Sun hanging plants

If when spring arrives you start to consider how to give more life to your balcony, terrace, patio or garden, at EcologíaVerde we want to give you a hand with some ideas for it. Have you considered using some types of outdoor hanging plants? Using hanging pots will not only save you space, but it will help you create a much more alive and organic space by being able to have your plants on different levels. But what plants to put in hanging pots? You will be amazed with this extensive list where you will find not only hanging plants for balconies, but also those hanging plants for outdoor with lots of sun to fill your home with color.

We invite you to take a look at this article to discover some of the hanging plants in direct sun and other hanging plants in sun and shade that, surely, you already know but that you had not yet considered growing them in this original and simple.

Senecio rowleyanus or rosary plant

The rosary plant ( Senecio rowleyanus ) is native to South Africa and is widely used for its striking spherical, intense green leaves that sprout directly from stems so thin that they end up causing them to fall under their own weight. This crass is a semi-shadow hanging plant , so it can be in the sun but it needs it not to be very strong or for many hours at a time, and it needs a pot with good drainage even though it does not require constant watering. .

Sun Hanging Plants - Senecio rowleyanus or Rosary Plant

Nephrolepis or hanging fern

This popular hanging fern ( Nephrolepis ) is perfect for creating exotic environments thanks to its long, hanging leaves. Its care is very simple, you just have to water it frequently and make sure it has a substrate rich in nutrients. Although we can have it in the sun, it is better that the light does not reach it directly so as not to damage its leaves.

Sun Hanging Plants - Nephrolepis or Hanging Fern

Tropaeolum majus or nasturtium

The nasturtium ( Tropaeolum majus ) is one of the most representative of the summer hanging plants . This, during the hot months, produces large and very showy flowers. In fact, its flowers can be yellow, orange, red and even bicolor. This plant needs you to water it frequently since you must place it in a sunny place to promote flowering. A curious detail is that its flowers are edible and widely used to dress salads.

Sun Hanging Plants - Tropaeolum majus or Nasturtium

Petunia surfinia or hanging petunia

The hanging petunias ( Petunia Surfinia ) are a type of plant that not only are characterized by the beauty of its flowers, but very fast growth. What’s more, thanks to this, it is capable of flowering the same year that you sow it. Its flowering time is from spring to late autumn. In addition, it has a varied coloration in terms of its flowers, from white, through pink tones and even bicolor. These sun-hanging plants need frequent sunlight and watering.

Sun Hanging Plants - Petunia surfinia or Hanging Petunia

Verbena officinalis or verbena

The verbena ( Verbena officinalis ) has great ornamental value for its spectacular bloom during the spring and summer. This hanging plant also requires to be placed in a place where it receives direct sunlight , frequent waterings and to be protected during the cold months.

Sun Hanging Plants - Verbena officinalis or Verbena

Fuchsia hybrida or fuchsia

Popularly known as queen’s earrings, queen’s tendrils or fuchsia ( Fuchsia hybrida ) , it is one of the most valued hanging plant species for the beauty of its flowers. The Fuchsia, although it can also be had in a shrubby way, is another of the resistant hanging sun-resistant plants that are ideal for coloring your home. Its flowering time ranges from summer to early autumn. For this, it is better to keep it in semi-shade and water it with water with low pH.

Sun Hanging Plants - Fuchsia hybrida or Fuchsia

Pelargonium peltatum or gypsy

Another of the best-known hanging sun plant names are gypsies ( Pelargonium peltatum ) , which we can find mainly in the patios and gardens of the Mediterranean area. This type of geranium, also known as gypsy, will give you flowers throughout the year. However, their spectacular variety of warm colors is most popular during the summer months. Therefore, it is important that it be in the sun and water it frequently. An additional tip is to carry out preventive treatments against the famous geranium worm, one of the most harmful pests for these plants.

Sun Hanging Plants - Pelargonium peltatum or Gitanilla

Chlorophytum comosum or ribbon

Known as love bow, ribbon or malamadre ( Chlorophytum comosum ) , this plant native to South Africa is one of the most common sun-hanging plants in patios and gardens. Its leaves and its ability to produce suckers make it a perfect plant to grow in a hanging pot as long as it has good drainage. In the same way, it prefers the semi-shade and receive moderate waterings.

Sun Hanging Plants - Chlorophytum comosum or Ribbon

Diascia barberae or pink queen

Another of the plants for sunny gardens that are often used to grow in hanging containers is the so-called pink queen ( Diascia barberae ) . This herbaceous annual has a fast growth capable of covering the pot completely with its leaves and flowers once spring begins. In addition, you can have it both in the sun and in semi-shade. It is very important to protect it during the cold months because it does not resist frost well.

Sun Hanging Plants - Diascia barberae or Pink Queen

Impatiens walleriana or joy of the house

The home joy plant or home joys ( Impatiens walleriana ) , is a tropical and perennial herbaceous plant that produces small white, red, pink or lilac flowers that contrast with the intense green of its leaves. Hence, it is one of the most used and valued hanging sun plants . Due to its origin it needs to be in semi-shade and a constant watering dose to favor its flowering.

Sun Hanging Plants - Impatiens walleriana or House Joy

Other types of sun hanging plants

These are more species of hanging plants that you can add to your garden or terrace:

  • Hedera helix microphylla or small-leaved ivy
  • Solanum pimpinellifolium or cherry tomato
  • Portulaca purslane or portulaca
  • Begonia boliviensis or Bolivian begonia
  • Viola × wittrockiana or pansy
  • Lobularia maritime or lobularia
  • Lantana camara or Spanish flag
  • Calibrachoa x hybrida or calibrachoa
  • Nemesia strumosa or nemesia
  • Plectranthus verticillatus or money plant
Sun hanging plants

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