What vegetables to plant in summer?

Many people already use a plot of their garden to plant vegetables in a garden. It is a perfect idea to grow our own vegetables without leaving home, obtain natural foods with a flavor “like the old ones” and start in this beautiful hobby. In addition, home plantations are not expensive or expensive to carry out once the basics are acquired. If you have the space for it, the spring-summer season is perfect to start. It is convenient to know which vegetables and greens are perfect to plant during these months and to learn a little more about their care.

Many are the vegetables that need the sun and the temperatures of these months of the year for their correct cultivation. If you cannot plant all of them, make a selection of the ones that you would most like to include in your menu, that is, the ones that you are going to take the best advantage of. We propose some options on which vegetables to plant in summer.

What can be planted and grown in summer

This is a list of vegetables and greens that can be planted and grown in the summer , whether they are sown in the spring and harvested in the summer or all of them in the hottest months. Later, we explain the best time to plant and harvest in each case.

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Carrot
  • Zucchini
  • Pumpkin
  • Eggplant
  • Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Green beans

Tomatoes, one of the main summer vegetables

It is one of the most sought after vegetables in orchards. Tomatoes are used in the kitchen for a wide variety of recipes and, in the summer, they will be the kings of your salads with a much superior flavor as they are grown in your own garden. Tomato seeds are sown in spring and the plant grows to fruit in summer, so tomatoes are harvested in summer , in July and August. This is a very good option whether you were looking for what to plant in your garden or if you want to know what to plant in a greenhouse in spring and summer.

What vegetables to plant in summer?  - Tomatoes, one of the main summer vegetables


To complete a summer salad, we also suggest you plant lettuce . There are countless varieties of lettuce, choose the seeds of the types that you are going to consume the most.

The ideal is to sow the lettuce in spring, but you can do it until the beginning of the summer, and if you decide to plant the lettuce shoots, then you have to do it already in summer. They need to have sun and shade, never too much direct and abundant watering of the land. Most varieties can be harvested after 60 days .

What vegetables to plant in summer?  - Lettuce


Zucchini creams, grilled zucchini, in omelette, in sauce … the options provided by this vegetable are also very large. It is sown before spring, to plant the shoots in the ground during the spring and you have to cultivate the zucchini during the summer until its harvest. Like the tomato, it needs a lot of sun, a large amount of compost and water, as they will be the keys to growing healthy and beautiful.


Although this vegetable is associated with autumn, since it is at this time that we see them most often in food, it can also be grown in summer , since they also need a lot of sun to grow.

There are several varieties of pumpkins, so when you go to plant, choose a variety that you will consume a lot and that way you will take better advantage of them. Although you can have them in an urban garden, as they can be made very large, it is best to plant them in the field or garden.

What vegetables to plant in summer?  - Pumpkin


Eggplant is a vegetable that needs direct sunlight to grow. To do this, before starting the planting, it is convenient to choose where the plant will be located in the garden, trying to find the maximum hours of light and very little shade . The aubergine can grow a lot, so it is advisable to anticipate in advance the space that it can occupy.

You can sow it in a seedbed in early spring or even earlier, and plant it in the ground in the middle of spring or as late as early summer, since it is during the summer when it grows best and the aubergines can be collected.

What vegetables to plant in summer?  - Eggplant


It is one of the best vegetables to plant in summer due to its cultivation characteristics, so it is sown in spring and the shoots or seedlings are planted at the beginning of summer. They are harvested between July and September.

For the peppers to grow properly, you must water them, make them exposed to the sun for several hours a day and fertilize them, if possible with natural fertilizer . Before doing so, choose the type or kinds of peppers you want to plant. It is a very good fruit for health, full of vitamins and with many culinary options: it can be eaten roasted and stuffed, raw in salad or fried as a garnish.


Another vegetable that is not usually lacking in kitchens is the carrot, so it is a good idea to include it in your garden. It is sown at the end of winter and you can plant carrots in summer , but at the beginning of this, it is even better to plant the shoots or seedlings in spring, to grow them during the summer. Plant each seedling or sprout 10 to 15 cm apart from each other and a minimum depth of 30 cm.

This plant does not need direct sun, it is better to have it in an area with sun and shade or only shade, but that natural light reaches it. It requires regular risks and more during the hottest months. They can be harvested after about 70 to 110 days.

What vegetables to plant in summer?  - Carrots


One of the vegetables that you can plant at this time is spinach. This green leafy vegetable is usually planted more in the fall, but it can be sown and planted at any time of the year, although extreme temperatures should be avoided. For example, you can plant them in spring and plant spinach in summer or even late spring. During the hot months they grow faster so you will have to watch that they are not gleaned before you pick them up to eat.

When you plant them, try to leave about 20 cm between plant and plant. It needs an area with sun and shade, as the direct summer sun for a long time will harm this plant. After about 35 or 40 days after planting them, you will be able to harvest them, but if you see that they begin to spike, pick them up before they bloom.

Green beans

Finally, among the vegetables and summer vegetables we also highlight the beans. They can be sown in spring and summer and planted and grown in summer, so they can be harvested from mid-summer to almost October. To plant beans, leave a 40 cm space between plants. Also, beans need frequent watering, especially when they already have flowers and pods. It is also advisable to place sticks or stakes so that the plant grows well.

What vegetables to plant in summer?

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