Month: July 2020

7 fast growing seeds for kids

Gardening is not a world for adults only; in fact, if you have children, nephews and / or grandchildren, you can get them to learn and above all, enjoy planting seeds and taking care of them so that they grow in health. But yes, we all know that patience is a virtue that at such an early […]

Yellow pear tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

The yellow pear tomato is one of the varieties available on the market, it was specifically introduced in Europe many centuries ago, coming from Central America or perhaps South America. The consumer prefers it for its particular taste and for the touch of color that it adds to meals and salads. Its yellow color is due to a […]

How to prevent indoor plants from overgrowing?

Plants grow, some faster than others, but all do. This is something that cannot be avoided, since growth is part of life and also of survival, because the ‘older’ they are, the easier it will be for them to overcome the attack made by insects that quickly become pests. , as well as infections caused by […]

How to teach gardening to children?

Gardening is a world in which we all have a place. Regardless of our age, sex, or social condition, each of us can enjoy, and a lot, the plants and all that it takes to care for them. Of course, children are no exception, rather the opposite. They are the main beneficiaries, not only because they can […]

Habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense ‘Habanero’)

El Chile Habanero is among the spices most important globally, which is due to the great culinary versatility offering being used in the kitchen, either for the purpose of spicing and / or as an accompaniment to many foods, since it has a powerful flavor. The Habanero pepper, scientifically known as Capsicum chinense “Habanero” , is a remarkable spicy spice within […]

Fig bonsai care

The fig tree is a tree or small tree with is grown a lot in gardens and orchards. During the summer it produces some fruits, figs, which have an exquisite sweet flavor. But being expired and having invasive roots, it is not always recommended to have it in the ground. Although, fortunately, it is a plant that can […]

Keys to combine several plants in one pot successfully

One way to make better use of the space you have is by combining several plants in the same pot. This is something that can help the place to look more beautiful, while allowing you to grow more species, which you may like to know if you are a collector and / or just want to […]

How to make a plant not grow

Often we buy plants that we thought would not grow too much, but that over time we have realized that we were wrong. The most typical case is to cultivate, for example, a water stick so well that there comes a time when its leaves touch the ceiling. What to do? Well, it is best to try […]

DIY ideas to have a dream garden

Do you want to transform your garden? Do you think it lacks a touch of joy or color? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in luck because below we are going to give you some DIY ideas that will help you transform your favorite space at home. You will see that they are […]

How should you prune an old almond tree

The almond tree, like all fruit trees, requires two types of pruning: formation pruning and production pruning. In this case we are going to talk about the pruning of the almond trees, either adult or old, so we will only focus on production pruning. Do you want to know how you should prune the oldest almonds to produce […]

Kennebec potato

There are thousands of species of potatoes worldwide, but one of the most famous and widely used varieties is the Kennebec potato . It is a type of potato species quite versatile when it comes to its use. It has a large size and rapid growth that generates great benefits in its cultivation. Its flavor is very intense and pleasant […]

How to make bocashi?

Although today in nurseries and garden stores, whether physical or online, they sell fertilizers and fertilizers for almost all kinds of plants, it is still very interesting to acquire those that are of organic origin, or even make them ourselves. In fact, there are some that are quite easy to make, such as bocashi . This is a […]

Discover everything about the agate potato

The world of potatoes has many and different specimens, each of which demonstrates its special characteristics, by which they are usually used for this or that thing within the culinary world. Today we will talk about the agate potato, which is widely used because, according to specialists, it is one of the types of potato […]

How to care for a kiwi plant

If you are a novice person who wants to start the gardening world, one of the most recommended plants is kiwi. Its cultivation is quite simple and has a good reward, since almost everyone likes kiwi. It does not have too much care or requirements for its maintenance. For this reason, it is a very interesting plant to […]

Everything you need to know about Peaches

The Prunus persica is the scientific name given to the peach tree. It is a species of tree in the genus Prunus of the Rosaceae family. It is also often called peach tree and its peach fruit in American countries. This tree can generate fruits such as peaches, but there are also other varieties that do not have the velvety appearance […]

Do plants feel pain?

Plants and animals are living beings that work in very different ways: while the former transform the energy of the sun into food, the others cannot do that, but we do have the ability to move from one place to another. Our lifestyle differs so much from that of plant beings, that it is logical that […]

How to know if a plant lacks water

We all would like to have plants that are always healthy and perfect, right? Not surprisingly, that would mean that we are providing them with the care they need and, therefore, they are not lacking in anything. But it’s not always like this. Sometimes we think we have everything under control and one day, without more, the leaves […]

Lemon tree care

The lemon tree is one of the most cultivated fruit trees in the temperate and warm regions of the world. Although the fruit cannot be consumed directly, it is widely used to flavor various dishes. In addition, it is a plant that, with time and some pruning, can get to give good shade to the garden, making […]

Invasive plants: Cortaderia Selloana

In many gardens and parks in the warm or subtropical areas of the world, very high grass is often found, making them look like feather dusters on top of each stem. The Cortaderia Selloana is a very easy to grow plant, in fact, it spreads so easily and quickly that it can be very invasive. It is important to […]

How and when are peas planted?

Peas are one of the most consumed vegetables, and one of the easiest to grow. The seeds only need moisture to germinate, something they will do in a matter of a few days. In addition, they have a very fast growth rate, so much so that their fruits will be ready to be collected two or three […]

What is the difference between animal and plant cell?

What is it that keeps us alive? Many will say that it is oxygen, and of course they would be much of the reason, because it is impossible to exist if we cannot breathe that gas. But the truth is that the correct answer must be found within us, because O2 would be useless if we are […]

Types of Pumpkins

Around the world there are several types of pumpkins that are either overlooked or not even known to exist. We usually see in movies and television series the typical pumpkin used for the Halloween setting. This is just one of the many pumpkins that exist and of course, the most used. However, there are other options that […]

Potted arugula

Arugula is one of the plants used in many dishes to flavor. It is one of the plants that people are encouraged to grow since it requires too much care and great results can be obtained. It is usually recommended for those people who are starting out in this world of the urban garden. The cultivation of the arugula […]

What is Vegetation?

Wherever you go you will find landscapes that can leave you amazed. Whether in a rain forest, in a temperate forest or in the desert, the plants that have managed to adapt to each of these environments mean that, today, the planet on which we live is inhabited by many types of animals. These living beings […]

Soil degradation

When various actions are carried out on the soil of a certain area, an inevitable degradation occurs. Actions such as agriculture, construction, livestock, deforestation, etc. They are degrading activities. The degradation of soil is defined as the change in the health of the same as a result of a decrease in the ability to produce goods or provide services. That is, […]

What types of algae are there?

Delving into the world of algae is fascinating when you want to know the evolutionary history of plants, and that is that the Plantae Kingdom as we know it today, has its origin in the sea. It was there, in the immense ocean that bathes a large part of the surface of the planet that welcomes […]

What is the best time to water the plants

If this year you want to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the garden, but do not know what is the best time to water the plants, you are in luck. On this occasion, we are going to talk about a topic that can be a source of many doubts for beginners, as well as for […]

How to plant succulents

It is becoming more and more fashionable to grow succulents, either due to their relative ease of care or how much they invite to collect them. This makes many newcomers appear doubts when they find out that it is necessary to change the substrate that they bring from the nursery , such as which substrate to use or […]

Rutabaga (Brassica napobrassica)

The rutabaga or kohlrabi is also known, it is a kind of root that closely resembles the appearance of a turnip. To be more specific, it is a tuber that is the result between the crossing of species such as turnip and cabbage. Its scientific name is Brassica napobrassica , but it is also known as the Swedish turnip. This is […]

10 types of banana trees

Bananas are one of the most well-known and loved fruits, but many people do not even wonder what plant they are obtained from. Bananas or bananas are perennial herbaceous plants of the genus Musa . At first glance it is easy to confuse them with palm trees, but they really have nothing to do with it, since the banana […]


Due to the economic activities of human beings, deforestation occurs worldwide that increasingly threatens the disappearance of biodiversity. One of the negative effects of massive deforestation is the disappearance of the natural ecosystems that support life. In addition, many resources that we use on a daily basis are lost, such as the generation of paper thanks to […]

Precision farming

As we have already seen in other articles, there are numerous types of agriculture depending on the way of management and the objective it pursues. Today we are going to talk about a type of modern agriculture that helps improve yield with the help of technology. It is about precision agriculture . It is a branch of agriculture that is […]

What are self-watering pots?

In recent times, and due to our lifestyle, new systems or methods have emerged to keep our plants cared for in our absence. Some of them are the homemade ones, with a simple plastic bottle the roots will have enough water for a few days. But if we are looking for something more elegant, we will definitely opt […]

How long does an olive tree live?

The olive tree, whose scientific name is Olea europaea , is an evergreen fruit tree originating from the Mediterranean region that is cultivated in all the warm-temperate regions of the world. In addition to producing such delicious olives, it is a species that over time becomes more and more beautiful. The scars and cracks, and even the holes […]

7 plants for a Japanese garden

There are many plants that you can put in a Japanese-style garden. Trees, shrubs, ferns, bamboo … Some of them may (and should) have some part that is very decorative, be it the leaves, the flowers, … or both. And, although when looking for images of these gardens, it is normal to see that the color green […]

What is the stem of a plant?

The term stipe in botany has several meanings, which means that it is used to refer to a specific part of different types of plants. This part can be the trunk or pseudotronk in some cases, an inflorescence in others, … it is even used to call a structure of the largest algae. Consequently, its function varies, although […]

Why are plants green?

In school and institute I remember that every time I asked why plants are green , they almost always answered the same thing: because they have a pigment, chlorophyll, which gives them that color. And it is so, according to botanists. But … I have always had the doubt of knowing more, and you? As well. Fortunately, botanists are (even) […]

Tomato Diseases and pests

If you have a tomato plant at home, this article interests you. With the increase in urban gardens we find many clients who have doubts about the diseases and pests suffered by their plants, including tomato and tomatoes. There are different aspects to consider when we talk about diseases and pests of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines or […]

Citrus diseases and pests

How delicious are those juices freshly squeezed from our own oranges! Or the lemons that so well accompany the paella on Sundays! But many of you contact us with questions about your citrus: why is it brown? Why doesn’t it have leaves? Citrus fruits are very delicate depending on where we have them, that’s why we are going […]

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