Kennebec potato

There are thousands of species of potatoes worldwide, but one of the most famous and widely used varieties is the Kennebec potato . It is a type of potato species quite versatile when it comes to its use. It has a large size and rapid growth that generates great benefits in its cultivation. Its flavor is very intense and pleasant and can be used for various uses.

In this article we are going to tell you what are the characteristics, cultivation and properties of the Kennebec potato.

Main features

It is a type of potato with an oval shape and a large size. The skin is very thin and has a slightly mottled appearance. Its color is yellowish on the outside and white on the pulp. What you like about this potato is that it has a fairly strong and intense flavor. The variety of this flavor and its main characteristic will depend on the type of acidity that the earth has. It reminds many people of the flavor of this potato to that of the walnut.

To the touch it can be a little rough and very starchy. This makes it a potato with a lot of consistency and little amount of water. It is considered semi early types and this makes it have some positive characteristics compared to other potatoes. The characteristic for which it stands out when it comes to cultivating is how quickly it grows. This favors when generating great amount of benefits in the harvests. Unlike other potatoes that are young, the Kennebec potato can be easily stored for quite a long time .

Its considerably large size means that not too many specimens are needed for cooking and this avoids peeling so many potatoes. One of the things to keep in mind in restaurants that use homemade potatoes is that you have to peel and cut them before frying them. Bigger potatoes will be easier to peel and will have to be peeled much less.

The Kennebec potato is one of the most commercialized and has some other names such as Galician potato or cachelo. Cachelo means potato in Galician. Many people think that this potato could be in fashion.

Uses of the Kennebec potato

In order to use this potato we must keep it in good condition. It is important to have a correct storage if we want all its characteristics to be kept in good condition. Poor storage of these tubers could cause the potato to become toxic. The first thing is to keep it away from any type of light to avoid generating solanine. Solanine is the substance that causes potatoes to have these green colors and makes them sprout.

We have probably stored the potatoes where it can give some light and we have seen that the sprouts grow faster. To avoid this we just need to place it in a place where there is no light. Another important aspect to take into account when storing it is humidity. The place should not only not have light but also be a dry environment. The most normal thing is to store the potatoes in a cupboard in the kitchen or in a pantry. If the place is humid enough, the potato will be poorly stored and its properties will be lost. This potato could become toxic and would no longer be consumable.

Among the main uses we have of the Kennebec potato it stands out when it comes to frying. It can be used for a broken and a seam as it is totally versatile. However, it is more used for frying. It is one of the kicks that behaves great and does not have an oil absorption rate as high as other varieties. This does that the potatoes are not very done and things.

When it comes to boiling it also has a great advantage. This is because being such a compact and slightly watery species, it boils evenly and quickly. Also, you can see that it maintains shape and color.

The potato name Kennebec arose in an unbounded region of the United States. It is here where a tribe that has the same name existed. Since potato has developed in this region through hybridization, it was left by the potato name Kennebec.

Kennebec potato cultivation

Although it is a potato with rapid growth and some advantages, we must take into account some basic care. To have a satisfactory harvest, it is necessary to know when to plant, where to plant, what type of soil and how to propagate it correctly. We will analyze all this here.

The first thing is to know the time when it is optimal to plant. It would be best in early or mid-spring , although it can actually be planted at any time of the year. Depending on the time of year where we plant the crops, we will have better results or not. We see it throughout the year due to market demands and high demand. However, if you are going to grow it in your home garden, it is best to wait in early or mid-spring.

It is necessary to choose a place outdoors with a wide terrain and place them with an optimal formation by rows. In this way we will have an advantage both for working the land and for the potatoes themselves having enough space to develop. It is recommended to leave a meter between the rows and 50 centimeters between crops. The soil must be rich in organic matter and the substrate is resolved. It is a variety of potato that greatly affects the pH of the soil. The more acidic the soil, the better flavor it will have.

The propagation of this potato can be done through the harvest. As soon as we remove the adult specimens, the following can be planted. In this way there is no image so that the tubers get to spoil. If you are going to let the land rest for a while or want to wait to plant at an ideal time, it is best to do it through seeds.

The harvest must take place at the time of flowering, which is when the tuber is most developed . If you want to harvest it correctly, we must start the plant and remove the soil to leave the harvest visible.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the Kennebec potato.

Kennebec potato

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