Tips for preserving harvested apples

If you have fruit trees, you will be interested in knowing some tips to preserve stoneless fruits (such as apples or pears), which can be kept in good condition for months if you leave them in the appropriate conditions.

First of all, you should know that apples are harvested in the dry season, when the rainy season has passed and as soon as you see that they can be easily picked from the tree with a simple hand rotation. You must treat the fruit with care, avoiding blows, since beaten apples decompose more quickly and, worst of all, they infect everyone around them.

For this same reason it is preferable to keep those that are perfectly healthy separate from those that have a small touch. You can consume these first to avoid having to throw them away and then you will have the rest. The place where you keep the apples should be cool (between 1-7ºC), with humidity (between 85 and 90%) and ventilated.

Preserving apples

A refrigerator stored in the basement or garage can also be a good option. Another method is to store small amounts of apples in plastic bags, pierced with a pin. Finally, it is recommended that they are not together with other fruits or vegetables as they could alter their flavor.

Remember that the storage time will depend on the variety. If you have apples that are not going to last too long you can consume them as quickly as possible or make compotes, juices, jellies, cakes, etc. with them.

Tips for preserving harvested apples

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