Crop alternatives for home gardens

Do you dream of having a garden at home? Do not worry, they are very easy to prepare, you just have to take into account the type of crop you want to obtain and get to work to make your project come true.

Now, there are crops that are simpler and grow quickly, on the other hand, there are other more complex ones that require time to see their fruits.

For now you can start with the easiest ones, the important thing is that you enjoy your natural plan and get the best benefits from it.

Recommendations to keep in mind

  • It is important to have, first of all, the materials and implements necessary to start building your garden at home, these consist of: Shovels, rakes, brushes, spacers, and others that you consider necessary.
  • Try to create a garden with plants that do not promote fungi or bacteria, this will allow your personal farm to be healthy and stay alive longer.
  • Growing plants throughout the year will be more beneficial, since you will have fresher crops, of course, it depends on what you grow.
  • Plant those plants that are productive, beneficial and fast. You can opt for medicinal ones (acetaminophen, oregano orejón, santa maría, among others) another option is chili, parsley, chives, etc.).
  • Remember that all crops must be watered daily, at least three times a day or when you consider necessary.
  • Keep the crop in open areas, however, do not let the sun be directly on it, it is recommended that there be some shade.

Easy crops


They are very practical to grow and it is also present in the daily diet . Choose this vegetable to make salads and complement other meals. Its growth is approximately one month, which is very beneficial for a home garden, the best of all is that it can be grown all year round and does not generate fungi or bacteria.

· Chard:

This vegetable is one of the easiest to plant, they are very strong and do not generate parasites or fungi, just as lettuce can be grown all year round without problems.

· Chili pepper:

The chili pepper is also very easy to handle, its plant is somewhat delicate, but if you take care of it you will see the harvest very quickly.


One of the crops par excellence is chives, in addition, it cannot be missing in your kitchen, it is very practical to carry, it grows in a month and it will be ready to eat immediately. Being a fairly strong species, it does not require great care, only daily waterings.


You will be able to harvest the turnip harvest in approximately a month and a half, this does require a fairly dedicated daily care, as you have to keep your soil fresh enough, you can supplement it with compost soil that includes various nutrients.

As you have already read, these are the easiest crops to make, they are fast growing and totally healthy, since they are free from the appearance of bacteria that can damage them, that is, you can obtain an excellent and wonderful harvest.

Crop alternatives for home gardens

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