Homemade Tomato Juice in 7 Steps

Looking to make homemade tomato juice? These easy 7 steps should help you do that.

One cup of tomato juice is all you need in a day to get enough vitamin C. You will also gain minerals, protein, fiber, and other vitamins. So you should possibly reconsider throwing away those excess tomatoes on the counter.

By making tomato juice, you save the excess tomatoes from going bad, and you can use them later. Also, you will be making a healthy, rich juice sweeter than the V8. The best part of this juice is you are confident it’s clean and healthy because you made it yourself and added your favorite spices to personalize it.

So, how do you make a perfect tomato juice?

The secret to making a perfect cup of juice is the ingredients. All the ingredients should be in exact quantities. Below is a tomato juice recipe that will guide you in making the perfect tomato juice homemade and you will know what tomato juice is good for.


●       40 Tomatoes (medium sizes)

●       1 Cup water

●       1 Tablespoon salt

●       One tablespoon celery salt

●       Lemon juice

●       Sugar

●       Citric acid

●       You can add any other spice you want in your juice. 

To get the perfect tomato juice, the best ratio for the right thickness is 25 pounds of tomatoes on six to eight quarts of juice. Also, make sure the tomatoes you use are entirely ripe.


Step 1

Take your ripe tomatoes, clean them, remove all the blemish, and cut them into small pieces if you plan to blend them later. In case you are planning to cook, remove the peels.

Step 2

Put the tomatoes in hot water and heat for around 5 to 10 minutes while stirring to make sure they don’t stick to the pot. This will help to make sure the tomato juice doesn’t separate as the enzymes responsible for separation will be destroyed in the heating process.

Step 3

Add the tomatoes in the blender. Add the cup of water depending on how thick you want your juice. Make sure the tomatoes blend completely until they are smooth.

You may need a high power blender for example the best masticating juicer to get the best paste, but also you can achieve a smooth paste by letting the tomatoes blend for a longer period.

Step 4

Pass the mixture in a sieve to remove the skin and the seeds. But in case you don’t mind them and prefer a thick juice, you can skip this process.

Step 5

Add 1 table tablespoon bottled lemon juice to every half-liter jar and ¼ teaspoon of citric acid, ½ teaspoon salt to the half-liter jar of tomato juice and enough sugar for you.

If you are canning the tomato juice, adding the acid is a must to make sure the juice is safe for human consumption. In case you prefer tomato juice without salt, you can skip the adding salt process.

Step 6

Put the juice in the fridge to cool to make sure the juice thickens. Let it stay in the refrigerator for around one hour. You can always add water if the juice becomes too thick.

Step 7

Serve the juice, depending on your preference. An example, you can make a bloody mary, which is best for a hangover cure, and the best part is you only need tomato juice and vodka, and you can mix it to fit your taste by either making it mild or spicing it up.

You can store the remaining juice in cans to use later. Make sure you heat the storing jar and the lid before putting the juice inside to regulate the pressure inside. Also make sure you put enough acid, lemon juice or citric acid will work fine. Adding the acid will not change the taste of the juice.

In case you plan to use the tomato juice as a sauce, make sure the juice is thick. You can also add more spices like red pepper, vegetable, celery, oregano, and olive oil. This will make it more nutritious and give it a personal taste.

Tomato juice benefits(homemade)

1.     Tomato juice on keto

Plain tomato juice is fit when on keto but most juice sold in stores contains spices and sugar that make it have more calories making it not fit when on keto. The beauty of making the juice is you will avoid the sugar and spices to get that perfect nutritious juice you can take while on keto.

2.     Tomato juice and diabetes

Tomato juice is good for people suffering from type-2 diabetics as the juice helps with reducing the chances of any clotting happening. When you make the juice, you add less sugar or even no sugar to fit your diabetic needs.

3.     It’s Nutritious

Tomato juice is highly nutritious compared to other types of juices. It contains vitamin C and vitamin A that gets rid of free harmful radicals responsible for cancer.

Also, tomato juice contains fewer calories as compared to other juices. For example, tomato juice vs orange juice, tomato juice contains 41 calories, while orange juice contains 122 calories. So, if you’re planning to lose weight, tomato juice is the perfect juice for you.

4.     It Improves Digestion

Tomato juice contains fibers that help in bowel movement that help prevent constipation and boost digestion. So in case you are suffering from constipation make yourself a tomato juice and it will be no more.

5.     Helps In Detoxification

Tomato juice contains chlorine and sulfur that help the liver and kidney detoxify better than before. Also, the juice contains potassium, which reduces water retention and helps to get rid of fat-soluble toxins.

6.     Boost your eye health

Tomato juice contains phytonutrients. An example is a beta-carotene, vitamin C, and other nutrients that help prevent your eyes from getting any eye problems like cataract and macular degeneration.

Conclusion: Tomato juice is a must-have juice in your house. With all the benefits that come with it, every person should at least take it regularly. The best part is it’s not expensive and is easy to make, and all the ingredients you need are easy to access.

The fact that you can make it according to your taste makes it even more exciting. It is also a good way of storing tomatoes to make sure you use them later, unlike when they are whole. So, how do you like your tomato juice, spiced, or a little mild?

Authors Bio: Nellie Rodriguez is a kitchen enthusiast who enjoys trying cooking different recipes. With her passion for kitchen matters, she understands the ideal kitchen equipment to help you maintain the original taste of your meal and enjoy it as well. She has been a blogger for several years, sharing what she knows best with the world.

Homemade Tomato Juice in 7 Steps

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