Artificial vertical garden

Many people work outside the home for long hours every day. This should not be a problem for the decoration of our home. We know that a large part of the decoration of a house depends mostly on plants. However, if we do not have time to take care of these plants, it is best to have artificial plants. If we don’t have much space either, the best option is an artificial vertical garden.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics, advantages and importance of an artificial vertical garden.

Main features

When we make an artificial vertical garden indoors, the question of where it should be placed arises. You have to find a place where it is quite attractive and not a darker place in the house. Although artificial plants do not require natural light, they do need to be more attractive since their main objective is decoration. Many people who want to make a vertical garden at home consider whether to do it naturally or with artificial plants.

And we know that both options have advantages and disadvantages that must be analyzed. Installing one type or another of vertical garden in our home is an option that must be adapted to our possibilities.

Benefits and drawbacks of an artificial vertical garden

artificial plants

We are going to analyze what are the advantages that we are going to obtain if we choose to install an artificial vertical garden in our home:

  • An artificial vertical garden is made up of plants and flowers that do not need any kind of care since the material is synthetic. In this way, the design that we create will remain static over time. Your object will not undergo any type of change regardless of the conditions and the place of the environment where we place it.
  • This type of garden does not need watering, so it does not generate any cost of water or other types of maintenance. We know that a natural vertical garden indoors needs an irrigation system, so an installation has to be done. Another way of having to water is by hand and it all depends on the characteristics of the plants that we are going to use for it.
  • It does not require specific lighting requirements . Perhaps this is the main advantage of an artificial vertical garden. If we place natural plants we must find a suitable location so that the plant can develop well and carry out photosynthesis. We can limit the location of the artificial vertical garden to decorative lights that make it stand out.
  • It also does not require any maintenance beyond periodic dust removal or changes to the decorative elements.
  • They do not have extra costs once they have been installed as with natural ones.

Not all are benefits when we are going to install an artificial vertical garden at home. We must also understand that there are some drawbacks to this. These are the main ones:

  • An artificial vertical garden does not bring any kind of environmental benefit to its surroundings. It will not generate any type of air purification, oxygen generation, etc.
  • If we use artificial plants and flowers we see that they do not change. A natural garden has real plants that evolve, grow, change and have life.

Benefits and drawbacks of a natural vertical garden

We are going for its counterpart to analyze what are the different benefits of a natural vertical garden. We must know that before opting for the decision to install a natural garden we must be sure that the decision we are going to make is well adapted to our needs and our capacities.

Let’s see what are the main benefits of a natural vertical garden:

  • These gardens generate oxygen and purify the air. It also grants some environmental benefits and life to the house.
  • The natural garden aspect changes over time and evolves with the plants. This makes it a changing decoration that adapts to different times of the year. For example, in the spring and summer season we have a more stylized garden since there will be a flowering period.
  • The maintenance of the flowers and plants in this garden can be seen as a benefit or as a disadvantage. It can be seen as an inconvenience since they are tasks and tasks that must be done to keep the garden in good condition. On the other hand, it can be seen as a benefit since it is an activity that can be done as a family and that can serve as an education for the little ones about nature.

As for the drawbacks, we are going to analyze which are the main ones:

  • They are gardens that require periodic maintenance such as pruning, replacement, change of fertilizers, irrigation, etc.
  • Requires an irrigation facility for better development.
  • They need a specific location within the home. And it is that natural plants need to be placed in a specific place depending on each species. Most of them need a place with high lighting or even direct light incidence. This allows it to be placed anywhere in the house where it is of interest at a specific time.

Importance of an artificial vertical garden

artificial vertical garden at home

As we have mentioned before, plants are the best option for interior and exterior decoration since it gives a somewhat more natural appearance to our home. However, there are many people who cannot with a natural garden since they do not have the budget, the space, or the time to be able to care for natural plants indoors. Faced with this situation, artificial vertical gardens help not to neglect the decoration of our home.

Another advantage of vertical gardens is that they save space, time and money. So little do they attract or allow the proliferation of insects and bacteria since they are synthetic materials. As a direct benefit, we could say that a revaluation of the home could be achieved since it improves its aesthetics. It can also help camouflage walls and walls that are damaged or have unsightly finishes.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about what an artificial vertical garden is and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

Artificial vertical garden

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