25 tall indoor plants

When talking about tall indoor plants, we usually refer to plants with heights of one and a half meters or higher. It is true that not all homes or spaces accept large indoor plants, but in apartments or houses with high ceilings they can be a great option to give a touch of green. In the […]

Dieffenbachia plant: care

You have very likely seen dieffenbachias more than once in any home as a houseplant. These tropical plants are very popular as they thrive in shady conditions and their showy leaves have great decorative value. If you want to learn more about the dieffenbachia plant and its care , join us in this article, where you can also […]

What is horticulture

Have you heard of horticulture and want to know well what it is? Do you like gardens both on land and urban? Then keep reading because in this article we are going to teach you what horticulture is . We will talk about the different types that exist and what are the main differences with agriculture. We will try to teach […]

Hibiscus care

Hibiscus are a whole genus of the Malvaceae family with about 150 species. They are tropical plants, highly valued for the vivid colors of their five-petal flowers, ranging from white to purple, orange, yellow and pink. In addition, it is very common to take the infusion of hibiscus flowers, also called Jamaica flower or Chinese rose , due to […]

Sowing and planting pumpkins: when and how to do it

As Halloween approaches, everyone thinks of pumpkins, the holiday’s iconic vegetable. This plant is actually a whole genus, whose fruits in their different varieties and species have been used throughout the world for things as different as food consumption or as containers or musical instruments. In addition, the consumption of the pulp and seeds of this vegetable […]

Petunia care

Petunias are a whole genus of flowering plants whose petals give them a trumpet shape, similar to what happens in Mexican petunias. They are widely spread geographically and, in fact, can be found from Brazil and Argentina to the southern United States. It has many different species and all of them are highly valued aesthetically, especially when […]

Adam’s rib plant or Monstera deliciosa: care

Monstera deliciosa, also called Adam’s rib, ceriman or skeleton plant , is a species of the genus Philodendron very popular in interior decoration thanks to its beautiful and large leaves, which seem to simulate a rib. The fruit of the Adam’s rib plant can be consumed after approximately one year of maturation, being elongated and of considerable size, although it […]

Lemon tree pests and diseases

The lemon tree is a fruit tree widely known in many countries for its rich fruits, lemons. It is not uncommon to find lemon trees and gardens and even in large pots, and considering that, like all fruit trees, it is a plant that takes a long time to start bearing abundant fruit, it is worth […]

Planting blueberries: when and how to do it

The Vaccinium corymbosum , commonly called cranberry or blueberry , is a shrub known for its small round fruits as berries, sour taste and sweet. It is a great option to plant in many orchards if the minimum necessary conditions are met, since it begins to bear fruit from its first year outdoors and in large quantities. If you want […]

8 types of grass

The grass is the other large group of carpet plants that is used to cover large areas of meadow. We say that it is the other large group because the most popular upholstery plants when covering land surfaces are lawns. Although this is the case, the truth is that grass can be a very good option in certain circumstances […]

Elephant foot or Nolina plant: care

The formerly known as Nolina recurvata , also called the elephant’s foot, has recently been classified in the genus Beaucarnea . They are very striking plants for their sculptural bearing, which is why they are highly valued as ornamental plants in gardening and decoration, because although it grows much better and taller outdoors it can also be kept indoors, although […]

Planting oregano: when and how to do it

Oregano, with the scientific name Origanum vulgare , is a very popular aromatic plant for its culinary and health-beneficial properties. It is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, whose leaves are usually consumed dried to flavor dishes or to make infusions. If you want to have this aromatic plant at home and learn how to take care […]

Planting grass: how to do it

Grass is a great alternative to grass when it comes to covering large areas of meadow. It is a tougher vegetation and coarser than grass, so it withstands continuous trampling better, thus being especially suitable for parks or leisure areas. In addition, in winter the grass dries its aerial part, which turns yellowish and no longer needs […]

Tomato diseases

Tomato is one of the most common crops in any garden, especially urban ones. The tomato plant is a plant whose care is available to everyone, and its fruits can be enjoyed in so many recipes and in so many ways that it is difficult to resist planting a few to benefit from their harvest. However, […]

Avocado pests and diseases

Avocado is one of the most profitable crops due to how well valued its fruits are today. However, as with many crops that have been exploited for some time, a whole series of insects and pests have appeared that have learned to take advantage of this tree. If you want to learn what are the main pests […]

Planting aloe vera: when and how to do it

Aloe vera, with the scientific name Aloe Barbadensis and also called aloe vera, is a very popular succulent plant, since in addition to having a striking and very beautiful appearance, it has a large number of medicinal properties that make it very beneficial for the skin and as a digestive. If you want to learn when and how […]

Plant pests and diseases: lists and how to eliminate them

Plants are threatened by a large number of agents that can attack them, most of which are pests or diseases. These dangers are usually considered only when they affect crops or farms due to the significant economic losses that they can lead to, but almost all plants are susceptible to being attacked. In this article we […]

How to water an orchid

Orchids are a whole family of plants highly appreciated in gardening and decoration for their large flowers of striking shapes and colors. The family is huge, with more than 25,000 species, and therefore there is a great diversity of aspects between them, and even of needs. However, orchids carry the reputation of being very difficult flowers to […]

Phalaenopsis orchid: care

There is a wide variety of these plants, but Phalaenopsis are one of the most popular and widespread orchids in gardening and decoration. These beautiful flowers, which are named for their resemblance to butterfly wings, originate mainly in Australia and the Philippines, as well as in some other areas of Asia and Africa. In this article, […]

How to make the poinsettia red

The Euphorbia pulcherrima , commonly called poinsettia, is a plant widely used in landscaping usually marketed and popularizes at Christmas time. It is a plant that is usually treated as if it were an annual, but it is possible to keep it throughout the year so that it survives more than one season. However, many of those who […]

Prune almond trees: when and how to do it

With the scientific name Prunus dulcis , the almond tree is a deciduous tree well known both for its fruits, almonds, and for its beautiful and small light-colored flowers, which give a unique appearance to any garden with all its branches crowned in white. or pale pink. As in most trees, pruning the almond tree is very […]

Pests and diseases of rose bushes

Roses are one of the most valued flowers in the world, due to their ornamental value and the many meanings and meanings that different cultures have attributed to them over time. For this reason, there are many who decide to grow their own rosebush. However, these beautiful plants are susceptible to being attacked by some pests and […]

How to prune rose bushes

The rose bushes have a large number of varieties, which can range from shrubs in the garden or pot to the form of hedges or of the climbing type. Its flowers, roses, are one of the most appreciated in gardening around the world, and especially in western countries they are attributed a great romantic or other […]

Olive tree diseases

The olive tree is one of the most important crops in Spain and in many areas with a Mediterranean climate . Its fruit, the olive, is used both for consumption in different ways and for the production of precious olive oil , which is why it is a crop with great economic potential, but which can be attacked by a […]

Prune the poinsettia: when and how to do it

Although its scientific name is Euphorbia pulcherrima , we all know it as a poinsettia, poinsettia, Christmas plant or Poinsettia. These plants, with their striking flowers and bracts of deep red color, are very popular because they bloom precisely at Christmas time. Many people think of them as annuals, but it is possible to make them survive for more […]

How to revive a plant

Unfortunately, plant scares are more common than anyone who has and enjoys caring for them would like. Especially when it comes to plants that sometimes go unattended for long periods, as is the case when we go on vacation or if you have plants in your second home that you visit from time to time. However, although […]

Hanging succulents: types, care and how to reproduce them

Succulent plants are very popular in gardening thanks to the exotic and striking touch of their shapes, which are very characteristic and distinguishable from other types of plants despite their enormous variety. In addition, they tend to like them a lot because, in reality, they are quite easy to care for. In this article we are […]

Watering the poinsettia: how often and how to do it

When Christmas approaches, many households dare to get hold of a poinsettia, also called a Christmas plant or Poinsettia , since it is one of the most typical Christmas plants . These plants are highly prized for their large flowers and deep red bracts, which add a striking contribution of color to any decoration. However, keeping poinsettia is not always […]

Whitefly: how to get rid of it

Along with the red spider and the mealybug, the whitefly is one of the most common pests today in both gardening and horticulture. This small insect, which seems to cling tightly to some plantations or crops, is the terror of many farmers when the time of heat and humidity arrives. If we are careless and this pest […]

How to eliminate spider mites

The spider mite is one of the most feared pests in a large number of countries. These tiny mites are a great danger due, above all, to their high propagation and reproduction capacity, thanks to which they can infest entire plantations in a few days if not treated properly. In this article we are going to […]

Oregano plant: care and what it is for

Oregano is a very popular plant both for its medicinal properties and for its value as a condiment: for example, Italian cuisine marks it as an indispensable ingredient in the most classic pizzas, but it is also very important in the cuisine of many other Mediterranean countries. . It is a very easy plant to […]

Arrange a garden, how to do it? – ideas and tips

A garden is a very important part of any home that is lucky enough to have one. It does not matter if it is a small front garden, a huge back garden or even that stairwell used as an indoor garden, they all have the ability to give a natural and very pleasant touch to any […]

How to plant tulips

Tulips are one of the most popular bulbs among fans of gardening and plants in general, as they have very different shapes and colors, all of them beautiful and striking. It is a whole genus of the lily family, with around 5,000 species, hence its range of shapes, sizes and colors is so great. In case […]

How to fight mildew

With the arrival of the rainy season, many farmers and gardening enthusiasts begin to check the leaves of their plants, hoping not to find the dreaded yellow spots. Mildew is a fungus that can reproduce throughout the crop, becoming very harmful if prevention and remedial measures are not practiced in time. If you want to learn how to […]

Planting loquats: when and how to do it

The medlar is a fruit tree that has its origin in China, from where it spread to Japan and, later, to much of the world. It is a tree that reaches 10 meters in height, very popular for its resistance and for the pleasant taste of its fruits. Currently, it is a naturalized species in countries with […]

Growing in an indoor cupboard: tips

Growing cannabis indoors has been a practice that has been going on for decades. This is one of the cultivation techniques that have evolved the most in recent times, so it is the best method to obtain quality seeds. If you want to have your own indoor grow at home, keep reading and discover indoor grow cabinets, as […]

15 trees with pinecones

Pineapples, technically called cones , are the structures in which conifers protect their seeds, allowing the ovules to mature inside them for later, once they have made seeds, to facilitate their dispersal. Conifers are the most numerous and important group among gymnosperm plants and, therefore, there is an enormous variety both in the species of trees that produce them and in […]

Potted fruit trees: how to grow them

Growing and watching a tree grow that bears fruit that we can enjoy is an experience that all gardening lovers long for sooner or later. However, it is normal to think that in order to plant an apple or an orange tree, a large garden with a lot of land is necessary. Well, this is not entirely […]

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