Homemade fungicides for fruit trees

One of the greatest joys we can find is growing our own food, especially when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, however, plants face a variety of threats which, if not treated in a timely manner, grow can completely destroy. big or small. In fact, one of the most dangerous threats to farmers is […]

What do plants need to live?

Plants are one of the most abundant and important organisms we can find on planet earth. In fact, the life of animals depends entirely on them, since they form the basis of the trophic chain, so without them ecosystems as we know them would be impossible. If you want to know what plants need to […]

10 cold and shade resistant outdoor plants

What are the cold hardy plants to have in your garden? If you are looking for ways to create your new garden or to remodel it and you have a lot of shady area and it is usually rather cold, then you need to know the different outdoor plants and flowers for this type of environment, […]

How to care for indoor plants in summer

The high temperatures of summer can have as damaging effects on our indoor plants as the cold of winter. Among these effects are the drought of our plants or that they are affected by pests and diseases typical of this time of year. For this reason, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations for the […]

How to reproduce cacti from cuttings

Do you want some of your favorite cacti to reproduce for more? So, you will be interested to know that there is more than one way and that they are easy to do yourself at home. Thus, there are different methods to reproduce cacti and other succulent plants. These methods are seeds, cuttings, suckers, plant division and grafting. However, […]

What is the influence of the phases of the moon on agriculture

The different phases of the moon have an influence on agriculture and gardening. Farmers have long seen how the lunar phases affect their crops. For this reason, it is highly recommended for the farmer to know the lunar calendar and, in this way, use it as a kind of “instruction manual” for crops. In this article, we wanted to […]

Homemade fungicides for orchids

Orchids are one of the families of ornamental plants preferred by people to grow. The beauty of this group of plants lies in its great variety of shapes and striking colors. However, like any plant, they are also exposed to different pests and diseases caused by insects, bacteria, viruses or fungi. When treating these diseases, we can […]

How to make homemade fungicide with baking soda

Fungi are one of the most common problems that can affect both plants and people. Although today there are a large number of chemical products specifically formulated to eliminate fungi, these products are developed from components that are very aggressive for living beings and the environment. Therefore, except in cases of extreme necessity, it will always be […]

Types of large houseplants

Although there is no official or orthodox measure to talk about large indoor plants compared to small ones, it can be considered that all those that exceed approximately one meter in height will fall into this category. Large indoor plants are decorative elements that will bring great freshness to the house and that, in addition, will […]

How to grow the lotus flower

The lotus is one of the most appreciated plants for its beauty and for its high symbolic value. For Buddhists and Hindus, it represents the process of enlightenment, as the lotus grows from the mud of ponds and rises above all of it to bloom with an almost immaculate whiteness. In this way, it is a plant […]

Differences between evergreens and deciduous plants

Autumn arrives and the trees begin to change color, they go from being green to being yellow or brown and even red. Winter arrives and all its leaves fall, leaving them naked and their intense colors disappearing. But wait a minute, there are green trees despite the cold outside, how can that be? Well, if you have ever […]

Poinsettia care

A very popular symbol of Christmas is the poinsettia ( Euphorbia pulcherrima ) or also called Poinsettia , ponsetia, Christmas plant , as it has very suitable colors for this time since its leaves are green and red in intense tones. Christmas is the perfect time to grow this plant at home, as it is when they bloom, but we can […]

25 indoor plants that need little light

One of the main problems when decorating homes is finding plants that withstand these types of conditions, that is, resistant indoor plants with little light and that, in general, need little care. In reality, there are different sizes, with many or fewer leaves, with different shades of intense green and even with flowers that perfectly support […]

Chrysanthemums care and cultivation

Chrysanthemums ( Chrysanthemum sp. ) Are very colorful flowering perennials. Due to its simple care and its beautiful flowering, this is one of the most popular plants in homes, both indoors and outdoors. When growing them, although they do not require very special care, we must take into account a series of tips to facilitate their development and flowering. […]

How to make grafts of fruit trees

The grafts of fruit trees are used as methods of multiplication and reproduction in a great variety of plants and trees, being very effective in this type of trees. In general, the process of grafting consists of making a cut in a branch and inserting it into another tree. However, in practice, this process is much more […]

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