How to care for potted tulips

The tulip flower is known throughout the world for its spectacular beauty, both in shape and color. Gardening enthusiasts have developed over the years new varieties and types of tulips that are increasingly colorful and with very diverse morphologies. However, most people do not have a patio or garden where they can grow this magnificent flower in the ground […]

How to make homemade organic fertilizers

The plants that we grow in our gardens and orchards mainly require 3 types of basic nutrients. Although we can find other elements, such as calcium or magnesium, largely involved in the proper functioning of the plant, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are of vital importance for the growth of all vegetables. In this article, we show you how to […]

Bromeliad plant care

Bromeliads are one of the most common types of flowers that can be found in decoration. This is due to several reasons, among them, its easy care and adaptation to most environments, both indoors and outdoors. In fact, another factor that influences this variety of adaptation is the high type of bromeliad varieties that we can find. In […]

How to remove caterpillars naturally

Caterpillars are the larvae of insects in the order Lepidoptera, which includes butterflies and moths. In a first phase of its life cycle, the butterfly or moth lays its eggs on the plant and in a few days the caterpillar is born, characterized by a strong appetite and the need to feed continuously in order to […]

What is fallow in agriculture

There are different cultivation techniques in agriculture that can make production much more efficient. One of these techniques is crop rotation every so often and different fallow techniques, but what are these techniques all about? What modalities exist? If you are interested in this topic and want the best information, in the following article we will explain what is […]

Types of edible flowers

The use of flowers is seen more and more frequently in a multitude of dishes, some very elaborate and sophisticated and others more simple such as salads. However, although it is a fashion that has become popular in recent years, the use of flowers in gastronomy is quite old. However, before starting to use this type of […]

Plants that need little water

It is common to have plants as decoration in our gardens and homes. However, meeting the needs of plants, such as their care, irrigation and the contribution of fertilizer and nutrients, can sometimes become a heavy task for which we barely have time. One way to deal with this situation is to cultivate or plant those […]

Grow mushrooms at home

Having a mycological garden at home is being seen again in many homes, since in the past it was more common. It is an activity that may seem curious, but it is really practical if we are passionate about eating edible mushrooms and mushrooms because we can enjoy them all year round. Thus, you can grow mushrooms at […]

Why do mushrooms grow in my garden and how to eliminate them?

Fungi are eukaryotic organisms similar to plants, although they are part of a kingdom of their own, the Fungi kingdom, there are more than 100,000 types of fungi which can be found in very diverse environments. In this way, we can find them in natural settings, in public spaces and in our own homes or even […]

Fuchsia plant care

Fuchsias ( Fuchsia sp. ) , Also known as queen’s earrings , are a genus of very elegant plants of great ornamental value, as they are very beautiful and come in different colors. Mainly, they can be seen in fuchsia or purple, which is the most common and hence its name, and in other colors such as red, pink, orange, white […]

Cold-resistant upholstery plants

Choosing the right plants that we want to have in our garden is not an easy decision. There is a great variety of species and, in addition, the characteristics of our garden, such as humidity, temperature, hours of daily light, etc. they condition and limit our choice. Reflecting on what we want to achieve can be of great […]

Sansevieria Trifasciata care

The plant known scientifically as Sansevieria , and in Spanish as language of mother-in-law or tiger’s tongue and in English popularly called snake plant , is from the Liliaceae family, native to Africa, Asia and especially New Guinea. This plant became very popular in the 1930s as a very hardy houseplant. It is a crass plant that tolerates drought and poor care well, […]

Heather plant: care

Heather (some specific species are of the genus Calluna and the genus Erica, such as Calluna vulgaris or E rica arborea )It is one of the most common decorative plants in many gardens, although it is in fact a perennial shrub. It can be found planted directly in the ground or in a pot and, depending on the case, it will be necessary […]

Water lily care

Water lilies, also called nymphaea, water lily and, scientifically, Nymphaea spp., Are highly valued plants due to their beauty and significance, especially linked to spirituality. These are water plants or aquatic plants that grow in the calm waters of rivers and ponds, as well as in certain lagoons and wetlands. They arise from a rhizome that is found at the bottom […]

Home remedies to eliminate aphids on plants

Aphid is one of the most common pests on plants, both on outdoor plants in gardens and orchards and on indoor plants, although it is less common within the home for it to appear. If you are looking for solutions to combat aphids in your home, you have come to the right place, we are going […]

Kentia palm tree: care

One of the most used indoor plants is the kentia palm tree. It is a plant that stands out for its ease of adapting both indoors and outdoors, which means that it can be used in both spaces without any problem. In fact, being a tree, the most common would be to find it in outdoor spaces […]

Mediterranean plants for garden

One of the easiest ways to develop a sustainable garden is to opt for Mediterranean plants, since they are native plants of the area and will allow the garden in question to be much more efficient when using certain resources present in the environment. environment, such as water. However, to design a sustainable garden it will […]

25 names of desert plants

We tend to imagine the desert as an empty environment where there is no place for plants or animals. However, the reality is that, despite the fact that these are ecosystems where the variety and quantity of life forms are more limited, there are species that have adapted to these environments, especially characterized by their extreme temperatures […]

Kalanchoe plant: care

The kalanchoe are actually a group of plants that consists of more than 125 different plant species, which makes it possible to find very particular and different varieties. Despite everything, most kalanchoe can be considered evergreen shrubs that do not usually exceed one meter in height (with exceptions such as Kalanchoe beharensis , original from the island of […]

Calendula plant: care

Calendula is a striking annual plant to grow in the garden or in a pot. They have beautiful flowers of bright colors such as yellow or orange. In addition, it is possible to achieve the flowering of this plant throughout the year. It is popularly known by the name of Maravilla and not only does it delight our […]

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