What is the stem of a plant?

The term stipe in botany has several meanings, which means that it is used to refer to a specific part of different types of plants. This part can be the trunk or pseudotronk in some cases, an inflorescence in others, … it is even used to call a structure of the largest algae. Consequently, its function varies, although […]

Why are plants green?

In school and institute I remember that every time I asked why plants are green , they almost always answered the same thing: because they have a pigment, chlorophyll, which gives them that color. And it is so, according to botanists. But … I have always had the doubt of knowing more, and you? As well. Fortunately, botanists are (even) […]

Tomato Diseases and pests

If you have a tomato plant at home, this article interests you. With the increase in urban gardens we find many clients who have doubts about the diseases and pests suffered by their plants, including tomato and tomatoes. There are different aspects to consider when we talk about diseases and pests of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines or […]

Citrus diseases and pests

How delicious are those juices freshly squeezed from our own oranges! Or the lemons that so well accompany the paella on Sundays! But many of you contact us with questions about your citrus: why is it brown? Why doesn’t it have leaves? Citrus fruits are very delicate depending on where we have them, that’s why we are going […]

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