Types of Pumpkins

Around the world there are several types of pumpkins that are either overlooked or not even known to exist. We usually see in movies and television series the typical pumpkin used for the Halloween setting. This is just one of the many pumpkins that exist and of course, the most used.

However, there are other options that also have uses in terms of preparing delicious meals and dishes. Anyway, today we will show you what are some of the most common types and some important characteristics of them.

What are the types of pumpkin that exist?

varieties of pumpkins and of different sizes

Maximum Cucurbit Pumpkin

Chances are, you don’t have a clue what this type of pumpkin is by the name , but in general, it is the best-known type in the world, and in South American countries it is known under the name of auyama. In the case of the maximum cucurbit, they are usually elongated and can measure up to one meter in length.

If length makes them special to be used in contests . The maximum cucurbit type pumpkins have some variants among which, only the Giants, Hubbrad and the Show type are the most used.

Cucurbit pumpkin moschata

Visually, this pumpkin tends to be mistaken for a watermelon. Such confusion is due to its external physical appearance, although the shape of this will depend largely on the variant . Some usually have an oval appearance, while others take on a more elongated appearance.

The origin of this type of pumpkin has not yet been established. But it is believed that its origin is located in Peru . However, today it is well known in several countries in America, mainly in Mexico.

On the other hand, it has a very sweet flavor so it is mainly used for making sweets . They even have a very good use in traditional medicine. Its versatility is such that practically any remedy can be made with this variant of pumpkins.

Ficifolia pumpkin

Perhaps the ficifolia pumpkin is the one that has a global reach, but pumpkin Ficifolia bouché which he is best known, and is often referred to under the name of angel hair.

This type of pumpkin is very versatile and ideal for making pastry-type products . The pulp of this pumpkin has the peculiarity of having three variants. That is, its interior can be colored, white, dark green, or have a mixture of these two.

Spaghetti squash

This pumpkin has the peculiarity of growing and cultivating in winter times . Recognizing it is very easy since it has a cylinder-shaped appearance and usually have a shade between yellow and orange.

When cooked or cooked, they acquire a consistency and shape very similar to that of spaghetti . If you have the opportunity to acquire one of these, try to eat it with cheese, salt, butter and a little pepper.

Chayote squash

various types of pumpkins resting on top of straw

If you Google images of this pumpkin, you will notice that it has an incredible resemblance to the pear, although identifying it is relatively easy (though its leaves). On the other hand, in Mexico, it is very popular and highly consumed throughout the territory. However, it is not the only country where it is usually seen.

Spain currently cultivates this type of pumpkin since it has a very good flavor that is prepared by boiling. Even the plant as such has the particularity of being edible . Not only is it limited to its fruit, but its stems and leaves are used for the preparation of soups.

There are other types and more variants, but at the moment these are the ones that we will present to you in this opportunity. So you can go to the nearest store or market and order the types of pumpkins that you have not yet eaten.

Types of Pumpkins

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