5 plants you can have in the bathroom

Plants are a decorative element that you can have in any area of ​​the house that you want. They help to give color and joy to the whole of the house. Although many people do not know it and do not know it, the bathroom is a perfect area of ​​the home in which you can have […]

Common plants and flowers that attract butterflies to your garden

Who doesn’t like to see a pretty butterfly flitting around the garden? Other insects such as bees, wasps or flies we do not like so much that they are roaming because they are annoying to us, but butterflies are something else. truth? When it comes to the garden to perch on the plants or flowers, it is an […]

How to transplant a cypress tree

The cypress is a fast-growing tree that can reach 20 meters in height, with a diameter of about 60 centimeters. It is an evergreen coniferous species that can grow anywhere in the world if it has the right soil and temperature. In Europe it is widely used as an ornamental tree, while in Asia it is usually planted next […]

Decoration with hanging plants

The hanging plants give a very different life to stay, either within the home and the outside. Hanging plants will add a touch of elegance and color to your home as an excellent decorative element. Decorating with hanging plants inside your home is something that would be great since you would be in direct contact with nature, something that […]

Mugwort care

The wormwood is a plant that has excellent medicinal properties. It has a thick coat, a plump stem and dark green leaves on the upper side and white on the back. Its plant grows in the hedges of the northern half of the country, especially in the Pyrenean valleys, and it likes to grow among the rubble. It is one […]

Caring for a cactus

Cacti (Cactaceae) are one of the most popular plants for decorating both gardens and interiors, and it is that it is a whole family of succulents that is very striking due to their particular shapes. Cacti have their origin in America and Africa and their size is as diverse as their shapes, from the huge saguaros to the […]

Planting and cultivation of the ‘dandelion’

Considered a weed in some cases and acclaimed at other times as a valuable medicinal plant , the dandelion is one of the most contradictory plants, always hated by some and praised by others. Multiple medicinal benefits If you are one of those who want to take advantage of its many medicinal , food or cosmetic benefits , you know, do not […]

Planting tulips in pots

The tulip is a beautiful plant that can be used to decorate any corner, whether accompanied by other flowers, shrubs, or by itself because beauty is something that is not lacking. Buy those cultivable bulbs in areas with the same climate as the one in which you find yourself, since it is not the same to grow plants originating from Argentina than from […]

Ideas to create a beautiful garden with roses

Who doesn’t like roses? Both its colors, its beauty, and its aroma make any interior or exterior space that can delight in its colors a sophisticated, elegant, and above all romantic place. Because maybe not something else, but roses are romantic no matter where you look at them. If you like roses and you would like to have […]

Caring for the lady of the night

You know the lady of the night, right? Also known as galán de Noche, cestro, or skunk, this shrub can reach five meters in height. Although it is not a pretty plant (it has green oval leaves and small white flowers), the truth is that it hides a peculiarity that makes it special: the fragrance that it gives […]

How to scare birds from the garden

Birds are very beautiful, especially when you buy them to be able to have them in your garden, but not so much when they are the ones who go voluntarily and are dedicated to spoiling your plants and crops. The birds are dedicated to pecking fruits, vegetables, and even the seeds they find on the lawn. There […]

Hazelnut care

The hazel is a tree belonging to the family of Betuláceas and gender Corylus, which compose about 15 species of shrubs and trees that originated in most temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. The most common species among gardening lovers are Corylus maxima, Corylus colurna and Corylus avellana, their fruits being very interesting: hazelnuts, which are used both […]

Cultivation and care of the aquatic pachira

The genus Pachira belongs to the family of the Bombáceas and is formed by more than 80 species that have their origin in the tropical regions of Central and South America. One of the best known species is the aquatic pachira, also known as the water ceibo, the water sapote, the guinea chestnut or the guinea-fowl chestnut. It is […]

Hoya Kerrii: the heart plant

Christmas is a time when feelings are usually on the surface and displays of affection are more frequent than at any other time of the year. During Christmas gifts are also made to loved ones and, as you can imagine, from EcologíaVerde we recommend that you opt for plants. However, we are not going to recommend […]

Grow Cape Daisy

The Cape Daisy is a precious plant that has its origin in Africa and that grows in a climate very similar to that of Spain, especially in the part of the Peninsula. It is very resistant and has the great advantage that it perfectly withstands the more salinity that can be found in places near the sea, so if you live in […]

How to grow cosmos

The cosmos is one of the most beautiful plants there is, with spectacular and colorful flowers that give a very special touch to any environment. It has its origin in Mexico, although with the right conditions it can be grown anywhere in the world. It is an annual herbaceous plant that can reach a maximum of one meter in […]

Fennel cultivation and care

The fennel is a perennial plant that originated in the Mediterranean and exploit multiple parts, such as buds, seeds and leaves, serving all seasoning for sauces or fish. It can reach two meters in height and it has leaves that are divided into segments and are spun. Its flowers are aromatic and bloom in summer. It is another of […]

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic pots

Surely you have wondered on more than one occasion what type of pot is best for your plants. In fact, the choice of the type of pot to use for planting is one of the most frequent questions of a garden enthusiast. However, as with almost all questions in life, there is no absolute truth to this question. Thus, each […]

Plant care in a terrarium

We can have plants in various places such as the garden, the interior of the home, a flowerpot, a planter … or a terrarium, which is also one of the places where they can be grown more easily since they do not need as much care as in any other support, in fact, many experts […]

How to care for camellias

Camellias are small trees and shrubs that belong to the genus Camellia , which require certain care in order to survive without problems. They are also very versatile to decorate the home, since there are species with varieties perfectly adapted to live indoors, such as Cemllia japonica . If you like the large and colorful flowers of these plants to have […]

Great perennial flowers for your garden

Perennial plants, trees, and flowers can survive all weather changes year-round, and this is fabulous. But it is not always known which plants can last all year round, enhancing their growth at one time or another of the year. If you are looking for flowers for your garden but that last 365 days a year, do not miss the […]

Plants that need little care

Many people like plants very much, but they do not usually dare to have them because they do not have much time to dedicate to their care. It is also often the case that there is not much space to put them, and because you do not have much knowledge on the subject, you let yourself […]

Caring for the excelsa palm tree

Known as excelsa palm , it belongs to the Arecaceae family and the Trachycarpus genus, which is made up of about 10 species of dioecious palm trees that originate in the most mountainous regions of Asia. With the right conditions they can be grown anywhere in the world, and their best known species are Trachycarpus fortunei, Trachycarpus wagnerianus […]

How to get rid of slugs in your garden

How to get rid of slugs in your garden? They are like snails without their shells. There are those who see them with a despicable appearance, especially when it comes to gardeners. They are small slimy gastropods that crawl eating the leaves of your garden and the products of the soil of your plants. Instead of letting them take […]

Tips to prevent plant root rot

The roots are one of the most important parts of the plants and you have to be very careful because if they spoil or rot, everything will be spoiled. Whenever you water your plants you have to check that the roots are in good condition, and at the slightest hint that there may be a disease, plague, fungus, or […]

How to grow coffee at home

The best thing to get the day off to a good start is a good coffee, and for lovers of this product, the kitchen cannot be missed to start the day or to continue in the second part after eating. Have you ever thought about how ideal it would be to have your own coffee without […]

Why do indoor plants in your home die?

I suppose that if you have indoor plants in your home, your intention is not to kill them or care for them wrongly so that they die shortly after having them. But most houseplants that die were accidentally killed. Indoor gardening is not easy due to an artificial climate and in addition, plants will need specific characteristics to prevent […]

Cultivation of lemon verbena

Whether you are a gardening lover or not, you have probably heard of lemon verbena , that magnificent aromatic plant with a delicious perfume that also has excellent medicinal properties for health. In addition to providing us with a fragrant garden, this shrubby specimen is very decorative for outdoor spaces thanks to its lanceolate leaves and its […]

Ideas for decorating backyards

With a little patience and, above all, with a lot of desire, you can transform a small backyard into a beautiful corner that also reflects your personality. And it is that the fact of having a backyard does not mean that a most attractive space cannot be generated. Of course, the first thing to do is plan the […]

Pomegranate care

The pomegranate is a fruit tree with green leaves that can reach 6 meters high but in their version called “nana” are about 40 centimeters. Its fruit is the pomegranate, an exquisite delicacy that will be worth not only tasting as a fruit but it is also fantastic to use as a complement in various dishes and thus […]

Ideal plants for privacy in the garden

If you have a garden in your home, it is more than likely that you do not like prying eyes at all. It is normal, nobody likes to be observed while they are enjoying their moments of privacy and free time. The ideal is to know some ways to be able to have your privacy in the […]

Pumpkins for Halloween

One of the most important decorative motifs on Halloween Night is the pumpkin, conveniently carved. We can always resort to buying our vegetable in a store but it is surprisingly easy to grow pumpkins in our garden. We will explain how to grow pumpkins for Halloween. Pumpkin characteristics The pumpkin ( Cucurbita maxima ) is a creeping annual plant with […]

Plants for dark environments

You may think that you have bad luck with the plants because they all die even if you take care of them and water them. But maybe it has nothing to do with bad luck and what happens is that you have a home with dark environments or without light. If you put plants that need light […]

Perfect plants and flowers for very sunny gardens

The perfect gardens are those that have sun and shade but there are also gardens that have sun all day and that can cause some other problems for the plants. Having sun all day is a good sign because you will have a great garden to enjoy whenever there are sunny days, but for some […]

Ten plants that smell like rotten meat

Flowers are displayed in various types of colors, shapes, and scents. In most cases, it is a way of attracting insects to carry out the important work of pollination. These pollinating insects are generally bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. But, in a few cases, plants prefer to attract flies and beetles, which feed on waste, decaying organisms. Those special […]

How to plant a palm tree and its care

Among the wide range of beautiful and exotic trees and plants are palm trees . If you already have any of them and want to know how to take care of it properly or, on the contrary, you want to plant it, here are some basic tips. Keep reading this article as a simple and practical guide if you […]

What vegetables to plant in summer?

Many people already use a plot of their garden to plant vegetables in a garden. It is a perfect idea to grow our own vegetables without leaving home, obtain natural foods with a flavor “like the old ones” and start in this beautiful hobby. In addition, home plantations are not expensive or expensive to carry out once […]

Unusual and strange flowers

Nature gives us wonderful and incredibly beautiful treasures. A very clear example of this are the flowers. It is not known exactly how many current flowers in the world exist, but the bibliographies most interested in the subject assure that there are 422,000 plants that create flowers at some point. Unfortunately, many of the world’s most exotic […]

Tips for planting a tree

Many times we have heard it said that you have to do three things in life : write a book, have a child and plant a tree. Today, we are going to talk about the simplest – and ecological! – of them: to give a little life back to the planet by planting a tree. It is much […]

How to make an ecological garden

Making an ecological garden requires a very different approach than making a conventional garden. The eco-friendly approach is the only, but essential difference, which ultimately marks the result in aspects such as the distribution of space, the use of recycled material, irrigation with rainwater, the use of organic seeds or, for example, the promotion of indigenous biodiversity . […]

Homemade fungicides

Some of the products that we use in our day to day for domestic use can serve as fungicides and help us eliminate unwelcome microbiological attacks such as fungi. To make it easier for you, in this article, we show you which are the best homemade and ecological fungicides that you can easily prepare at home to treat your plants, […]

Turn a garden into a biodiversity paradise

Stopping the loss of biodiversity is one of the most valuable eco-friendly functions that gardens can fulfill. If they are designed and maintained properly, they become authentic havens for native flora and fauna. But not only that, because if we do need both public parks and private gardens will become bastions of life wildlife that serve as a stopping place for birds and insects on their migratory […]

How to grow aromatic herbs at home

Indoor plants can have a culinary and therapeutic use, as well as aromatize, oxygenate, purify our home and give it a much greener and more natural appearance. And achieving it is easier than it may seem. It will be enough to focus on a type of plant that is very accessible and easy to care for. Indeed, if we want […]

How to remove weeds from your lawn

In gardens, orchards or on any surface where we have grass, it is common for plants known as weeds to grow. Perhaps the name is not the most appropriate. Some of the so-called weeds are actually plants that can be very valuable, for example, the case of red valerian or dandelion. However, if you are one of […]

Potted lavender plant care

Lavender is a type of shrub that is quickly recognized by its characteristic purple and purplish color, as well as its characteristic smell. It is a genus of plants called Lavandula , which is made up of more than 60 different species of lavender. Although its purple color known, directly, as lavender is the most common and widespread of […]

Winter plants with flowers

If you like to have plants and flowers at home, surely, you have noticed that outdoors sometimes it is difficult to keep the flowers in good condition or even to make the plants bloom. This depends a lot on the climate in which we live and, above all, on the type of plant we have. For this […]

Apps to recognize trees and plants

How many times have you gone out on the road to the field and you have no idea of ​​the name of the plants that you come across? Or, worse still, you have plants at home without being a gardening handyman and you don’t know how to take care of them because you simply don’t know […]

How to make an urban garden at home

You hear more and more about urban gardens. These are small orchards that supply plant foods at the local level or even at the domestic level and that, above all, are characterized by the fact that they are located in the cities or urban centers where these foods are consumed, so they constitute food. of kilometer […]

Uses of baking soda in the garden

One of the products that should not be missing at home is sodium bicarbonate, since it is one of the natural remedies that can have more uses in a variety of day-to-day situations. In fact, the uses of sodium bicarbonate in the garden or orchard will allow us to enjoy these green areas without the need to use […]

How to care for indoor plants during winter

Despite what it may seem, indoor plants need more care in winter than in summer. This is because, although the conditions inside a home are apparently better than the cold winter weather, some actions that we carry out on a daily basis during the cold months can put the survival of some plants into question, even […]

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