Caring for freesias

Freesias, strawberries, or quitapesares are very popular bulbous plants for their flowers, which are not only very beautiful and of various colors but are also some of the most fragrant that exist. If you like its image and also its intense and sweet smell and you want to start having them at home, we recommend that you know […]

20 plants with yellow flowers

Putting plants with showy flowers inside and outside the house is very common and, in fact, it is a great idea to decorate our home and give it a cheerful and natural touch. One of the most vivid colors chosen to decorate gardens, balconies, terraces and any corner of the house is yellow. This color symbolizes joy, […]

Gazania care

Gazania is a genus of plants in the Asteraceae family, very popular as a group of ornamental plants among gardening and decorating enthusiasts. It is a plant as rustic as it is beautiful, since its flowering is showy due to its shape and its colors, which are very vivid and sometimes combined. There are varieties of this […]

24 climbing plants

Climbing plants are a great resource so that not even the vertical spaces of our garden can resist being covered in green. Their ability to hold onto vertical surfaces with different resources, such as their adventitious roots or tendrils, makes them ideal for covering walls, pergolas or facades with the beautiful mantle of their leaves and […]

Home remedies for pine processionary

With the arrival of spring, the warmer temperatures begin, but it also usually comes, in each spring season, the dreaded processionary caterpillar . This caterpillar, which is usually found in areas where there are pine trees and is very common in all types of parks and environments in the Mediterranean area, can be dangerous due to its fine […]

22 spring flowers

With the arrival of spring, there are many plants that show their flowers and fill every garden, park or natural green space with color and aroma. For this reason, it is an especially attractive and profitable time for plant enthusiasts, who see their plants shine in all their splendor. Preparing for the arrival of the warm months […]

Types of tulips

Tulips are a genus of bulbous plants that belongs to the Liliaceae family. They are currently known throughout the world as ornamental flowers , highly valued for their striking colors and large flowers. This plant, originally from Turkey, was introduced in Holland in the 16th century, when its popularity in the country soared to unimaginable heights. The soils of Holland gave tulips […]

Chlorosis in plants: what is it and how to eliminate it

Chlorosis is one of the ailments that commonly affects plants, as it can be caused by multiple reasons, and produces a reduction in chlorophyll. Precisely for this reason, it is important to know it well to be able to remedy it before it turns out to be fatal. If you wonder what is iron chlorosis, calcium […]

Olive fly: treatment

As olive oil is one of the main products that the Spanish industry produces, it is not surprising the impact that the olive fly ( Bactrocera oleae ) has on its farmers. Every year large amounts of effort and money are invested in the fight against this pest, which is the main one in olive cultivation and mainly […]

What to plant in an urban garden

An urban garden is a fabulous option to give that space on your terrace, balcony or garden some life and, at the same time, occupy yourself in a task that is as entertaining as it is satisfying. And it is not only about how pleasant it is to see your plants grow day by day; When you […]

9 orange flowers

In the world of flowers, we can find them in almost every imaginable color and shape. Usually, the tones that most attract our attention are the bright reds of roses and poppies, or the pure white of a tulip or carnation. However, there is a shade halfway between the two that has nothing to envy them: orange. Orange […]

Potted jasmine: care and how to prune it

When we talk about jasmine we are not really referring to a whole genus of plants with more than 200 species, the Jasminum. These are ornamental plants of the shrub or climbing type, very popular for their beautiful flowers, which in many species are also pleasant and characteristic fragrance. Jasmine is known to be a plant that […]

Potted olive tree: care and how to prune it

The olive tree, with the scientific name Olea europaea , is a constant element in the landscapes of much of the Mediterranean area. However, when you think of an olive tree, it is common to think of large trees of great antiquity, especially in the fields of agriculture and ornamental gardening. But this is not the only option: […]

Types of cactus: names and care

Cacti are a family of succulent plants, the Cactaceae. Like all succulent plants, they store water in order to survive in drought conditions and very hot environments, and they tend to generate thorns to defend their water reservoirs. However, the commonalities of these plants end there. There are a large number of varieties of cacti , and their characteristics […]

How to water a bonsai

Bonsai is a Japanese word, which can be translated as “planted in a pot”, since it is made up of the words “bon”, tray, and “sai”, cultivar. It refers to a cultivation technique that consists of planting trees and shrubs in pots by giving them a certain shape so that they look like miniature versions of […]

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