How to create an organic garden at home

We call an area of ​​land with several horticultural crops ” orchard “, but we can start with just one, or a few, until we become familiar with the crop or crops.

You can start sowing in pots or in reduced areas of land (soil). It must be taken into account that the land is good, black or well fertilized, soft and without grasses or weeds that compete for light, water and nutrients with our crop.

Horticultural crops are many (there are more than 40 species that are consumed and grown as horticulturals). Although some of them can be grouped by their similar characteristics in temperature, light, heat and water requirements, they all have some difference that must be known in order to be successful in growing and harvesting our vegetables.

The ideal is to start with short and fast crops (that from sowing to harvest do not take more than 30 to 45 days), that the seed germinates easily (there are seeds that are difficult to germinate, either because high temperatures inhibit germination as well as celery, carrot or parsley) and that they are vigorous and strong against the attack of pathogens.

We can start a garden with leafy crops, and among them arugula and basil . They are two varieties that can be started at any time of the year, they need water, but if they lack a little, only the leaves come out “less tender”, they can be cut and sprout again.

Meanwhile, in summer the ideal crops to start practicing are squashes : they do not require care, and with little the seeds germinate very well and once they emerge they no longer need any care, just a little water. The only thing these species need is space

As for temperatures , there are crops that require high temperatures, which is why we call them “summer crops” such as tomatoes, squash, peppers, aubergines and cucumbers. Yes or yes they need high temperatures to be able to bear fruit and they are sensitive to low temperatures: they die with frost.

Among winter crops stand celery, cabbage, carrots , and broccoli, although some are adapted to high temperatures.

How to create an organic garden at home

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