How to graft an orange tree

Grafting techniques are very commonly used in all types of fruit trees to save time and improve the properties and capabilities of a given species. Orange trees are no exception, and it is that grafting citrus fruits is especially convenient because of how compatible they are with each other. In this way, we can graft orange trees […]

How to plant an avocado

The avocado, with the scientific name Persea americana , is a tree that has a bad reputation among gardening enthusiasts for, supposedly, being very difficult to care for. And while it is true that you have to be careful with some things, growing an avocado is not at all impossible. In fact, planting an avocado to bear fruit will […]

How to grow mushrooms

The common mushroom, with the scientific name Agaricus bisporus , is a fungus ( Kingdom Fungi ) of the Agaricaceae family, very popular for its multiple culinary uses in all kinds of dishes. Some years ago it was quite common to go out to collect mushrooms, but today this activity is much more regulated, in addition to requiring a deep […]

Types of fruits

Fruits have a huge impact on the way people view plants. They represent a very important percentage of the vegetable products that we consume and, in fact, for this reason, new varieties and hybrids of the most popular species for human consumption continue to be sought every day. However, do you really know what fruits are […]

Gypsy girl care

Gypsies are iconic plants on patios and balconies in much of Andalusia. They are a variety of geranium that, despite its popularity in southern Spain, are suitable for cultivation in many areas, and it is that they are very resistant and grateful plants, which will fill the pots and gardens with their showy spring flowering and […]

Primrose care

The primrose, usually called the spring plant , is a plant highly appreciated by gardening enthusiasts and is that its common name is due to when the primroses bloom, as they are one of the first to flower when spring arrives, sometimes even coming forward to the end of winter. It is actually a whole genus of […]

Zamioculca care

When it comes to easy-care indoor plants, there is a tropical one that we cannot overlook: the zamioculca ( Zamioculcas zamiifolia ), which in some countries is also called the fortune plant . It is a very striking species, with very striking leaves and stems and highly appreciated both for its interior decoration capacity and its extraordinary resistance. If you […]

Care for lilies of the valley

Lilies are one of the flowering plants most appreciated by garden enthusiasts due to their elegance and pleasant aroma. Among its more than 100 species is a feral one: the Convallaria majalis , also known as thrush or lily of the valley . This beautiful outdoor plant will delight any garden and, although it has a certain reputation for being […]

Succulents with flowers: names, characteristics and photos

The succulents flowering plants are one of the most striking that we can use to beautify our gardens or interior. These are plants with very particular and characteristic aspects, different from what is usual in the other families of the plant kingdom, so they are always striking and have great charm. However, differentiating which succulents are blooming can sometimes […]

Garden care: 5 machines that make basic tasks easier

When the green space exceeds 20 square meters, we may need the help of more or less autonomous machinery to cut the grass or hedges, blow out the litter, clean surfaces and other maintenance tasks. What characteristics should it have and where to get it? Although there are seasons more favorable than others, a garden is […]

The most resistant new varieties of Marijuana

What are the best resistant marijuana strains this year? Which of these are consumed the most? We cannot ignore that marijuana is one of the most consumed plants in the world, thanks to its properties and benefits. Its medicinal virtues are widely recognized and therefore more and more countries are making its cultivation and consumption more flexible. Next, we […]

Maritime lobularia care

The Lobularia Alyssum maritima , or simply alder maritime, is a very popular plant among gardeners, especially when it comes to filling those gaps small holes in the garden or give a touch of color with a potted. In fact, it tends to be very popular because this plant has very decorative flowers because they are very small […]

Types of daisies

Daisies are one of the most popular plants in the world and their characteristic flowers, the white-petalled being the most iconic, are known to almost anyone, regardless of whether they are gardening enthusiasts or not. These plants are tremendously prolific, and there are more than 140 different species of daisies. If you want to learn more […]

Types of trees

Trees play a vital role in shaping our planet as we know it and are responsible, in large part, for many ecosystems looking and successful. They are home to a large number of animals, functioning as a refuge and as protectors of the land against erosion caused by the elements, in addition to producing oxygen by […]

Small trees: names, characteristics and photos

Trees are that element that gives strength and personality to any green space, making it impossible to ignore their presence. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have large gardens or green spaces in which to grow any type of tree. However, you don’t need a large garden to be able to enjoy some trees. If you […]

Wild flowers: names and photos

Would you like to learn a little more about the plant world? We want to help you expand your knowledge about the different species of wild plants that you will see during your walks in the countryside, in specialized stores or in parks and gardens. Many of these types of wildflowers are valued not only for their beauty and […]

Maidenhair care

The maidenhair fern is a popular houseplant that receives many names for different areas of the world. Some of them are Venus hair plant, culandrillo, pit maidenhair, capilera, brenca, fountains grass or spider, although its scientific name is Adiantum capillus veneris . If you want to learn more about this fern, very popular as an ornamental plant, join […]

Soleirolia care

Soleirolia is a genus of creeping plants that has 3 species, the most popular of which is Soleirolia soleirolii , commonly called bridal mattress, angel’s tears, mother of a thousand or bridal bed moss. It is a very useful plant for upholstering surfaces due to its rapid growth and although it is not very demanding with its care, […]

Caring for the dimorphic library

Dimorphic libraries are a whole genus of plants with more than 20 accepted species, highly valued for their very showy and ornamental flowers, which are similar to those of daisies , but notably more showy. They are very rustic and resistant plants, although to have them strong and in good condition it is convenient to know what […]

Coronary anemone care

When spring arrives, there are many plants that gain a lot of popularity in our gardens and homes for the showiness of their flowers. One of the most popular in this sense is the coronary anemone, better known as anemone or ground anemone , which in addition to having beautiful flowers is not very demanding and does not […]

Plants that absorb heat

There are natural methods to make your home a more pleasant place during the summer or hotter months. Therefore, for those curious like you who also want to be more natural and protect the environment, we want to show you some of the plants to refresh the environment that you can easily get or that you may already […]

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