How to care for indoor plants in summer

The high temperatures of summer can have as damaging effects on our indoor plants as the cold of winter. Among these effects are the drought of our plants or that they are affected by pests and diseases typical of this time of year. For this reason, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations for the care of plants during this hot season. This article offers you a series of tips on how to take care of indoor plants in summer , so that you can easily have them healthy and beautiful even if it is very hot.

Watering indoor plants in summer

Irrigation is one of the most determining factors in ensuring that our indoor plants have a good time this season. Irrigation must be abundant , especially in the driest regions, but a series of tips must be taken into account :

  • The high temperatures make it easier for the water to evaporate more quickly. For this reason, it is essential that the watering is done in depth, making it easier for the water to reach the root of the plant. It is advisable to pour the water slowly, trying to provide a good amount of water , but without flooding the substrate.
  • It is advisable to plan irrigation schedules and respect them. Watering during the hottest hours is a waste of water, since evaporation is greater and, in addition, plants can be damaged by the magnifying glass effect of the drops on the sun’s rays. For this reason, the ideal is to plan the irrigation in the early morning, during the afternoon after sunset or during the night.
  • In the vicinity of the plant, it is advisable to have one or more containers with water , so that when they evaporate they transmit the humidity to the plants, that is, we facilitate the environmental humidity of the place where our indoor plants are in summer. You can also spray water to refresh the leaves of the plants, although not all species tolerate it.
  • The type of pot must be taken into account when watering , since plants in pots made of ceramic or other porous materials, as well as those with wide mouths, need more irrigation water than plants placed in plastic pots or with smaller mouths. .
How to care for indoor plants in summer - Watering indoor plants in summer

Tips for caring for indoor plants in summer

In addition to watering, another important factor is protecting plants from direct sunlight. This is because the sun’s rays can cause burns and deteriorate the leaves, flowers or other areas of the plant. It is convenient to place indoor plants in bright places , but that do not receive direct sunlight or cover them with a shade cloth that acts as a filter from sunlight.

Summer is also the time when plants need the most nutrients , as most are in bloom. For this reason, it is the time when more manures and fertilizers should be applied . The amount and type of compost or fertilizer used will depend on the species. 

It will depend on the nutrition that the plants do not suffer excessively from the droughts and high temperatures of summer and that they develop all their beauty. In addition, if they are not provided with the necessary nutrients, they will be more vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Other recommendations for caring for indoor plants in summer are:

  • It is advisable to place the pots away from the walls, since they radiate heat when they are exposed to high temperatures when exposed to the outside.
  • Covering the pots with a heather cloth is a trick to prevent them from absorbing a lot of heat through their outer faces. In case the plant remains in the sun for some periods of the day, it is advisable to place the pot inside a larger one, so that the larger one receives the most intense sun and the one inside that contains the plant is protected by its shade.
  • Prune leaves and flowers in poor condition as soon as possible, so that the plant does not allocate part of the moisture and nutrients, and wastes them for the good parts.

Pests on indoor plants in summer

The summer season is the time when plants are most affected by pests and diseases, so it is one of the most important factors to take care of during this time. Although each species is attacked by different pests and diseases, the general advice is to check all parts of the plant and act as soon as possible when any damage is detected.

How to care for indoor plants in summer

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