disease resistant and repel pests.

A great alternative for synthetic fertilizer, vermicompost acts as organic in soil-enriched vegetable potting mixes. What makes vermicompost a finer option is its ability to enhance soil structure and increase its water holding capacity.

Since the hormones present within the earthworm compost can help plants to grow, so it plays an important role in producing an improved crop yield. this type of natural support for the plants isn’t available with chemical fertilizers. Vermicompost is additionally known to enhance the health of the roots of the plant.

Vermicompost release nutrition during a timely manner by providing the soil with a long-term nutrition exposure which promotes plant health and its longevity. In all, vermicompost not only makes up for what one’s yield may lose with exposure to chemical fertilizers but also helps to supply a far better, healthier, organic, and safe to consume the crop.

In addition, vermicompost improves soil aeration, allowing air to circulate through the soil which successively keeps the soil mixture rich and alive in nutrients. It also enriches the soil with microorganisms adding enzymes like phosphate and cellulose. With the addition of vermicompost, the microbial activity in soil increases by 10 to twenty times. Once the soil is enriched by micro-organism by way of vermicomposting, it adds plant hormones like auxins and gibberellin which helps in growing healthy plants and yield.

Another advantage of vermicomposting is one that helps not just you but also your surroundings. it’s an excellent practice for the eco-friendly environment conscience population because it helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases like methane and gas.

In all, its a practice best fitted to promote the health of your plants and surroundings.

Vermicompost – A Boon For Your Yield!

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