How to plant a jasmine

Jasmine is a plant tremendously valued by gardening enthusiasts, not only for the beauty of its flowers but also for the pleasant fragrance that some of its varieties offer. It is actually a whole genus of plants, the Jasminum, and not a single species, hence there are different types of jasmine, among which is the climbing garden, summer or winter, with flowers of different colors and flowering times.

If you want to learn how to grow this plant, which is also simple due to its rusticity, join us in this article in which you will learn when and how to plant a jasmine step by step .

When to plant a jasmine

Since, as we have said, jasmine is a whole genus of plants with great variety among themselves, it is not possible to give a universal time to plant them all. 

If we are going to plant in an indoor pot, the time of year is quite indifferent, since we will be the ones who will control the climate in which the plant is found. Outdoors, on the other hand, most jasmine tends to be planted either in the spring or in the fall . Some species and varieties tolerate a planting in summer, but especially in hot climates this can put a serious stress on the plant, which may have to withstand high temperatures or drought conditions in a still very vulnerable state.

How to Plant a Jasmine - When to Plant a Jasmine

How to plant a potted jasmine

If you wonder how to plant a jasmine in a pot to have it indoors, on a balcony or terrace, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a suitable pot: the size of the pot for jasmine is quite important, and you will need a container that is large enough for the plant to develop at its best. In the same way, it is vital that the pot has drainage holes.
  2. Fill the pot with substrate: you need it to be a mixture with good drainage, which you can favor by placing a bed of pebbles at the bottom of the pot. You can prepare your own substrate by mixing a third of coconut fiber , a third of peat and another third of worm castings, to which you can then add a handful of vermiculite . This will give a light, well-draining substrate.
  3. Plant the jasmine seed: do it shallow, then covering it with a layer of substrate. Water with a sprayer to provide enough moisture to the substrate, and keep it moist but not puddling until it germinates.
  4. Locate the pot: it is best to put it in a semi-shady area, somewhere bright but without direct sun. When the plant grows, depending on the variety, it may need you to put it in direct sun or remain in semi-shade.
How to plant a jasmine - How to plant a potted jasmine

How to plant a jasmine by cuttings

The process that must be followed to learn how to plant a jasmine by segment or by cuttings is much simpler, since we will not need to go through the whole process of germination of the seed .

  1. Make a cutting of the jasmine plant you have so that you can reproduce it and have a new one.
  2. In this case, we can go directly to plant the cutting in its final location, either in a pot or outdoors. It is preferable that we keep it covered from very intense sun in its first weeks, even if it is a variety of sun.
  3. Water abundantly the first days, always without flooding the substrate or soil.
  4. Space the waterings later to water only when the substrate asks for it when it dries. Depending on the weather, this could mean roughly a weekly watering.

How to Plant a Creeper Jasmine

In the case of climbing jasmine , the most normal thing is to always plant it outdoors. Follow these tips:

  • The process is very similar to that of planting in a pot, with the main difference that, when the seedling begins to have a certain height, it will need a stake or a different type of tutor to be able to grow well.
  • At first you have to help the jasmine to wrap itself around the tutor, but as it grows it will do so on its own.
  • It is also important to remember how vital it is to jasmine that the soil provides good drainage .
  • Before planting, check if the area absorbs water well without getting puddled.
  • In addition, when planting it, make sure that the soil covers its roots well and that the plant is well supported, pressing the substrate a little with your hands.

If you wonder how much jasmine grows, in optimal conditions it can reach 6 meters in height. A visual and olfactory spectacle! 

How to Plant a Jasmine - How to Plant a Creeper Jasmine

Jasmine care

These are the most important care that jasmine needs to grow well:

  • Watering: both in pot and outdoors, jasmine will need watering every time its soil has dried on the top layer. Do not puddle when watering, and pay special attention to water in the warm months.
  • Soil: the most important thing is the drainage, which should be the best possible. Like most plants, you will appreciate a soil or substrate enriched with compost or worm castings .
  • Subscriber: once a month in the warm months, jasmine needs a contribution of fertilizer, either chemical or organic, as we always recommend. 
  • Pruning: an annual pruning will give strength and a firmer structure to the plant, in addition to being necessary to regularly remove damaged or dry branches and leaves. 

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