When to plant tomatoes

Wondering in what month tomatoes are planted? If you are thinking of planting tomatoes on your land or in a pot at home, the first thing you have to think about is what time of year it is best to plant tomatoes and then, when appropriate, try to get the seeds of the type of tomato you want to plant .

Next, we talk about when to plant tomatoes by explaining the tomato planting schedule according to the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Likewise, we explain the optimal distance between plant and plant so that it grows well and you take it into account the day you go to plant the tomatoes.

When to plant tomatoes – Northern Hemisphere

If you were wondering when to plant cherry tomatoes , tree tomato or other types of tomatoes, pay attention to these lines, because usually all types tend to be planted in the same range of months, although you can always inform the shop in that you buy the seeds or in the place where you usually buy material for your garden about what time is best to plant tomatoes of the type you have chosen, because perhaps there is some important nuance in this or in other aspects of their care.

Regarding when to plant tomato seeds, we can say that the best time is between winter and spring, more specifically between late winter and early spring , or if it is a not very hot year even until late spring .

In the case of the Northern Hemisphere, this time to plant tomatoes is from March to June, or even from the end of February to the beginning of June , and it is usually better to do it in seedbeds. In addition, the best months to transplant the tomato seedling to its final place, for example planting it in the garden, are from the beginning of April to July and the tomatoes can be harvested between July and August.

When to Plant Tomatoes - When to Plant Tomatoes - Northern Hemisphere

When to plant tomatoes – Southern Hemisphere

On the other hand, if you were wondering when to plant tomatoes in the southern hemisphere, of course, the time of year is the same, because the same type of climate is needed, but the months change, so you will have to pay attention to this calendar.

In this case, the best time to plant tomatoes is from the end of August to the beginning of September and, of course, it is also better to do it in seedbeds. Likewise, the best months to transplant the tomato seedling to its final place are from the beginning of October to January and its harvest can be done between January and February. In any case, regarding its collection, it is good to note that there is a light red color in most parts, but especially at the base of the fruit . It is usually considered that they can be collected, in either of the two hemispheres, between 5 and 6 months after planting.

Here below you can see a summary of the tomato planting calendar in the Northern and Southern hemispheres , the time of planting or transplanting the seedlings to the final field and the time of harvest.

If you do not want to worry too much about the months in which to plant the tomato outdoors because the climate in your area is somewhat complicated for this plant, we recommend that you think about doing it indoors, either in pots indoors or in a greenhouse. 

How far apart are tomatoes planted

Once the tomato seeds sown in the seedling have to be planted in the ground or in pots because they have grown enough and have some leaves, it is convenient to know how much space they need. To plant tomatoes in pots, the variety of tomato chosen must be taken into account, as some demand more than others, but as a general rule the bigger and deeper the pot for each plant the better.

If you are going to plant the tomatoes, when the plant already has a few leaves, in a field or orchard, keep in mind that the rows should have a space between them of 1.2 meters and 1.6 meters. How far apart are the tomatoes planted in this case? Well, once the furrows have been made with the most appropriate measures, it is best to plant the seedlings so that they have a distance of between 30 cm and 50 cm between one and the other.

When to plant tomatoes

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