How to scare birds from the garden

Birds are very beautiful, especially when you buy them to be able to have them in your garden, but not so much when they are the ones who go voluntarily and are dedicated to spoiling your plants and crops. The birds are dedicated to pecking fruits, vegetables, and even the seeds they find on the lawn. There are several strategies you can follow to combat them so that they do not spoil anything, so take note of how to scare birds in your garden.

Laying nets or fine meshes

The most effective method is to protect everything with nets or fine meshes , and in the case of grass that has been recently seeded, it is best to also put nail sticks at a low height so that they cannot peck.

If you have cultivated grapes, the most effective method to prevent the birds from approaching is to use brown paper cones, but leaving the lower quality clusters uncovered so that the birds can approach them and not go otherwise.

Repellent products

Use repellent products frequently so their effectiveness is always high. Do not use products that harm birds, the point is to scare them away, not kill them or make them poison.


Of course, you cannot miss the recommendation to put the famous scarecrow doll, changing it from time to time to make it more effective. Cover your hands with bags.

How to scare birds from the garden - Scarecrow

Other tricks to scare birds from the garden

  • Another very effective method, although only for a few days, is to use an old videotape, something that we all tend to have at home. Unroll it and tie it around the garden, let it stay well distributed.
  • If you have CDs that no longer work or that you do not want to put back, you can hang them around the garden since the reflection will make them go away.
  • Aluminum foil strips also have that effect.

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