How to get rid of slugs in your garden

How to get rid of slugs in your garden? They are like snails without their shells. There are those who see them with a despicable appearance, especially when it comes to gardeners. They are small slimy gastropods that crawl eating the leaves of your garden and the products of the soil of your plants. Instead of letting them take control of your garden, you will have to move to kill your plants.

They are living beings, but you will have to make a decision if you do not want your garden to be eaten by them. There are those who opt for baits and traps, and others who use natural predators to get rid of the slugs and not feel so guilty, because after all “it is nature”. Here are some tips so you can get rid of slugs in your garden as soon as possible.

Using traps to get rid of slugs

  • Cornmeal. With two tablespoons of cornmeal in a jar, you will attract slugs by the smell of the flour. The slugs will want to eat it but it will be a cruel dinner since it will kill them.
  • Beer. Slugs like beer, even low-quality ones. Punch a hole in the ground and put a mug with beer in it. The next morning you will find the slugs drowned inside. Do this every day until there are no slugs left in your garden.
How to Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden - Using Traps to Get Rid of Slugs

Using deterrents to get rid of slugs

  • The salt. If you spread salt where you see the slugs slipping, they will simply dry out. You can put a salt barrier around your plants to keep slugs out.
  • Sand. If you pour some regular sand over your garden soil (but don’t mix it with the soil) it will act as a nasty barrier for slugs (who love moisture), they will have a hard time crawling.

Using predators to get rid of slugs

  • Insects There are insects that can get rid of slugs. For example, beetles are natural predators and will kill slug eggs. The beetles will not harm your plants, they will only kill the slug eggs.
  • The birds. In addition to being good companions in the garden, birds are the biggest natural predator of slugs, so are ducks, chickens and any other species of birds.
  • The toads. Toads can also help you get rid of slugs as they eat them. But to have toads you will have to provide a good home such as a good lake or pond.

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