10 types of banana trees

Bananas are one of the most well-known and loved fruits, but many people do not even wonder what plant they are obtained from. Bananas or bananas are perennial herbaceous plants of the genus Musa . At first glance it is easy to confuse them with palm trees, but they really have nothing to do with it, since the banana […]


Due to the economic activities of human beings, deforestation occurs worldwide that increasingly threatens the disappearance of biodiversity. One of the negative effects of massive deforestation is the disappearance of the natural ecosystems that support life. In addition, many resources that we use on a daily basis are lost, such as the generation of paper thanks to […]

Precision farming

As we have already seen in other articles, there are numerous types of agriculture depending on the way of management and the objective it pursues. Today we are going to talk about a type of modern agriculture that helps improve yield with the help of technology. It is about precision agriculture . It is a branch of agriculture that is […]

What are self-watering pots?

In recent times, and due to our lifestyle, new systems or methods have emerged to keep our plants cared for in our absence. Some of them are the homemade ones, with a simple plastic bottle the roots will have enough water for a few days. But if we are looking for something more elegant, we will definitely opt […]

How long does an olive tree live?

The olive tree, whose scientific name is Olea europaea , is an evergreen fruit tree originating from the Mediterranean region that is cultivated in all the warm-temperate regions of the world. In addition to producing such delicious olives, it is a species that over time becomes more and more beautiful. The scars and cracks, and even the holes […]

7 plants for a Japanese garden

There are many plants that you can put in a Japanese-style garden. Trees, shrubs, ferns, bamboo … Some of them may (and should) have some part that is very decorative, be it the leaves, the flowers, … or both. And, although when looking for images of these gardens, it is normal to see that the color green […]

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