Care of the Ficus Benjamina

There are several types of ficus, such as the commonly called Indian laurel or the rubber tree, but one of the best known is the Benjamina. It is an original plant from Southeast Asia, although today it can be found very widely throughout the planet. It is a tree that has oval leaves with a pointed end, […]

Water lily: care and meaning

One of the most beautiful plants that exist and that brighten up any space are the water lilies or calla lilies. This plant is originally from southern Africa, although today it is widespread both in southern regions of Europe and in Australia and America. It is a plant that is grown as an ornamental plant since, in […]

Geranium care

Geranium is one of the most common decorative plants in gardens. You can find different species but, in all cases, it is a very aesthetic plant due to the numerous and showy flowers that are, which can range from more common colors such as red, pink and white, to less common ones such as purple, yellow […]

Uses of hydrogen peroxide in the garden

Surely at home, you have some hydrogen peroxide and use it to heal small wounds and scrapes. However, a lesser-known use of this product is in our garden or vegetable garden. Hydrogen peroxide is very useful in the garden, orchard, and in pots on terraces and balconies, that is, in general, to take care of the […]

Amaryllis plant: care

The amaryllis, whose scientific name is Hippeastrum sp p. It is a bulbous plant that has more than 70 species and that is original from the American continent, where it can be found from the Caribbean latitudes to the regions of Argentina and Chile. It is a perennial plant, very characteristic for its flower and that, at present, is cultivated […]

Jupiter tree care

The Jupiter tree, also called crepe, mousse or lilac of the Indies, whose scientific name is Lagerstroemia indica , is an original tree from China and Japan, although it can currently be found in the wild throughout the Asian continent and Europe, as well as cultivated all over the world. It is a species belonging to the Lythraceae family , which is […]

Ixora plant: care

The ixora plant, also known as isoca plant , Maltese cross or coral among many other common names, is an original plant of the tropical areas of Asia, although at present it is also widespread in the tropics of America and in other parts of the planet. It is a fairly adaptable and easy to grow plant, which tends to […]

15 bulb plants

There are many types of plants and, each of them, has managed to evolve to adapt as best as possible to the environment in which it is found. One of the clearest examples of adaptation is found in plants with bulbs, which are characterized by having an organ that is larger than the rest of the […]

Rue plant: care

A plant to which certain magical power has been attributed for many centuries is rue ( Ruta graveolens ), of which it was said that when it was dry it could absorb negative waves or bad energies from its environment. It is a very pretty and lively-looking plant, with a bluish-green or grayish branch-like stem and striking yellow […]

Azalea plant: care and characteristics

In this article called Azalea plant: care and characteristics aims, in addition to informing, to bring the reader closer to the world of plants with simple language. Spring is the best time for flowering and future sowing of azaleas, but to have them at home it is convenient to learn more about them, their most basic needs […]

Planting rose cuttings: preparation and how to do it

The simplest and cheapest way to reproduce rose bushes is through cuttings. This technique is often widely used by amateur gardeners, since it allows obtaining varieties that are difficult to find in the market, and by nurseries to reproduce wild roses, which will be used to graft more delicate varieties. In this article we talk about planting […]

How to prune hydrangeas

Hydrangeas, botanical name Hydrangeas , are deciduous shrubs that can grow to almost one and a half meters in height. But the most striking thing about this plant, without a doubt, is its spectacular flowering. Hence, it is one of the most used species in garden decoration and even to give a touch of color to homes. Beautiful but […]

Climbing roses: care and pruning

Would you like to go a step further and enhance your garden with these recognizable and spectacular flowers? Just follow this small guide, where we teach you step by step and in a very simple way everything you need to know about climbing roses, their care and pruning . If you follow the steps and indications of this […]

How to prune an orchid

These elegant plants with such striking flowers need specific care so that they are displayed in all their splendor, taking into account the most suitable substrate and irrigation to pruning, this being one of the most delicate parts of their care. For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to prune an orchid […]

21 flowering bushes

Because flowers bring joy we want to show you a selection of flowering shrubs so that you can give that touch of color to your garden. In this article, we show you 21 flowering bushes to encourage you to use them. Perhaps many sound familiar and others may not, but the important thing is that you know their […]

Transplanting an orchid: how and when to do it

When transplanting an orchid it is necessary to have a couple of basic knowledge for the process to be successful. We are going to teach you how to transplant an orchid correctly, how and when to do it , the materials to use and the steps. In addition, in this article, you will also learn the steps to […]

Breeding orchids: how to do it

Orchids have several ways to reproduce, including seeds. If you are looking for the best way to reproduce orchids, how to do it correctly and more information about their care, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to teach you how to reproduce orchids with the most reliable and simple methods so […]

Transplanting a cactus: how and when to do it

Cacti, perhaps because of their reputation for being extraordinarily hardy plants, sometimes receive less care than they really need. And it is true that they are very strong plants, but even they have weaknesses and problems that should be paid attention to. Many of these problems and many doubts come when transplanting one of these beautiful and […]

Pruning geraniums: how and when to do it

Geraniums belong to an extensive family of plants of the genus Geranium with more than 400 species under its belt, although some of the genus Pelargonium are also commonly known as geraniums . They are plants that live in practically all temperate climates and, in gardening, apart from the beauty of their leaves and flowers, their usefulness as a floor covering […]

Prune lavender: how and when to do it

Lavenders, which make up a whole genus with more than 50 species, are present in a large number of homes and gardens thanks not only to their beautiful flowers in purple tones, but also to that fresh, soft and pleasant smell, which is their trait. more characteristic. If you have a plant of this type […]

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