Types of rice

Rice is one of the most important cereals in the world. In fact, it is considered a staple food, being one of the most consumed in many countries, not only in Asia, which is where it has been grown for millennia, but also in the rest of the planet.

And it is that either fried or cooked, it combines very well with other foods. But, did you know that there are different types of rice?

What are all the types of rice that exist?

Rice is a staple food

It is estimated that there are more than ten thousand varieties of rice , but all of them come from the same species Oryza sativa and the subspecies Indica, which is cultivated in tropical regions, and Japonica, which despite its name is the one that we also find in temperate zones. The latter contains more starch, which makes it take longer to cook. But how are they classified?

Well, it can be done in several ways: depending on its shape and size; according to the color, aroma and / or touch; and according to the treatment given before it is marketed.

  • Shape :
    • Short grain rice: it is the smallest of all; in fact, it is almost spherical.
    • Medium grain rice: it has a length of about 2-3 times its thickness.
    • Long grain rice: This variety is even larger, being 4-5 times its thickness. This includes wild rice, which can measure 2 centimeters in length.
    • Brown rice: it is a variety that has had the shell removed, which is not edible. Its color is brown.
  • Color, aroma and / or touch :
    • Aromatic: it is a type of long or medium grain rice that has an aroma, such as basmati.
    • Glutinous: it is also known as sticky rice, since when the grains are cooked they are united, like ‘glued’.
    • Pigmented: these are rices that have some color, such as purple.
  • Treatment :
    • Precooked: is that which, as its name indicates, has been previously cooked. Thus, it only requires another five minutes of cooking to be consumed.
    • Steamed: it is that type of rice that has been cooked until the bran is removed.

Most common types of rice

We have seen the classification, let’s say technical, of the different types of rice. But, would you like to know which are the most common and what are they used for?

  • Basmati rice : it is a type of rice native to India and Pakistan. Long grain, it has an exquisite flavor. In addition, it has the advantage that it cooks faster than the round one for example.
  • Bomba rice : it is a medium grain rice also native to India. In Spain it is also known as Valencia rice, as it is the one most used to make the typical and delicious Valencian paellas. Another common name is round rice, because of the shape it has.
  • Brown rice : it is a variety of rice from which the outer husk has been removed, but which retains all its nutritional value. Its color is light brown, which is why it also receives other names such as brown rice or brown rice.
  • Jasmine rice : It is a type of long grain rice grown in Southeast Asia. Before cooking, it has to be drained in water to remove the extra starch that is left over. Of course, when cooking it, we will see that they tend to ‘stick’, although they are not as sticky as other varieties.
  • Red rice : it is a variety that is also known as Mexican rice or Spanish rice. Its grain is medium, and it is usually served without broth.

What is the best rice in the world?

Well, that will depend a lot on your tastes and what the nutritionists say . What I can tell you is that, as a rice addict that I am (I would eat every day), I think that basmati is ideal for those who have little time to cook, since it requires little preparation time.

Now, for soups or other types of dishes with broth, I definitely recommend round rice. It is true that it takes time to make, but it is the one that best combines with the rest of the ingredients, such as meat, fish and / or vegetables that usually carry these types of recipes.

How is rice grown?

The rice plant is grown in the ground

If you would like to know how rice is grown, then you will be able to find out :

  1. The first thing you have to do is prepare the ground: remove the herbs that are growing and the stones. You also need to remove the soil, for example with a rototiller, and then level the ground.
  2. The next step is to add a two-inch layer of compost, either cow manure or guano.
  3. Next, install a drip irrigation system with exuding hoses, since these plants constantly need water.
  4. Then, sow the seeds, making sure they are separated. As they grow very fast, ideally there should be a separation of at least 20 centimeters.
  5. To finish, cover them with a thin layer of soil, and water.

We hope it has been of interest to you.

Types of rice

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