Types of tulips

Tulips are a genus of bulbous plants that belongs to the Liliaceae family. They are currently known throughout the world as ornamental flowers , highly valued for their striking colors and large flowers. This plant, originally from Turkey, was introduced in Holland in the 16th century, when its popularity in the country soared to unimaginable heights. The soils of Holland gave tulips new colors, and the entire region experienced a veritable tulip fever, which gave rise to the more than 150 species and more than 5,000 cultivars that currently exist, although the number continues to increase every day.

Tulip Princess Irene

This tulip stands out for combining two colors , orange in the corolla and purple or pink in the markings that it shows at the base of its petals, near the stem. In addition, the Princess Irene tulip flower is very aromatic, with a scent that is easy to recognize when smelled once. It reaches heights of up to 10 or 15 cm, needs well-drained soils, and welcomes exposure to full sunlight.

Types of tulips - Princess Irene Tulip

Angelica Tulip

The most characteristic feature of Angelica tulips is their corolla of double petals , which makes them closely resemble peonies. In fact, it is not uncommon for some to confuse them with these other plants, also due to the pale pink color with purple tones that the flower adopts. It is a good-sized tulip that reaches heights of up to 40 cm and has a pleasant aroma, widely used in bouquets and flower arrangements.

Types of tulips - Tulipán Angelica

Tulip Fancy Frills

This tulip, which reaches a considerable height of up to 40 cm, offers a simple corolla of striking pink color, with white markings on the underside of its petals, near the base. However, what makes the fancy frills tulip variety so special and gives it a touch of distinction is the edge of its petals , which show an unmistakable and highly aesthetic curly relief, reminiscent of vintage-style clothing.

Types of Tulips - Tulip Fancy Frills

Queen of the Night

Another type of tulip that cannot be overlooked is the Queen of the Night tulip . Its dark purple petals make it almost black to the eye, and it is one of the darkest tulips that can be found, as well as one of the tallest, reaching heights of up to 60 cm. Its flower, which looks like elegant velvet, is very popular for making bouquets that are difficult to match.

Types of tulips - Queen of the night

Tulip Tarda, one of the rarest types of tulips

If the Angelica looks like a peony, the Tarda tulip bears great similarities to lilies. It offers a large star-shaped corolla , with six petals that open, exposing the stamens. Its intense yellow, splashed with white at the tips of the petals, makes it difficult to miss the flowers of this tulip, which despite its low height of up to 15 cm is done with the sight of anyone.

Types of tulips - Tulipán Tarda, one of the rarest types of tulips

Tulip Estella Rijnveld

This is undoubtedly one of the most curious types of tulips out there. Also known as Gay Presto, missing the sight of this daring tulip is practically impossible. It has fluffy-looking petals with curly edges and uneven shapes, but what is most striking is its white, red and pink color combination , which draw irregular and hypnotic patterns. Part of the charm of the Estella Rijnveld tulip is that these patterns developed by chance and by nature: it was not a variety sought after by man.

Types of tulips - Tulip Estella Rijnveld

Tulip Ballerina

This other tulip is also very tall, and it can reach measures of up to 60 cm. Its petals are bright orange , although the flower shows a yellow center. The Ballerina tulip stands out not only for its beautiful color, but for its pleasant aroma and for being one of the types of tulips that is easy to grow , which grows without problems in temperate but sunny climates.

Types of tulips - Tulip Ballerina

Rembrandt Tulip

Another variety of tulips is the Rembrandt tulip . The famous painter gives his name to this tulip whose flowers seem to have been painted with brushstrokes of his style. Its peculiar and striking color combination is achieved by infecting the plant with a specific virus, so if it is mixed with other tulips it runs the risk of contaminating them. It is a fairly tall tulip, up to 70 cm.

In this photo we can see this type of tulip in a color combination like the Estella Rijnveld tulip, but you have to pay attention to the difference in the edge. In addition, Rembrandt tulips can be of various colors, while Estella Rijnveld only of these.

Types of tulips - Rembrandt Tulip

Tulip Abu Hassan

The Abu Hassan tulips , in a very characteristic way, are very popular for their very intense color, which combines dark red in the center with light yellow edges that appear in a gradient. The combination gives a very attractive llama look, which is why they are so highly valued. This is one of the types of tulips that reach heights of up to 50 cm and are toxic to dogs, cats and horses, but harmless to humans and other animal species.

Types of tulips - Tulip Abu Hassan

Tulip China Pink

To finish this list of types of tulips , some very well known and others very rare to see, we focus on the China Pink tulip . This tulip with soft pink petals stands out, even more than for its attractive color, for the unique shape of its thin and narrow leaves, which open more than most tulips. The result is a delicate and very attractive appearance, which gives it a simple but undeniable charm. This light pink tulip reaches heights of up to 60 cm.

Types of tulips

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