What flowers to grow on a balcony?

The gardens on the balcony are in fashion, and it seems that few experiences are as relaxing as sitting down to have tea in an environment full of color and natural scents. The problem is that not all of them are easy to grow and maintain, now a review of those that do contribute to achieving the ideal environment.

Top 5 ideal flowers for the balcony

What better way to decorate the balcony than by filling it with flowers , an ecological and beautiful initiative that allows you to give color, aroma and life to that special space, thinking of it from a cold place to a cozy one. Likewise, care and maintenance clears the mind, minimizes stress, and delivers the satisfaction of brag-worthy results.

However, for all this to be possible, it requires choosing the right type of flowers; as well as providing the plants with sufficient amounts of sun, water and nutrients. Knowing this, it is time to know the simplest and most beautiful options to decorate a balcony with flowers:


In addition to its beautiful and colorful flowers, the begonia plant stands out for its lush foliage and large heart-shaped leaves that are presented in hanging clusters, giving it greater showiness. Its cultivation requires trying not to move them too much, as well as maintaining the substrate rich in humus.

It is important that the light does not fall directly on the plant, so the appropriate place will be a space on the balcony with moderate shade; Regarding watering, three times a week will be enough.


The last option on the list is occupied by a plant with small and colorful flowers that bloom during spring, withstanding low temperatures very well as long as they are planted in fertile soil. Irrigation will be thorough, without wetting leaves and flowers as they are quite vulnerable to developing fungi.


The ease of cultivation and the exquisite aroma that these plants give off, is only compared to the beautiful and vibrant colors of their flowers; Its resistance to solar rays will keep you radiant even on summer days, in fact, it is the season in which it blooms.

The wide variety of species adds to its advantages; Unlike the begonias, the geranium demands a lot of sun and little exposure to cold. Fertilization will be twice a month, pruning in spring and watering a couple of times a week.


The most prominent attribute of the plant is the way in which they create flower beds, which maximizes their colorful flowers to stand out; its aroma is quite strong so it will perfume the environment. Regarding care, abundant watering without wetting the flowers, fertilizer during the flowering season and a place with a lot of light will be enough for them to grow and stay.

Mystical rose:

Known as Zinnia or “Paper Flower”, the mystical rose is available in a variety of species, some of which reach 90 cm in height; its flower is generally intense yellow with an orange center. The care required is primarily limited to providing them with a sunny place but with a warm temperature, frequent watering and fertilization every 15 days during flowering.

What flowers to grow on a balcony?

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