Growing a dwarf lemon tree

If you love the look, aroma, and tangy taste of lemons, why not consider getting your own at home? If the idea catches your attention, you will like to know that there is the dwarf lemon tree, which is ideal to have at home. Quiet, because to have your dwarf lemon tree it is not necessary to have a large plot in the garden, but a small sunny corner where you can place a pot will suffice.

Growing one of these specimens from seeds would be too long a process, so it is best to do it from the grafting of a piece of softwood from a healthy dwarf lemon tree (middle-aged, neither young nor old) between the end of spring and early summer. The first fundamental step is to clean the scissors or the knife with alcohol to avoid the spread of diseases between plants. Then you can already make the cut, which should be between 10 and 15 centimeters, and have some leaves (3 or 4). Another option is to buy the potted dwarf lemon tree directly, but how do you grow it? If you want to know how to grow a dwarf lemon tree in a pot, keep reading this article.

How to grow a dwarf lemon tree in a pot

Plant it in a pot filled with a prepared mixture of new soil and nutrients and water it only when it needs it, that is, water it when you see that its soil begins to dry, as excess water could also rot it and cause its death. Leave the future lemon tree in a dry place and in semi-shade until it takes roots of about 5 to 8 centimeters.

Then it will be time to take it to a sunny place and exercise its usual care, which basically involves a weekly watering a couple of times or three and a pruning of the dwarf lemon tree when necessary. In this sense, you will have to maintain its shape and size until it reaches the desired dimensions.

Finally, be especially careful with some pests that commonly affect you such as mealybugs or whiteflies.

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