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Flowers that can grow in a shady garden

There are some flowers that, in addition to being beautiful, will make you forget that in your garden there is no sun and that most of the time -or in its entirety- it is in shade. If you are a person who likes gardening and having beautiful flowers outside your home or even indoors, you will like the flowers […]

Ivy care

Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant that is used many times as a medicinal plant, although you have to be very careful since in America there are species of this plant that are poisonous. If you want to know everything about ivy care, keep reading this Green Ecology article. To take into account when caring for […]

How to grow Papyrus step by step

Papyrus is a well-known plant thanks to the ancient Egyptians, who used it to make plates on which to later write. Nowadays it is given the same use but especially for later use in decoration, being very good in any place but being the humid areas such as ponds, lakes or its surroundings where it will look best. It […]

Parrot tree care

Popularly known as loropetalum, it is a tree that belongs to the Hamamelidaceae family and the Loropetalum genus, which is made up of only three species of shrubs that originate in Southeast Asia and Japan: loropetalum subcordatum, loropetalum Chinensis, and loropetalum lanceum. With the right conditions, it can be grown anywhere in the world. It is a beautiful evergreen tree that does not […]

How to make a border for the garden

Undoubtedly, one of the most practical decorative elements in the garden is borders, which allow you to separate different areas and even delimit a path. The most normal thing is that they are made based on plants and shrubs to complement the trees and flowers that are already in the garden. In other words, the border consists of the creation of […]

How to grow in small pots

Growing plants in small pots is something that attracts anyone: They don’t seem to need too much care, they don’t take up too much space, they are very cute at an ornamental level and they are also perfect for children’s first contacts with plants. Advice If this is the first time you do it, here are some useful tips for […]

How to easily make a trellis

What better solution to create a shady area in our garden than a trellis? And the good thing is that a vine will not only serve us to provide a good shade on hot summer afternoons, but it will also provide us with some delicious grapes. Make a trellis Few plants are as adapted to the climate of […]

Succulent plants in drought

The succulents are certainly a beautiful plant that always look good in your home, in your garden, your terrace, your balcony … or wherever you place them ! But also succulents are great plants even in dry season. The succulents are plants that have their own sources of moisture. Succulents can belong without water although clear, they will always need a little to survive. I […]

Types of succulent plants

Succulents, also known to many as succulent or fleshy plants, are very common in homes due to their magnificent decorative qualities and their easy maintenance. Succulent plants are characterized by fluffy and fleshy-looking leaves, stems and flowers because they work with a survival system that allows them to store water inside to be able to self-hydrate […]

The Weeping Willow, a beautiful ornamental tree

The weeping willow tree is one of the most beautiful decorative trees that exist, and the feeling of entering its interior and being surrounded by thousands of leaves is magical, a romantic image that we have seen in hundreds of movies. It is a beautiful deciduous specimen with pendulous foliage whose flexible, pendulous branches even touch the ground. Tips for […]

Growing and caring for garden cabbage

The garden cabbage , also called ornamental cabbage , has its origin in the Mediterranean region and is an annual plant although it also has some perennial varieties. It can reach a height of 25-30 centimeters and its leaves are beautiful, very large and curly with red, yellow, white and pink hues. They are very decorative and depending on the variety […]

Drainage in pots

Sometimes, when watering a plant, the water can be puddled in the upper part of the earth, something that usually happens because the substrate cannot evacuate the excess water. In these cases, the roots suffocate in standing water, so they can rot. So that this does not happen, it is important to facilitate the drainage of the water. One of the […]

The importance of removing leaves from the garden soil

In autumn, the green color of the leaves , caused by the chlorophyll pigment, is absorbed by the plant, which uses it as a reserve, other pigments such as carotenes appear. When this happens, the tree realizes that winter is coming and, therefore, sheds all the leaves, which fall like blankets on the garden floor. But what is to be done with all […]

More plants to have a home with Feng Shui

Likewise, some of the names that I show you below may seem strange to you or that you have never heard them before or perhaps you have not even seen them, but if this is your case, write down the name and go to your nearest plant store and you will see how They will […]

5 ideas to protect your garden from prying eyes

The arrival of good weather encourages us to enjoy more and better in the air free, and our gardens, terraces, or balconies are the most immediate natural environment. Enjoying them, however, is not always easy when we are exposed to prying eyes. The feeling of tranquility and relaxation that comes with this enjoyment of the garden, in effect, seems to evaporate […]

Plants to eliminate the smell of tobacco

Few things are more annoying and unpleasant than the smell of tobacco in the home , even for those who smoke. But in addition to being annoying, cigarette smoke can be harmful to health and create a thick layer of dirt on walls, radiators, curtains, textile elements and all the furniture in rooms where it is smoked. For […]

Bonsai fig tree care

Yesterday I wrote a post about the care of tamarind bonsai, one of the most beautiful, and today I would like to write about another of the most beautiful bonsai: the fig bonsai. It is native to Asia and the Mediterranean region, and it is a deciduous tree very famous for its fruits, which are figs. The branching of […]

Remove grass from the garden

The weeds are one of the nightmares of those who dream of a beautiful garden where only show off their beautiful ornamentals, herbs or fruit accompanied by a doted floor natural grass. In this sense, grass is one of the most common and heavy weeds in areas with a continental climate and those where frosts are more common. Is it driving you […]

How to water succulents

The overwatering is usually one of the common reasons why many plants usually die. Irrigation is quite an important aspect in a type of plant such as succulents. If you have some succulents in your garden or at home and you do not know how much and how often you should water them, do not lose detail because I will give you […]

How to grow plants without soil

As strange as it may seem to many of us, it is still true: some plants can also be grown without soil . This cultivation process is known as hydroponics , and it is that as you can begin to imagine, plants substitute land for water to develop. If you are a bit clueless about watering indoor plants, this is […]

Create a scented or aromatic herb garden

Scented herbs are the aromatic herbs of all life, and these herbs can attract pleasant fragrances of lavender, sage and lemon balm to your nose. Aromatic plants can be used for cooking, to create oils, to make lotions or simply to enjoy their scents, and if you go out to your garden and have scented plants you can enjoy […]

Plumeria plant care

The plumeria plant, belonging to the genus of the same name, belongs to the Apocynaceae family and is composed of 7 species of trees and shrubs that have their origin in Central America and Mexico. Its name is a tribute to the French Charles Plumier and its main species are plumeria Rubra, Plumeria obtusa, plumeria pudica, and plumeria alba, among others. Basic […]

Ornamental houseplants

Indoor plants are one of the best options to decorate the home, also achieving a fresher and more fragrant environment. There is a wide variety of species that you can use, thus choosing the ones that best suit the decoration of each room thanks to their colors, size, texture or any other characteristic of the many that they […]

How to reproduce a begonia

If you have a very beautiful begonia and you would like to reproduce it to beautify your home or to give a copy to a relative. By cutting , you can get new plants with the same characteristics of the “mother” plant. Steps to reproduce a begonia To reproduce a begonia you just have to follow these 3 […]

Plants that purify the air we breathe

Many plants can help us reduce pollution inside our homes and thus purify the air we breathe , in addition to decorating our houses. We can combat harmful particles that live with us in our bedrooms and living rooms, on floors, carpets and rugs. Green plants inside the home help fight toxic gases accumulated by chemicals such as […]

Most common pests and diseases of indoor plants

Pests and diseases are the major problems that we can find in any crop and planting, whether from plants, vegetables, trees, etc. It is advisable to pay close attention to this since some can kill the plant, so it is very important to know the ones that can most affect each one of them in order to combat them as soon as you see […]

Caring for the cineraria

The cinenaria is a very famous annual plant thanks to the beauty of its flowers and, above all, for its spectacular colors. It is similar to the daisy and can be in red, lilac, blue, purple or white, which gives a lot of life to any corner where you plant it. It has thick, heart-shaped leaves with serrated edges. […]

Strawberry cultivation

If we have a corner in our garden or orchard, we can take advantage of it to grow strawberries , since this is a very simple and grateful occupation. As a general rule, at the beginning of summer we will already have strawberries, unless we have chosen a climbing variety, in which case they ripen even in […]

Grow lisianthus flowers

Lisianthus or Eustoma grandiflorum flowers have an elegant and delicate appearance, it is also known as Japanese rose, for some time it has become the favorite flower of florists when decorating wedding bouquets. In this article, we teach you how to grow lisianthus flowers in your home so that you can enjoy its rich color range that includes white, lilac, blue, purple, […]

The best flowers for shady gardens

Not all gardens can enjoy a lot of sun, there are even some that cannot have sun all day due to the characteristics of the house or the area where it is located, but this does not have to be a reason to have the neglected garden nor to make it ugly. That a garden does not have the possibility of […]

How to grow pepper at home

The cultivation of pepper has been carried out for centuries initially from the Asian tropics. The process is so simple that we can obtain this precious plant considered the queen of spices in our own home. Steps to follow To grow pepper at home you should not be an expert gardener but you must follow some […]

How to decorate Andalusian patios

If there is something that draws our attention about Andalusia, it is its Andalusian patios , its decoration and style have their own personality. Perhaps you also admire its beauty and want to bring that unique and so Andalusian style to the patio of your home. Today I want to give you some keys that cannot be missing in a patio so […]

Lattice cultivation and care

Lattice is an annual herbaceous plant of the Amaranthaceae family that is also called feathery amaranth , although its scientific name is Celosia argentea var. feathery . Among its varieties you can find them dwarfs or those that reach almost one meter in height (about 80 cm maximum). It has an inflorescence, or conujto of flowers that are born grouped in the same stem, very […]

Potus, a hardy houseplant

The most resistant indoor plant that we can have in our house is the Potus or Potus . It is a climbing plant from tropical Asia, which is capable of adapting to the most adverse conditions, including drought and pollution; As a curiosity, it is one of the few plants that can withstand the heavy atmosphere of a chain smoker’s house […]

Money plant care

As superstitious as it may seem, having a plant that in addition to decorating our home has the supposed mystical property of bringing good luck in the economic sphere to our home with money is not bad at all. There is no doubt about its ornamental capacity, but you may be a bit incredulous about the rest … […]

Plants for green walls

When we talk about green walls, we are not saying anything other than having vertical gardens that become green walls. It is a beautiful way to enjoy your plants without having to have too much horizontal space. If you have a good wall you can create a spectacular green wall, both outside and inside your home. But […]

Coralite care

The coral is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family and to the Nertera genus, which has about 25 species that originate in South America and Oceania. The main species are Nertera granadensis, Nertera assurgens, Nerteera balfouriana, Nertera depressa or Nertera ciliata. Commonly it is also known as coral moss, marble plant, coral berry, corallite, or water Uvita. Main care of […]

Citronella, a plant that repels mosquitoes

Citronella is an aromatic herb that goes by many names: lemongrass, apiastro, moongrass, citronella, citraria, lemon leaf, lemon balm, lemon balm … As you may have guessed from some of its names, its main characteristic is its lemon aroma . Native to the Mediterranean area and Asia, today it can be found in humid areas […]

How to plan a small garden

When space is limited, every inch of your garden becomes a very important corner. While gardening in a small garden has its challenges, we also have to say that it has its advantages. A small garden has less maintenance and in addition, you will be able to know your garden at a much deeper level. If you want to have […]

Classification of plants according to their life spans

After talking about some plants that supposedly attract good luck, today we want to focus on a slightly more scientific aspect, specifically, on the classification of species. As you know, there are different divisions for plants based on their different characteristics. However, there is one of them that sows some doubts. We refer to the classification of plants […]

Sansevieria cylindrica

In this article, we are going to focus on a very different houseplant. It is the sansevieria cylindrica , a species that is characterized by its size and the shape of its leaves, totally cylindrical and vertical, which makes it a curious and very elegant indoor plant. Sansevieria cylindria is a semi-crass plant that can be found in […]

How to apply rooting hormones to cuttings

One of the most common methods of plant multiplication and used in gardening is through cuttings, since it is one of the most effective when it comes to obtaining new shrubs and plants. In addition, you can carry out a series of actions so that the development of these cuttings is favored, with which much better results can be achieved […]

Caring for the afelandra

The afelandra is a plant that belongs to the Acantáceas family, which in turn belongs to the Aphelandra genus. It has more than 200 species, almost all of them originating in Brazil, but with the right conditions, they can be grown anywhere in the world. The main ones are the aphelandra acutifolia, aphelandra squarrosa, aphelandra sinclairiana, or aphelandra tetragona, […]

How to tell if a tree is dead

Did you know that a tree can have some leaves and be upright and yet be dead at the same time? This occurs because some trees die slowly and most die from the inside out. Therefore, to know if a tree is dead we should not look at obvious aspects, but rather internal ones. Today we are […]

The ‘elephant ear’, a beautiful decorative plant

Probably the name ‘elephant ear’ does not tell you anything in the world of plants, but surely once you see its image you will remember it. This decorative plant is also known as marquise or colocasia , and is best recognized by the huge oval heart- or arrow-shaped leaves with wavy margins that can be more showy even than the […]

Philodendron plant care

The philodendron is a plant whose name comes from the Greek and which means “plant that loves trees”. It belongs to the Araceae family and its genus has about 120 species that originate in places like Colombia, Guyana or Brazil, although they can be cultivated anywhere in the world if the ideal conditions are achieved for it. The best-known species […]

Perfect plants and flowers for indoor gardens

Not all gardens are lucky enough to be exposed to optimal conditions or to have all the sun that the owner of the garden would like, but this is not an excuse to have a great and well-kept garden. Knowing which are the perfect plants for indoor gardens , you will have no problems. Do you want to […]

Grow magnolia liliflora

Selecting the specimens that will make up the landscaping of our garden is not easy, and it is that you have to take into account too many factors to choose the most appropriate ones. The Magnolia Liliflora can be one of the most beautiful decorative specimens for your garden, and it is the most attractive thanks to its beautiful purple color. […]

The most beautiful indoor plants

Do you want to light up your life? Do you like plants and flowers but do not have a terrace or garden in your home or a balcony where you can enjoy them? Indoor plants will make your home more welcoming, they will also help you clean the air and may even help you feel better and […]

Mother-in-law seat cactus care

Cacti can be found in many species, not only the best known with spikes but also others that bloom spectacularly and leave a beautiful specimen. The genus Echinocactus has 6 species of cacti originating in Mexico and the southern United States, but the truth is that they can be grown anywhere in the world if there […]

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