Medlar tree: care

The medlar is a fruit tree native to China that is not uncommon to see in crops and gardens in many countries. Its is a fruit tree that is quite popular for its resistance to cold, which allows you to enjoy its tasty fruits in climates where other fruit trees do not usually grow or hardly […]

Areca palm tree: care

The Areca palm, also called Dypsis lutescens , bamboo palm, yellow palm, golden fruit palm or simply Areca, is a very popular plant in interior decoration, as it gives any space that unique tropical air is located. of the palm trees. These plants are also highly valued for their ability to remove toxins from the air, making them one of […]

Transplanting succulents: when and how to do it

Succulents are one of the most striking and beautiful types of plants that you can have at home. There are many fans, and these plants, which are also usually quite resistant, offer a huge variety of shapes and colors. However, in them it is very necessary to carry out a transplant every two or three years, […]

Planting custard apple: when and how to do it

The custard apple tree, or custard apple, is a tree that has its origin in western India, although currently most of the production is centered in Spain. It is a tree highly appreciated for its fruit, the custard apple, exotic fruit of great nutritional and dietary quality. And it is that custard apples, in addition to being very […]

What is monoculture

Monoculture is a very widespread practice on farms of certain crops. At a time when the demand for low-cost food is increasing, it is logical to think that a plantation system that allows obtaining large quantities of food at low cost is the ideal option, but the reality is that it is far from being successful. […]

What are the best fertilizers for plants?

Compost is one of the fundamental elements for the proper development of plants. As living beings, plants also need a good dose of nutrients, in addition to the sun and watering. Therefore, selecting the best fertilizer for them is essential to enrich them and promote their strong and healthy growth. Next, we will discover which are the best […]

Hydrangea care

When the warm months approach, there are many gardens, balconies and terraces that are embellished by the spectacular blooming of hydrangeas. These plants, so widespread and valued for their beautiful flowers, are much easier to care for than many people think. To prove it, in this article we have compiled what is the care of hydrangeas in a […]

Clivia care

Clivia is a plant as beautiful as it is easy to care for, very popular for its striking flowering, which it produces only once a year in spring, and which is of warm and very showy colors. If you want to enjoy in your own home or garden the company of this plant so seen […]

Succulents care

Succulents are a type of plant especially appreciated in gardening and decoration for their striking and peculiar shapes, very different from those of most other types of plants. In addition, many of them are native to desert or very arid environments, so they are very resistant plants that tend to require little care, in addition to […]

How to plant a pineapple

Do you like to eat pineapple? Did you know that it does not come from the typical tropical palm tree, but rather that it is the fruit of a plant? Planting a tropical pineapple to get to enjoy these beautiful plants and their tasty fruits is really very easy. This plant is native to South America and does […]

Planting beets: when and how to do it

Beet, with the scientific name Beta vulgaris , is a very popular vegetable both for its ease of cultivation and for its many uses. As a cooking ingredient, it is very common to use in salads and dishes of all kinds, whether raw or cooked. In addition, its leaves are also used in preboggion, a typical ingredient in Italian […]

Rosary plant: care

The Senecio rowleyanus , usually called rosary beads hanging plant or plant, it is a hanging plant family Asteraceae very popular in gardening and decorating due to its peculiar aspect. If you dare to beautify your terrace or living room with one of these beautiful succulents, keep reading us in this article in which we show you […]

Cymbidium orchid: care

The Cymbidium orchid is one of the most suitable orchids for cultivation by beginners or by people who do not want a very demanding or delicate plant in their care. It is a kind of orchid with long-lasting flowers and the appearance of being made of wax. It is a highly appreciated plant in gardening and floristry […]

How to plant tomatoes

The tomato, with the scientific name Solanum lycopersicum , is a solanaceous plant that is grown in gardens and pots and is consumed both fresh and cooked for an infinite number of dishes, sauces and other preparations. The fruit of this plant is so consumed all over the world that it is grown almost everywhere and it is […]

How to plant beans

The broad bean, scientifically named Vicia faba , is a legume plant that is especially useful as an autumn or winter crop due to its ability to enrich the soil by fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Thanks to this, sowing beans in our garden during the cold months, when in many cases the land is not used so much, it is a […]

Pansy flower: care

The pansy plant, with the scientific name Viola x wittrockiana , is a biannual hybrid plant derived from the viola tricolor. It was originally crossed in northern Europe, and currently has a huge number of varieties, with all kinds of colors and flower sizes. They are highly appreciated plants in gardening, especially for their showy and beautiful flowers and […]

Echeveria plant: care

The echeveria plant, also called alabaster rose , is actually a whole genus of succulent plants that is part of the Crassulaceae family. However, when we talk about the alabaster rose or the echeveria plant, the common thing is that we refer to the Echeveria elegans , the most common in gardening thanks to both its beauty and the great […]

Gladioli: care

In this practical guide we want to tell you a little more about this spectacular flowering plant. This plant is actually a whole genus of perennial bulbs in the Iridaceae family. Normally used as an ornamental plant, it requires specific care to achieve an abundant flowering every year. In addition, there are more than 250 varieties approximately, with […]

Dahlias care

Dahlias, which are actually a whole genus of plants in the Asteraceae family, are flowers that have been tremendously appreciated and valued for their beauty practically since their discovery in ancient New Spain. Currently it is the symbol flower of Mexico, and is deeply linked to its tradition, history and culture, as demonstrated by the constitution […]

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