Brown leaves on plants: what do they mean?

The leaves can convey many messages about the health of the plant. They are the most vulnerable to unfavorable conditions, and therefore the first to react when something is missing or excess. Therefore, it is important to know why brown leaves appear on plants , so that we can find out what we can do so that the […]

What plants produce berries?

Berries are fruits that often look like they are edible, but they can fool us. Even so, their touch, their color, their shape, even the plants that produce them have very interesting characteristics, and although we cannot always taste them, this does not mean that they are not perfect for growing in gardens or terraces. But what […]

Types of rice

Rice is one of the most important cereals in the world. In fact, it is considered a staple food, being one of the most consumed in many countries, not only in Asia, which is where it has been grown for millennia, but also in the rest of the planet. And it is that either fried or […]

When and why tie lettuce?

Growing lettuces is a very rewarding experience, since in a few weeks we will know that they will be ready for consumption. But sometimes it is important that, before picking them, we tie them so that the bud develops well, so that the plant can have a better appearance. For this reason, I am going to explain to […]

How useful is lime for plants?

When the soil you have is too acidic with a pH of 5.5 or lower, what you have is a soil that, due to its composition, blocks some essential minerals for plants such as iron and magnesium. Although there are many species that grow wonderfully in it, there are others that have many problems . To solve them, or […]

Planting Onions

Onions have a somewhat different crop than others. It can be planted directly in the ground or in pots of at least 3 liters and about 20 centimeters deep. Planting onions can be done at different times of the year. It can be sown from seed or directly from the bulb. Depending on the type of planting you do, it […]

Piquillo peppers

Today we are going to talk about only one type of vegetable that is widely consumed throughout the world and that has a large number of varieties. We are talking about piquillo peppers. It is a hollow fruit that comes from a herbaceous plant that is known by the name of pepper. It belongs to the Solanaceae family and […]

When are almond trees pruned

The almond tree is one of the most beloved fruit trees: its incredible resistance to drought and its beautiful flowers that cover it almost completely, in addition to its delicious fruits, make it a fruit tree that practically everyone who lives in a more o less warm, they take the opportunity to plant one … or several. Although […]

When and how to fertilize olive trees?

Olive trees are evergreen fruit trees that are used to growing on rather poor soils; However, when they are grown with the intention of producing a remarkable amount of fruit, either because the family loves them or because we intend to dedicate ourselves to the production and sale of olives, it is interesting to think about […]

The initial transplant of an avocado tree

In another post we have told about the development process of an avocado tree and how to get the seeds of the fruit to germinate to become small shoots. But now is the time to move on to the second stage, that is, the time to transplant plants and plant the shoots that have developed during the last 8 weeks. Depending […]

Brief review of the history of gardens

Throughout human history, when we settled in urban centers, nature has always been taken into account as an essential element. Both for decoration, inspiration and well-being. If we focus on gardening, it begins with the desire to have a piece of nature close to us, either to beautify the home and / or to show it off . But […]

What are the symptoms of a lack of iron in plants?

Plants need nutrients in order to grow. When the roots cannot have any of them, they will immediately begin to show symptoms of that lack. One of the most common problems they have, especially those that are acidophilic, is a lack of iron . This lack is noticed very quickly, making our beloved plants not look sad and even sick. When […]

What are the advantages of seed plants?

Seeds are nature’s latest acquisition (at the moment). The first plants that appeared did not produce them, but multiplied thanks to spores, which were carried by the wind. But about 380 million ago this began to change. Vegetable beings emerged, called vascular plants, which reproduced in a different way. In a way that would end up being the most common method […]

What to sow in winter

With the arrival of winter, many of us might think that nothing can be sown until spring returns, which would be a most rational thought considering that in many places the temperatures drop below 0 degrees, and that even significant frosts and snowfalls occur. However, in temperate and / or mild climates, you can always […]

The best fruit trees for limestone soils

Limestone or clayey soils have the peculiarity that they compact very easily , and not only that, but if the climate is also dry and warm, the probabilities that they will end up eroded are very high; and if that were to happen, it would be necessary to provide them with nutrients before being able to plant. […]

How to straighten a leaning tree

The vast majority of trees need a minimum of two years for their root system to develop enough so that they can be more or less safe on days when the wind blows with a certain intensity, and even longer to withstand the onslaught of intense storms. or hurricanes. If during that period they do not […]

How to make homemade compost

When we have a garden or a home garden and we want to start planting crops, it is best to choose to have totally natural organic fertilizers. For this, a natural compost can be created. Organic waste is needed that is obtained through a process known as composting. This natural organic fertilizer is given thanks to the action […]

Potted avocado care

Is it possible to grow a potted avocado throughout its life? Well, theoretically not. Keep in mind that the pure species ( Persea americana ) is a tree that can be at least 8 meters high, and that also has a crown so wide that you can lie down next to its trunk and thus protect yourself from the […]

Dehydrated fruit

If you have ever had an excess of fruit on a tree in your garden and you do not know what to do with the excellent fruit, we bring the solution: dehydrated fruit . It is a healthy option for all those people who want to increase the amount of nutrients they eat in their day to day. It […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of potting soil?

Potting soil is a type of soil that has many advantages but also some disadvantages. Its price is quite good -an 80-liter sack can cost less than 15 euros-, so it is very worthwhile to always have at home, especially if we are one of those who go to a nursery and cannot return with empty […]

Artificial vertical garden

Many people work outside the home for long hours every day. This should not be a problem for the decoration of our home. We know that a large part of the decoration of a house depends mostly on plants. However, if we do not have time to take care of these plants, it is best to have artificial […]

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