Outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat

When you consider which plants to fill your garden, balcony or terrace with to give life and improve the environment they offer, the most important thing is to find species that adapt to the climate of your area. Some easy-to-care outdoor plants are quite resistant to most non-extreme climates, but there are others that are adapted to a certain type of environment and, no matter how carefully you take care of them, they will not be healthy if the climate is not right. suitable. Therefore, if you live in an area with very irregular temperatures, it is best to opt for resistant outdoor plants all year round., that withstand both high and fairly low temperatures. If you live in a mountain area you will want plants that withstand frost and a lot of sun, while in a dry and hot climate you will need them resistant to drought, or perhaps you are looking for cold and heat resistant outdoor plants with flowers for that little protected balcony. of the weather of the area and that you want to beautify.

If at different times of the year you wonder which plants are resistant to cold to put in your garden and which are the plants that resist heat, it is because in your area you have temperatures that, although perhaps not extreme, are hotter or quite colder depending on the month. Therefore, learn with GreenEcology about cold and heat resistant outdoor plants so that, in this way, you can have the same plants all year long and save yourself changing them all twice or more a year. You can have some seasonal plants that are more decorative but, to be practical, better if the base or the greater volume of plants in the outdoor area of ​​your house resist different temperatures well.

Oleander or Nerium oleander

We start our list with one of the most popular hot and cold resistant outdoor shrubs : oleander ( Nerium oleander ) . It is also sometimes known as flower laurel, baladre, laurel rose or trinitaria.

It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a resistant plant that does not require much care. You just have to bear in mind that if it is consumed or used as firewood for bonfires or fireplaces, due to its smoke, it can be poisonous to pets and children. For the rest, it is also widely used for its brightly colored flowers that make any garden full of life.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Oleander or Nerium oleander

Agapanthus or Agapanthus africanus

The agapanthus ( Agapanthus africanus ) is also known as the African lily and is one of the most valued outdoor plants for the beauty of its bearing, always with lush foliage and beautiful flowers presented in inflorescences of a white, blue, lilac or glowing purple. Although it can be grown in the garden soil as a covering plant, it is more normal to find it directly in a pot, so if you are looking for plants for outdoor and resistant pots, this can be a beautiful option.

Cold and heat resistant outdoor plants - Agapanthus or Agapanthus africanus

Japanese maple or Acer palmatum

The red maple or Japanese maple ( Acer palmatum ) is one of the most representative cold and heat resistant trees of autumn in East Asia. It can reach 10 meters in height, but generally does not exceed 5 meters. Its webbed leaves turn an intense red color when autumn arrives, before it completely loses its leaves. It can be kept without problems during the rest of the year as long as the temperatures do not exceed 38 ºC and you water continuously, at least 2 times a week.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Japanese maple or Acer palmatum

Aspidistra or Aspidistra elatior

Another of the resistant outdoor plants for terraces and gardens is the aspidistra . The aspidistra ( Aspidistra elatior ) is a plant capable of withstand temperatures up to 0 ° C. In addition, this plant with green and leafy leaves does not need much care, you will only have to give it away as you see that it needs it (when you notice that its substrate is very dry by sinking your fingers a little in it or sinking a wooden stick) and place it, preferably in a semi-shaded area.

Outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat - Aspidistra or Aspidistra elatior

Bougainvillea or Bougainvillea sp

The bougainvillea or bougainvillea ( Bougainvillea sp ) is widely used to cover lattices and pergolas, this climbing plant appreciated above all for its abundant flowering does not require specific care. You can maintain it with little effort and enjoy it during the hot months. It supports drought well, but not with waterlogging, so be careful to regulate its waterings well. In addition, it will withstand the cold months well, although without flowers, but it will not take well the frosts.

Outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat - Bougainvillea or Bougainvillea sp

Callistemon or Callistemon citrinus

Commonly known as a pipe cleaner, red brush, or callistemon ( Callistemon citrinus ) , it is one of the hardiest evergreen shrubs . It can be grown both in soil and in pots and planted in the ground directly, it can exceed 3 meters in height.

It is widely used for its striking red flower spikes to decorate garden and terrace corners. It is a shrub that prefers to be exposed to the sun directly.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Callistemon or Callistemon citrinus

Garden plum or Prunus cerasifera

One of the deciduous trees most used for outdoor use due to its resistance is the garden plum ( Prunus cerasifera ) . Capable of reaching up to 15 meters in height, it is used for its great ornamental value thanks to its reddish trunk and its spectacular early spring flowering. It resists without problems temperatures of up to 38 ºC in summer and -15 ºC during winter .

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Garden plum or Prunus cerasifera

Citronella or Cymbopogon citratus

Surely this plant sounds quite familiar to you because it is one of the most effective natural remedies against annoying mosquitoes . This shrubby plant with a fragrance similar to lemon is also a more than perfect option for terraces and gardens. You will only have to take care of covering it with the citronella plant ( Cymbopogon citratus ) in case of frost. Meanwhile, during the rest of the year and especially in summer, we recommend that you place it near the place where you sleep to enjoy its aroma and forget about those irritating bites.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Citronella or Cymbopogon citratus

Cypress leylandi or Cupressocyparis leylandii

The Leyland cypress or leylandi cypress ( Cupressocyparis leylandii ) is a hybrid between the Cupressus macrocarpa cypress and the Chamaecyparis nootkatensis . The result is a high-growth plant, capable of gaining half a meter in height a year, which differs from the usual cypress hedges by being much more resistant than this. It is widely used to isolate the view in gardens and outdoors, it is not demanding with the soil and resists both the salinity of the coastal areas and the intense cold, being suitable for any garden of good size.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Cypress leylandi or Cupressocyparis leylandii

Convalaria or Ophiopogon japonicus

The convalaria oc onvolaria Ophiopogon japonicus ) is a herbaceous native to Korea, Japan and China, very popular as an ornamental plant, especially delimiting spaces or as a floor covering. It forms a thick bush, with a large number of long and narrow leaves, like ribbons. It is a species of great growth and expansion capacity and its small flowers give rise to very showy blue fruits , round or oval and very beautiful. It grows well in semi-shady or shady areas and is not fussy about watering unless you grow it in full sun.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Convalaria or Ophiopogon japonicus

Carnation or Dianthus caryophyllus

The carnation ( Dianthus caryophyllus ) is a classic of the balcony planters in Spain, as this flower of cheerful colors is undoubtedly a great choice to fill the exterior of your home with life. To grow well and flourish, this plant prefers to be located in a place where it receives direct sunlight and receives continuous watering to promote flowering. Therefore, this is one of the outdoor plants resistant to heat and cold , during the warm months it will have flowers and during the cool ones it will not.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Carnation or Dianthus caryophyllus

Clematis or Clematis spp.

The clematis ( Clematis spp. ) Is another climbing flowering plants most commonly used for those who do not have time for continuing care in the garden. This plant resists very well throughout the year , both frost and direct sun exposure. In addition, they give off a pleasant aroma similar to that of jasmine. The only thing you will have to bear in mind is that it is usually quite invasive, so it is better to monitor it so that it does not endanger the rest of the plants in your terrace or garden.

Cold and heat resistant outdoor plants - Clematis or Clematis spp.

Clivia or Clivia Miniata

The clivia ( Clivia Miniata ) , very common in portals and patios a few years ago, is once again increasingly present in our urban environments thanks to its great resistance and attractive appearance. It is a herbaceous plant that stands out both for its large, elongated, flat leaves and a beautiful dark green, as well as for its striking annual flowering.

This is not a demanding care plant, tolerating low temperatures and semi-shady locations quite well. You have to be careful, of course, with exposures to direct or intense sun, which can damage its leaves. For it to flower in spring, it is necessary to allow the plant to cool down and stop being watered in late autumn, for about eight weeks. 

Outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat - Clivia or Clivia Miniata

Chrysanthemum or Chrysanthemum spp.

The chrysanthemum ( Chrysanthemum spp. ) Is one of the most representative flowering plants in Japan, the land of the rising sun. Known for their large flowers of highly varied coloration, from white to red, through shades of pink, yellow and orange, they are flowering plants capable of adapting without problems to cold climates , but not receiving direct sunlight. You will only need to place it in a cool place, preferably in semi-shade to fully enjoy its spectacular flowering.

Cold and heat resistant outdoor plants - Chrysanthemum or Chrysanthemum spp.

Dichondra or Dichondra repens

The dichondra plant or Dichondra repens is one of the most used plants in outdoor gardens, but not only for its incredible resistance to changes in climate .

The dichondra plant is often used as a cover plant or as a grass substitute plant. However, these two plants can be differentiated very well, since the dichondra has curious kidney-shaped leaves.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Dichondra or Dichondra repens

Durillo or Viburnum tinus

The commonly called durillo, laurentino or wild laurel ( Viburnum tinus ) is a shrub typical of the Mediterranean coast that stands out for its winter flowering, covering the spaces of its clusters of small but beautiful white flowers.

It is used both in pots and in hedges and is widely known for its great resistance to both cold and heat , as well as shade or sun. An all-terrain plant that remains green all year round, and which is one of the few capable of producing beautiful flowers during the colder months.

Outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat - Durillo or Viburnum tinus

Firethorn or Pyracantha coccinea

Although the firethorn ( Pyracantha coccinea ) is a thorny shrub, it is also one of the species of outdoor plants best known for its resistance . This shrub has a beautiful white inflorescence that remains on it during spring and summer and produces small round, red fruits that grow in abundant groups. It is common to see it used both as a shrub to decorate the wall and in isolated hedges away from the wall, but keep in mind that it prefers semi-shade.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Firethorn or Pyracantha coccinea

Fotinia or Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’

The Fotinia or Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ is an evergreen shrub, fast growing grows to 3 meters high. It is used for its striking elongated leaves that change color being red during spring and purple during summer. In winter and the rest of the year they remain deep green. It is a very resistant plant and can grow without problems in any type of soil and be exposed to the sun without being damaged.

Heat and cold resistant outdoor plants - Fotinia or Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'

Other outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat

To finish, we show you more names of outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat and you will see their photos below in the same order of this list.

Outdoor plants resistant to cold and heat

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