Tips for making a tomato seedbed

Many of the people who start in the world of agriculture, start with seedlings because they are much easier to grow and more comfortable. However, planting seeds has many advantages, and beyond reminding you to follow the package instructions to the letter, it is also important that you follow these tips to make a seedbed […]

How to plant peas in your home garden

Peas, are seeds that are enclosed in the pods of the pea. This is part of the family of legumes such as green beans, making them highly nutritious and rich in vitamins A and C, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. In the market, we can find a large number of peas, but these do not have […]

How to plant peppers in the home garden

At the end of winter, it is the ideal time to start the seedlings of our summer crops such as tomato, zucchini, eggplant or pepper. Planting peppers is easy, but first, you must make the seedbed and then plant them in the garden. Read on to find out how. How to plant peppers? The best […]

All the tips to know how to plant lettuce

07 Nov Planting lettuce is one of the first things that first-time growers in their orchards are advised to do because it is one of the fastest crops to harvest and easiest to grow. Plus, growing up fast allows you to have fewer pests and diseases, which encourages everyone to keep getting into this wonderful […]

All about hydrangea care

Hydrangeas are a type of plant that is included within the Hydrangea genus; They are native to East and South Asia and can find a greater diversity in Korea, Japan, and China. In general, they are a shrub that is between 1-3m tall, although we can also find them in the shapes of lianas, even […]

Types of roses

Roses are a type of plant that can look great in your garden, giving it a touch of color that you are sure to appreciate. The problem is that there is a complete variety of roses, something that can cause confusion for novice gardeners, even professionals. To help you with this we have prepared a […]

Types of palm trees

Palm trees are a type of plant that is very easy to grow and maintain. They bring an exotic touch to the garden and, although they originate from a tropical climate, they can also be adapted to cold climates. It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 species of palm trees distributed throughout the […]

All about how to plant onions

Onion (Allium cepa ), is a type of bulbous vegetable widely used in cooking and traditional medicine. They can be used as an effective treatment for respiratory conditions (for example, to combat the symptoms of a cold or the flu), to create home remedies with which to combat hair loss, dandruff, even to create a […]

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